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Learn A Brand New Way To Create Websites
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To receive a page builder template, all ya gotta do is fill out the form, choose a page builder and we’ll shoot it to you in an email. We’ll even teach you how to use these templates in a way that will help you complete projects EVEN faster! 

Create Page Layouts & Full Website Prototypes In Minutes

Each template includes 3-5 variations for every standard section of a modern website. Delete the sections you don’t want and keep the desired layout.

This will allow you to communicate the project’s layout and collect the content you need visually, giving your client clarity and context to tasks that often delay project completion.

Paired with this template, Atarim will solve 3 major project delivery challenges to significantly shorten the project completion time:

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We’ve analyzed the time saved on more than 120,000 projects that have gone through our system. We found that the average saving is 2 hours per day, per team member(!)

This means more than 2 months per year per team member gained by implementing Atarim.

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