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Double The Websites, Save 58% & Get Amazing Bonuses

Collaborate With Clients and Reach Project Deadlines Ahead Of Time

Atarim consistently reduces project completion time by more than half, saving literally hours from every single day and removing the agency owner from being the bottleneck of their own business by automating most of the day to day work, follow-ups, back and forth with clients and internal collaboration within the team.

Save Up To $4,693 🤯

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Trusted by 5,000+ Freelancers & Agencies, As Recommended By…

Gather Content | Approve Designs | Provide Support

Here’s How Atarim Saves
Up to 80% Of Time For Your Agency & Clients

Instead of using Google Docs, Spread Sheets, Slides, Zoom, WhatsApp, Slack, BaseCamp and the 10 other
tools you have, easily manage your agency, team and client’s through one platform.

Intuitive Visual Collaboration On The Client's Website

Save a lot of time and double productivity with a visual point & click proven system. Ending misunderstanding and back & forth with clients.

Brand New


Email Support Desk With Unique Auto Client Filters

Manage all of your email requests, that auto filter into the relevant client’s website. Keeping you organised and the clients accountable.

Brand New

Advanced Time Tracking & Branded Time Reports

Never miss a billable minute. a complete overview of your team’s working hours and focus on what matters most – delivering value to your clients.

Innovative Automation Tools for Website Builders

One-click image optimisation & push to Media folder, auto-login that lands within the section of the relevant page, auto daily & weekly reports and more…

Why does a 3-5 day build becomes a 4-6 weeks project?

Web Designers agree that a basic business website would take them between 3-5 days to create, on their own.
BUT, as soon as a client or stakeholder is involved, the project takes between 4-6 weeks. 

Real Build Time
Client delays, Procrastination, Back and forth, Scope creep, Simply not knowing what to do…. (83%)

Atarim tackles the 83% of the website delivery time: The Collaboration.

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Step 1 – The Agency Dashboard 

Start Every Day By Getting An Overview Of Your Agency

The dashboard gives you a snap shot of your agency.

See how many websites you currently have in your network, how many requests are on each one, how many of those requests are still critical, completed or in progress, and what your team have been working on in the last 24 hours.

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My team's words:

“This is perfect! We don’t have to use other tools to discuss all of our websites. It’s right in front of us!”
Paul Aswad – Touché Studio

Step 2 – The Client Interface Plugin

Understand Exactly What The Client is Requesting

For every suggestion or comment your client makes, you get to see exactly where they are referring to, so you avoid the back and forth of asking what for more information.

For whatever comment your client makes, a screenshot is taken of their view automatically so you know exactly what they are seeing. No more back and forths.

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Let Your Client Use What They Paid For

The interface plugin means your client no longer has to go outside of their website to collaborate with your team, no matter which stage the project is on.

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This is a Quantum Leap for the project delivery

Chris Badgett - LifterLMS

Step 3 – Task Distribution To Your Team

Suggestions & Requests Turn into Action Items Automatically

No more product management tools or searching through emails what to do next.

You can turn every comment into a task and:

Step 4 – Never Miss A Beat

Manage All The Communications from Website Feedback & Emails with the Integrated Inbox Task Center

Be up to date with the current state of every request inside the task center, holding everyone accountable (including your team and clients).

Each request contains all the info you need:

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It does nifty things like sending you the details of the client's browser, operating system, etc. No special tools or logins required for my clients!
Dave Foy - No Stress WordPress

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Brand New: Email-Based Support Desk!

The Only Support Desk Specifically Designed for Web Agencies & Freelancers

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Results From Real Freelancers and Agencies

How Tatiana (Hite Creative) Went From Deliveing Projects in 3 Months To 1 Month

Tatiana shares why Atarim helps position their fast-growing agency as premium and close more sales, how a lagging project with a difficult client was introduced to the system and the project was done in 1 week. How they tripled their project delivery speed.

How Thomas Reduced 6 Months on a Complex Website Project Using Atarim

Thomas and his team at Design Box are building complex membership projects with 500+ pages and deep features, which used to take them more than a year to complete. And now they sped up their delivery by 6 months per project.

How Alan Reduced His Time Dealing With Tasks to a 1/3 Within 1 Week

Alan was trying to launch a product to scale his agency further but was pulled back to dealing with clients which slowed down his product launch. 1 week after adding Atarim, he dropped 75% of the day to day time he’s managing his team while customer satisfaction went up!

How George Reduced His Project Completion Time From 5 Weeks to 10 Days

George is sharing his new process that reduced 75% of service delivery time. And how after chasing a client for 9 months, he installed our platform and the project was done and launched in 3 days.

How Dan Saves 3 Hours Every Single Day Using Atarim

Every morning Dan would visit his email inbox and for every email he would create a task in a spreadsheet to delegate to his team. With Atarim, it’s all done for him, saving him 3 hours EVERY DAY!

How Eben Completed a 300+ Tasks in 3 Days Using Atarim

Throughout the project the scope doubled and the deadline remained the same. With Atarim he managed to collect more than 300 requests across 25 different stakeholders, prioritise AND complete all the tasks in just 3 days.

Our Agencies Serve Some of The Biggest Brands in the World

From small businesses to the biggest brands in the world, our agencies and freelancers are making an impact with more than 105,000 of their clients.

Exclusive Black Friday Offer:
Double The Websites, Save 58% & Get Amazing Bonuses

Save Up To $4,693 🤯

Power up your workflow with deployable systems for 3 key stages of your project delivery. Designed to get your client on board, provide clarity for both you and them and build momentum into the project, so you can both meet your deadlines. 




Save 50% – $500/month + $1,193/Bonuses

$250/ month

For agencies who want to take their business to the next level by upgrading their processes.


Save 50% – $100/month + $1,193/Bonuses

$50/ month

For freelancers who want to start taking the next step in managing their work flow.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee For All Plans

You can try it for 30 days, add your client projects, work with clients on your dashboard, gather content, approve designs & provide support…
And if you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.

But Wait! There's More...

The Full BFCM Deal Also Includes Amazing Bonuses Valued At $1,193

We wanted to make sure that you get the ultimate full solution.

This includes Reusable Templated Systems that you can install within your agency, all The Training & Knowledge you will need to tackle whatever challenge that comes your way, the Accountability & Community to empower and inspire you to take action, and of course, the Tools and Workflow our platform provides to get you the same insane results other agencies are experiencing!

Bonus #1: Reusable Templates | Value: $297

Project Delivery Templates to Kick Your Projects into Gear

Power up your workflow with deployable systems for 3 key stages of your project delivery. Designed to get your client on board, provide clarity for both you and them and build momentum into the project, so you can both meet your deadlines. 

Discovery session templates

To give you and your team all the information you need before you start the project. Eliminating scope creep and allowing you to properly price your work.

Wireframing templates for all the page builders

Allowing you to clearly communicate your vision within minutes, as well as allowing the client to provide the content within context, so much that they will enjoy this stage rather than procrastinate - Using Atarim's Visual Feedback Interface.

20+ must use web agency email templates

For every scenario, you will face through your growth journey. Just copy paste and send to your clients - Using your Atarim Support Desk Inbox.

Black Friday Offer Atarim 32

Bonus #2: Training & Knowledge | Value: $697

Your One-Stop-Shop For Learning How To Grow Your Website Agency

No matter if you’re just starting out or have been doing this for a while, you’ll learn how to deliver WordPress projects faster, attract more high-paying clients, grow your agency without drowning in work and build recurring revenue so you can scale your agency. 

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10 collections with more than 60 hours of knowledge from the top experts in our industry

The Atarim Academy is your single source for knowledge, whenever a challenge presents itself, the answers are already here ready for you to dive in.

Regular Coaching Sessions

We run regular live training for our community of agency owners, this includes biz dev, project delivery, new tools and agency growth strategies.

Black Friday Offer Atarim 45

Bonus #3: Accountability & Community | Value: $199

Have a Team and Community Around You To Reach The Next Stage Of Your Journey

We’re seriously obsessed with getting results for our users, you can probably tell just by looking at the page how proud and honoured we are to be able to serve so many website agencies and freelancers, just like ourselves. On top of having our dedicated team by your side, you will join a group of website agency pros that are sharing their experiences and challenges so that we can all grow together.

An Implementation session with our agency growth experts

To discuss your current situation, your goals and define actionable steps to take you to where you want to go.

Supportive Community of 2,300+ agency owners

They have been where you are and probably experienced the same challenges and breakthroughs that you need to go through to reach the next stage in your journey.

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Black Friday Offer Atarim 47

Best tool I ever bought.

It’s worth every $ I spent on it. I recommend this to every developer, webmaster actually to everybody who works with WordPress and needs feedback from their clients or even for collaboration with colleagues.
Their support is fantastic and community is really great.
One of the biggest time saver for me in years. Working with clients is now really simple, fast and intuitive for me.

If anyone have doubts, just click buy and try it. 

Patrik Čada – Patrik Čada Web Desgin

5,000+ Agencies/Freelancers Are Already Saving 50%-80% Of Their Time, When Will You?

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Outstanding platform

“I will no longer develop a site without it. To be congratulated, an absolutely awesome product from the Atarim Team. Can't wait to see what's next." – Tracey Munn

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Awesome tool that we've adopted into our agency

“It’s making our processes go much faster as we can now skip long, awkward emails with clients that are trying to communicate issues or ideas about their website.” – Jeffery Patch

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The support team is great

“It is a really powerful tool to make working with my clients easier. I love it and it is very easy to use. The support team is great and fast in response.” – Claudia Rieker

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One of the BEST investments I've made this year

“This software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds.” – Brian Kato

Black Friday Offer Atarim 52

This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER!

“Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS” – John Comley

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Atarim is the Holy Grail of communication

"It's literally the best money I've spent on my business (and I spend good money on managed hosting). It's incredibly easy to collaborate with a development team or simply get feedback from a client.” – Jon Phillips

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds

Simply add a URL in the field and see the magic happen (Any URL)
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Save Weeks & Months on Every Single Project.

We’ve analyzed the time saved on more than 120,000 projects that have gone through our system. We found that the average saving is 2 hours per day, per team member(!)

This means more than 2 months per year per team member gained by implementing Atarim.

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