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By logging into your Dashboard, you have the option to automatically login to all WordPress websites where the WordPress Plugin is active. In this post, we’ll go through how to automatically login to WordPress in various different pages inside your Dashboard.

Not only does this save you tons of time with a one click login, it also stops the need to share logins with your team members, enabling them to easily access the work they need to do!

Setting The WordPress Account You Login To

To set the account you automatically login to, you’ll need to head to the permissions screen of the website where the WordPress Plugin is installed.

On the permissions tab, scroll down to “Default Users”.

“The website builder” is the admin account which will be used when using the automatic login feature inside your Dashboard.

Logging In From The Websites Screen

You can easily login to WordPress from the websites screen inside your Dashboard with one click.

This will login you into the account which has been set as the default user inside the WordPress Plugin.

Logging In Via Tasks Inside Your Inbox

Inside your inbox, you have a few ways you can automaticall login to your WordPress websites.

On the first column, you can automatically login to the default user’s account by clicking on the arrow highlighted in the screenshot above. This will log you in the same way as clicking on the arrow icon in the websites screen.

The “Take Me ThereButton

The take me there button is one of the most effective ways to get to the work as quickly as possible.

Usually, when our clients email us with a request, usually we need to try and decipher what they need, and then we need to go looking for it. Imagine if all you needed to do was click a button and this was all taken care of for you.

By clicking this button, you are both automatically logged into the WordPress website where this task was made AND you are taken directly to where this task was created (saving you tons of time!).

You can also access this button from the boards page inside your Dashboard.

Getting Support From Us

One click login makes it super easy for you and your team to get to the work, instead of wasting your time getting logins and trying to find where your work is yourself!

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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