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Atarim WordPress Plugin vs. URL-Based Collaboration

Atarim WordPress Plugin vs. URL-Based Collaboration

Last Updated On 2023-10-09

There are two ways you can use Atarim:

  • The Atarim WordPress plugin
  • The Atarim Dashboard

Even though these two may seem the same, there are several significant differences between the two.

In this post, you’ll discover the main differences between the Atarim WP plugin and URL-based collaboration. Understanding these differences will help you to choose the right option for your business, get the functionality you need, and work more efficiently.

Visual Collaboration with the Atarim WP Plugin

The Atarim WP plugin is a great choice for anyone running a WordPress website and just needs the basic functionality of our tool.

That said, there are a few unique features in the plugin that you won’t find in the app.

Atarim plugin page

Superior Visual Collaboration

Visual collaboration is in our opinion the best way to work on visual projects, such as web design, and the Atarim WP plugin makes this extremely simple and convenient for both your team, and for the client.

The plugin empowers either the client or anyone on your team to leave feedback or suggestions directly on the WordPress website you’re working on – instead of sending confusing emails back and forth, and relying on guesswork. You can see an example of visual collaboration below.

Atarim plugin commenting on a live website

This functionality is also available with the Atarim app. However, what’s different is that you can use the Atarim plugin on the backend of your WordPress website too.

That’s right, you can leave comments and suggestions directly in your WordPress dashboard, or within any plugin’s page, theme designer, etc.

Atarim commenting in the backend of your WordPress website

This gives you full control to make suggestions or changes anywhere in your website and create a truly perfect version of your site.

To make seeing all suggestions easier, we created an internal task center directly within the plugin dashboard.

The task center groups all of the tasks in one place, helping to make sure that no suggestions, comments, or tasks are overlooked. 

White Label Experience

The Atarim WP plugin is the foundation of white labeling since you can run our plugin on your own domain.

This makes you look more professional and makes our software look like your own!

Of course, this is possible only with the Atarim plugin.

That’s because when you use the Atarim app, the invitation links for collaborators run from within our domain –

Atarim app inviting collaborators

Inviting Collaborators

Inviting people can be done from within your own site (or your client’s) with the plugin, so you can collaborate with your team directly on the actual website.

Plus, collaborators don’t have to create an account to access Atarim on your site. You just share a URL and they can see everything – unlike with the Atarim app where inviting others will create a new account and automatically log them in.

Atarim inviting collaborators via plugin

This isn’t possible with the Atarim app, since with the app, we create a new sandbox website for you. This allows you to leave feedback on a website that is a complete (and fully accurate and interactive) duplicate of your site – but it’s not your website.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it can help save time when you want to maintain and develop an existing website live.

Atarim adding comments on a live website

Plus, your team (or client) will also see it directly on the live site. This means you don’t need to rely on them accessing the Atarim app to review changes.

No Need for Re-scraping

Because the Atarim plugin works on your live website, there is no need to fetch the latest changes you made to your or client’s site. However, this is not the case with the Atarim app.

With the app, the comments aren’t made on the live site, but rather on a sandbox version which is a duplicate of your website. This works fine as long as you don’t make any changes to your actual website. 

If you do, you’ll need to fetch the latest changes to get the up-to-date version of your site.

Atarim fetching up-to-date version of your website

URL-Based Collaboration with the Atarim App

The Atarim app works as a separate tool you can use with all of your visual projects.

It’s more robust, offers functionality our plugin doesn’t, and isn’t platform dependent – so you can use it even if you don’t run a WordPress website.

Atarim app hero image

No Need for Installation

Unlike with the Atarim plugin, you don’t need to install anything to use our app.

It’s as simple as creating an account / signing in on our website and you can use the Atarim app to the fullest – especially useful when looking for a quick solution.

Platform Independence

You can run our app with any visual project you use.

It isn’t exclusive to a WP website, or even a website for that matter. You can use it with your ads, graphic designs, or any other visual image or design too. 

It works as a standalone, external platform for collaboration.

Kanban Board And Tasks

Kanban boards let you create tasks for each client, and organize the work for your team to ensure you maintain control over the project’s progress.

Atarim app tasks

When you leave a comment inside Atarim app’s visual collaboration feature, it will automatically generate a task.

You can then add a description, set the urgency, and assign the task to a specific person.

Atarim tracking time

All of the tasks will be nicely organized in the Kanban board, so you know precisely what’s going on, and whether the project is on schedule.

In-Depth Analytics

Using the Atarim app you can know precisely what’s going on, monitor the user’s activity, and allocate resources.

Atarim activity log

Our in-depth analytics provide you with everything you need to make certain you’re not running over budget or behind schedule.

In the Atarim dashboard, you also have the ability to track the hours spent on specific projects or clients, and mark whether these hours are billable or not. This makes it really easy to produce invoices that are clearly itemized, and completely accurate and transparent.

Not only does this streamline the payment process for your team, it helps keep focus on the project, and makes clients feel that they know exactly what it is they’re paying for.

Atarim app exporting tracked and billable hours

Shared Inbox

Another feature available in the Atarim dashboard is the shared inbox.

The Shared inbox empowers you to use Atarim for communication on the project, so you don’t get lost in endless back-and-forth emails.

Atarim inbox

The shared inbox will also help to make sure that you never miss a single suggestion.

This is because each email request is automatically associated with a task, so your team can handle them seamlessly and smoothly.  

Looking to Learn More About Additional Features? 

The Atarim WP plugin provides unique features you’ll definitely benefit from if you run a WordPress website.

However, if you’re looking to use our tool to the fullest and maximize your productivity, we recommend going with the Atarim dashboard. It’s platform-independent and creates a seamless workflow.

To learn more about the Atarim dashboard, check out these resources:

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us at where we are always happy to help!

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