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Task Sidebar

Last Updated On 2022-11-14

NOTE: Only available on the Atarim Starter & Expert & Agency Plans

The task sidebar inside the WordPress Plugin makes it easy for you to navigate between tasks while browsing the website.

This Page

The default state of the sidebar is “This Page”, which will show all tasks that are on the current page you are on.

By clicking on a task, your browser will scroll to wherever it is on the page and open the pop-over.

All Pages

By clicking on all pages, you’ll see tasks across the entire front-end of the website.

On each task inside all pages, you’ll also see the page name, to let you know which page this task sits on.

If you click on a task that is on a different page to the one you are currently on, you’ll be taken to that page and it will scroll to the task and open the pop-over.


Back-end will show you all tasks that are inside the back-end of the WordPress website.

By clicking, you’ll be taken to the WordPress Admin where this task was created and the pop-over will be opened automatically.


In the top right of the sidebar, you have a few options to filter the tasks that are shown inside the sidebar.

The first is to filter by status. In the example below we have filtered the sidebar to only show tasks that are “pending”.

And the next option is to filter via urgency, in the example below we are filtering all tasks on this page based on if they are “critical”.

This makes it super easy to find the group of tasks you are after so you can get straight to work!


The final icon in the top right is the search button. This enables you to search for tasks using the title.

In the example below, we are searching for any task that has the word “bigger” inside the title. This will make any that does have it, appear in the list of tasks in the sidebar.

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