How To Create A Project (1-Click, Chrome Extension, WordPress Plugin)

How To Create A Project (1-Click, Chrome Extension, WordPress Plugin)

Last Updated On 2024-04-08

Atarim is designed to bring design, engineering, and product teams together.

Getting started (by creating a project) is possible in four ways:

  • URL-based Collaboration
  • With Our Chrome Extension
  • With Our WordPress Plugin
  • Image-Based Collaboration

Note: There’s a reason we have four pathways or options to get started. Keep reading to learn more about each option & when it’s the best choice for you.

How To Create A Project With URL-based Collaboration

URL-based collaboration is designed to speed up time to collaborate and make it possible to easily share a link to invite others to get on the same page (yes, quite literally, the same page).

Essentially, if you want to get collaborating fast and grab a link that you can share to get others involved, this is most likely going to be your go-to choice.

So, let’s take a look at just how easy it is to get started:

#1 – Head over to your Atarim dashboard

Simply put, log into your dashboard: 

#2 – Navigate to the Projects page

Once you’re logged in, head over to the Projects page, as shown below:

#3 – Drop in your website URL and click “Add Site”

Once you’re on the projects page, drop in the website you want to collaborate on, as shown below, and click Add Site.

If you don’t have our Chrome extension installed (*), once you enter a website URL here, Atarim will automatically create a copy of your site accessible via an Atarim collab link that you and your team can use to collaborate, comment, and review this website.

To recap: With this method, not only do you get started by dropping in your website URL, as the name implies, but it also generates an Atarim collab link that you can share onwards to invite others on your team (or externally) to collaborate on your project.

If you run into any issues with URL-based collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’re here to help.

(*) Note: If you have the Chrome extension installed, you will use this method by default when creating a project. So, let’s take a closer look at setting up your projects in Chrome.

How To Create A Project With Atarim for Chrome

Simply put, Atarim for Chrome is perfect for you if you want to collaborate when you’re directly on a website or using a SaaS product. It enables you to collaborate and create comments, reply to comments, change task statuses & more, all from where you work.

It’s our personal preference for most work because it enables us to collaborate directly on the site (as opposed to a mirrored version) as well as work with things that are behind user authentication (i.e., having to sign in or visit something that’s password-protected, etc.).

So, here’s how to start collaborating directly in Chrome:

#1 – Install Atarim for Chrome from the Google Chrome Web Store

To install the Chrome extension, head to the Chrome Web Store here.

Click Add to Chrome (as shown above) and then when asked to confirm (as shown below) click add extension:

Once that’s done, you’re all set. Atarim for Chrome is up & running. 👏

#2 – Make sure to pin the extension for easy access

Pinning a Chrome extension is super easy, once installed, simply click the icon highlighted below (the one that looks like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle).

Once clicked, look for your new favorite Chrome extension among the other great ones you have installed, and click the icon that’s highlighted below (the one that looks like a pin).

And there you have it – starting now, you’ll be able to get collaborating in no more than 1 click regardless of what website you’re on.

#3 – Add your project by clicking on the Atarim Chrome extension

Head to the page you want to collaborate on (whether that’s a public website or a SaaS product protected by user authentication) and hit the Atarim icon.

And you’re ready to start collaborating. It really is that easy. 🙂

With the Chrome extension, as you can see time to collaborate is now ~ 1 second. You hit the extension, click exactly where you want to drop a comment, and start typing.

Note: When the Chrome extension is installed, adding a website in your Atarim dashboard, as shown below, will automatically take you to collaborate directly in Chrome.

Creating A Project with the Atarim WordPress Plugin

Next, we have Atarim for WordPress.

This is the recommended method to fully integrate Atarim with WordPress websites on which you want to collaborate. There are a few specific advantages of using the Atarim WordPress plugin as opposed to URL-based collaboration and our Chrome extension:

  • Collaborators can get started without installing anything (as is the case with URL-based collaboration).
  • The experience can be fully white-labeled (i.e., no installing “Atarim” for clients, they can just head straight to their site and get collaborating).
  • Easier to use Atarim on staging environments that are not publicly accessible on the web.
  • Enables a task center in your WordPress admin area.
  • Allows clients (i.e., for training purposes) to ask questions directly in the WordPress admin area.
  • Faster collaboration directly on your website as opposed to an Atarim collab link.

Here’s how to get going:

#1 – Install The Atarim WordPress Plugin

The first step – as you might’ve guessed – is installing the Atarim WordPress plugin. Head over to the WordPress plugin repository here, download the plugin, and then head over to your WordPress admin dashboard to install it. 

#3 – Active The Atarim WordPress Plugin

Now that you have the plugin installed, it’s time to get it activated & set up.

To do so, simply activate the newly installed Atarim Visual Collaboration plugin in your WordPress dahsboard, as shown below:

Upon activation, you’ll be automatically taken to the following screen, where you can begin using it right away by signing in to your existing Atarim account or creating a new one.

So, to connect this WordPress site with your Atarim dashboard, simply create your account or sign in to your existing account.

And that’s it! 👏

You can now collaborate directly on your WordPress website.

Image-Based Collaboration

Last but certainly not least, we have our built-in image-based collaboration feature.

This is designed for projects that aren’t accessible as a website (or elsewhere on the web just yet). Meaning, perhaps wireframes, ad creative, mockups, logo design?

Creating a project is super simple. Head back to the Projects page in your Atarim dashboard, and look for the Add Design button as shown below:

Upon clicking Add Design, you’ll be prompted to upload the file you want to collaborate on:

To get going, upload one (or more) files you want to collaborate on by clicking Upload Files or by dropping them into the modal window above.

Once you’ve uploaded the files you want to add to this project, click Create Project. Don’t worry, you can always add more files to this project later on.

Once created, you’ll be taken straight to the new project where you can get collaborating with Atarim’s familiar point-and-click collaboration, as shown below using the image of Tim Cook’s beautiful office:

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