How To Invite People To Collaborate On A Project

How To Invite People To Collaborate On A Project

Last Updated On 2024-04-11

Once you’ve created your project, you’ll want to invite collaborators.

Here’s how:

Simply head over to your Atarim dashboard, hover over your project, and then open the share modal by clicking the share icon, as shown below:

There are three permission levels:

  1. Administrator: an administrator is given access to everything in the dashboard.
  2. Contributor: a contributor only has access to the projects they’re assigned to, but can still access the Atarim dashboard for the projects they’re invited to.
  3. Collaborator: a collaborator is only able to visually collaborate on the specific project to which they’re invited. They aren’t able to access the Atarim dashboard, boards, or inbox for the project that they’ve been invited to.

Alternatively, you can also copy the Atarim collab link directly:

Anyone who has this unique link will be able to access the project as a collaborator.

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