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Last Updated On 2022-11-14

NOTE: Only available on the Atarim Starter, Expert & Agency Plans

The bottom bar gives you loads of different options to enhance the experience of using Atarim on the front-end and back-end of your WordPress Websites.

In this article, we are going to go through each part and show you what it does!

Minimzing The Bottom Bar

To minimize the bottom bar, simply click on the arrow icon, this will close the sidebar and replace it with the Atarim widget.

To bring the bottom bar back, click on the widget icon. This will bring the bottom bar back into view.

Approve Page

The approve page enables you to, well…approve the current page you are on!

Clicking this will show a pop-up where you can confirm to approve this page.

You have the option to complete all tasks that are on the current page.

By clicking confirm in this scenario, all tasks will be marked as complete and the page will be marked as approved.

This is a great way for your clients to let you know that they happy with a page when you are designing it.

You will also receive an email notification when a page has been approved.

Responsive Mode

You have the option to view the website on different devices (very similar to the responsive options in inspect element on browsers).

The left icon is for tablet and the right for mobile. By clicking one, it will refresh the view with that device you chose. In this example, we’ll click the mobile view.

When you change the view, all tasks will also be refreshed and put in their proper positions, ensuring you never miss a beat!

You can change the device you’d like to see by clicking on an option here.

If things are too small for you to see, you can change the zoom by clicking here.

And to go back to the standard view once you’re done, you can click here.

Dashboard Link

If you’d like to quickly head over to your Dashboard, you can use this link in the bottom bar.


You can change which stickers are visible on the page with the visibility option.

By default, completed tasks are hidden (as they are completed!), simply turn this on to see them on the page.


If you need to quickly via a 24 hour or 7 day report, you can do this from the bottom bar.

This will shoot a report to anyone who has this on in their email notification settings.


You can share a link to this page by clicking on share.

Click the icon on the right to copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it and send it to your client (or team!).

If the user is not logged in, the login parameter attached to the link will cause the Atarim login to pop-up when they visit the link.

This is just a WordPress login, so users can use their WordPress credentials to get access. If you’d like to remove the login parameter from the link, simply tick this on and you’re good to go!


Click on comment to enter comment mode to create tasks. Find out more about creating tasks here.


Clicking on General will open a pop-up where you can create a general task for this page.

Here you can create a task very similar to a front-end task which are meant for requests that are not about a specific part of the page.


The tasks button is to open and close the sidebar. To find out more about the sidebar, go here.


Above the bottom sidebar, you’ll notice a colored bar.

This is to give you a quick glimpse of the current health of the page. Each color indicates how many tasks you currently have based on the urgeny, the more red you see, the lower your health! All you need to do is make sure this is green.

Getting Support From Us

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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