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Last Updated On 2022-11-14

NOTE: Only available on the Atarim Expert & Agency Plans

The task center empowers your clients to essentially have their own task management screen for all requests they are making on their website.

In this article we’ll take you through what’s inside the task center and how to use it.


The task center is almost a copy of the Dashboard Inbox, with a few differences for your clients.

To get to the task center, click on Collaborate in your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Task Center”.

Here you’ll see all of the tasks that have been created on this website, and what’s inside them. You can filter, create general tasks, leave comments, change status and urgency, delete and more.


You have the option to filter which tasks you are seeing inside the tasks column.

In the below example, we are filtering the tasks based on status and showing only tasks that are “In Progress”.

You can have as many filters active as you want to get really specific. In the below example, we are filtering the tasks that are created by the user “hello”, tasks that have been marked as complete and finally, tasks that have been created on pages (not general tasks).

This is empower you to find what you’re looking for super easily!

Tasks Found

The second column houses all of the tasks found across the entire website, including front-end, back-end and general tasks.

The labels show whether the task is connected to an element (on the front-end or back-end), or if it’s a general task.

Clicking on a task will change the middle column’s view to show you the comments inside it.

Task Feed

The middle column shows you the history of the task, including comments, status/urgency changes, tag updates and files that have been uploaded.

You can change the title of a task by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name. By default, tasks are titled by the first comment that is made when a task is created.

If you’d like to go to a task on the actual page it is on, you can click on the “Open Task Page” button.

This will go to the page, scroll to where the task is and open the pop-over for quick and easy access.

You can add a new comment and upload files to the task by clicking on the box at the bottom.

Task Attributes

The final column is for the task attributes, where you can view detailed info about the task and make some changes if you’d like.

You can view the automated screenshot that was generated when this task was created.

By clicking this it will open in a new tab, inside the screenshot the section that was chosen is highlighted, making it really easy for you to see what your client saw when they created it.

Below the screen is some additional information about the task: the resolution and browser of the task creator, giving you more info to help you debug problems your client’s are facing without needing to ask them.

You can add or remove custom tags.

You can change the status and urgency of a task.

If you’d like to delete the task, you can click on “Delete Ticket”, this will ask to confirm and this cannot be undone.

Click yes and the task will be deleted.

And lastly, you can change who should be notified about changes to this task. Users who are assigned will receive notifications based on their own email notification settings.

Getting Support From Us

The task center is intended for your clients to get an overview of all requests they have made on their website. It’s a great way for you to show your value, as they can see the journey of each request and how much work you are doing!

If you have any questions about the internal task center or anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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