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Gathering Content, Design Approval,
and Maintenance Made Easy

Make it super simple to work with your clients by visually collaborating on their live website, finish project way faster
& save tons of time that you can spend on getting more clients to grow your Agency or Freelance business.

$1 for the first 30 days, then $50 per month after for Atarim + $2,889 worth of bonuses.

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Birthday 2

Bring Your Agency Management Up To The
Same Standard As Your Web Design & Development

An All-In-One Platform
For Your Agency

Always be up to date with what's happening in your agency, with client requests, team activity and statistics, all inside your Agency Dashboard

Understand Exactly What Your Clients Are Requesting

For every suggestion or comment your client makes on their live website, you get to see exactly where they are referring to.

Make It Easy To Manage Multiple Clients and Your Team

Auto-login to all of your client's websites with the click of a button and see full team activity on all requests.

"I became the bottleneck, everything had to go through me.

With Atarim, I can now pull out of that situation and it allows me to get clients to submit their own tickets and rely on my team to pick them up, saving me 3 hours every single day."

DANIEL TODD – Proactive Code
Gather Content | Approve Designs | Provide Support

Here’s How We've Developed Atarim to Save
Up to 80% Of Time For Your Agency & Clients

Instead of using Google Docs, Spread Sheets, Slides, Zoom, WhatsApp, Slack, BaseCamp and the 10 other
tools you have, easily manage your agency, team and client’s through one platform.

Birthday 3

Step 1 – The Atarim Dashboard

Start Every Day By Knowing The Health Of Your Agency

The dashboard gives you a snap shot of your agency.

See how many websites you currently have in your network, how many requests are on each one, how many of those requests are still critical, completed or in progress, and what your team have been working on in the last 24 hours.

Birthday 4

My team's words:

“This is perfect! We don’t have to use other tools to discuss all of our websites. It’s right in front of us!”
Paul Aswad – Touché Studio

Step 2 – The Client Interface Plugin

Understand Exactly What The Client is Requesting

For every suggestion or comment your client makes, you get to see exactly where they are referring to, so you avoid the back and forth of asking what for more information.

For whatever comment your client makes, a screenshot is taken of their view automatically so you know exactly what they are seeing. No more back and forths.

Birthday 5

Let Your Client Use What They Paid For

The interface plugin means your client no longer has to go outside of their website to collaborate with your team, no matter which stage the project is on.

Birthday 6
Birthday 7

This is a Quantum Leap for the project delivery

Chris Badgett - LifterLMS

Step 3 – Task Distribution To Your Team

Suggestions & Requests Turn into Action Items Automatically

No more product management tools or searching through emails what to do next.

You can turn every comment into a task and:

Step 4 – Never Miss A Beat

Track Your Clients & Your Team With The Task Center

Be up to date with the current state of every request inside the task center, holding everyone accountable (including your team and clients).

Each request contains all the info you need:

Birthday 8
Birthday 9

It does nifty things like sending you the details of the client's browser, operating system, etc. No special tools or logins required for my clients!
Dave Foy - No Stress WordPress

"I had a client that said, I don't believe in subject lines..."

It was chaos and I started accepting it as part of business. With Atarim, the amount of time to communicate with clients has been cut by 50%."

GARY SMITH – At Play Creative

Even More Amazing Features To Manage Your Agency

Gaining Clarity

Project Snapshot

Each website is automatically synced into detailed Kanban boards that lists the tasks & requests based on their status or priority. So you can visually see where the project or support efforts stand.

Auto Screenshots

Each request generates an automated screenshot of the user's view so you can see what the request is about rather than guess.

Screen Size & Browser Version

Each request collects the user's exact screen size and browser version for rapid debugging of the request.

Task Urgency

Set the urgency of tasks so it's clear what needs doing first, great for providing speedy support to your clients.

All Tasks Are In The Website

Keep communications with each client separate and organized, whether you have 10 or 100 clients there is no confusion.

Activity Updates

See the journey of each task, keeping your team accountable and having no confusion about what's been done.

Track Your Team

Check the activity feed for every team member part of your dashboard, keeping them accountable.

Task Time Estimates

Let your team know how long you think a task should take, giving them a benchmark to aspire to.

Task Time Tracking

Track the time of individual tasks so it's always clear how much time has been spent and whether or not it was close to your estimate.

Agency Overview

See exactly how your agency is performing with various different KPIs to know what you are doing well and where you can improve.

Detailed Task Information

See the screen size and browser when the task was created so your client doesn't have to send it to you if needed.

Installation Wizards

On both the client interface plugin and platform we have first use wizards to take you through and teach you everything you + your clients need.

Share Tasks

Every task has a custom link that can be accessed on the front-end, easily discuss tasks with your team by sharing links.

Remap Pins

You can move the location of pins easily on the front-end using the sidebar of the client interface plugin.

Project Phases & Deadlines

Clearly define project phases and deadlines based on time or number of tasks for each. Making sure everything is clear.

Client Interface

Visual On-Site Feedback

Each request collects the user's exact screen size and browser version for rapid debugging of the request.

WP Admin Commenting

Teach your clients or warn them about what they can and can't do inside the admin of their website.

Auto Status Updates

When status or priority is changed, it automatically updates this for your client, ensuring they know what's happening with a request.

1 Click Daily & Weekly Reports

Receive a detailed daily or weekly report to your email address with the click of a button.

100% Whitelabel

Make the client interface look how you want by changing the logo and main color. Whether it's your agency or client's brand, it always impresses.

Permissions Control

Have complete control over what certain user roles can and can't do inside the client interface plugin.

No Need To Login

Turn on guest mode so your client can use the interface plugin without needing to login to their website.

Frontend Login Popup

A custom login pop-up that your client's can use if you don't want them to access the WP Admin.

Auto Client Training

We provide you swipe copy and videos to train your client to use the visual feedback tool inside the interface.

Grouped Email Notifications

Receive an email notification that summarizes all changes to requests that have been done after a session of work.

Advanced Permission Settings

You have complete control over what every user role can do, ensuring everything always runs smoothly.

Guest Mode

Enable guest mode so your client doesn't even need to login to use Atarim on their website to send you requests (perfect for the build phase)

Mobile Friendly

Atarim is completely optimized for mobile, your client can leave you requests from any device they choose, making it even more accessible.

Graphic Feedback Tool

Get visual feedback on mock-ups, logos or any kind of graphic design, inside your client's website.

Color Coded Stickers

Your client can clearly see the health of their website on the front-end by seeing green, orange or red task stickers.

Speed Up Your Work

Auto Image Optimisation

Every image uploaded is automatically optimized, no need for tiny png!

Auto Daily & Weekly Reports

Automatically send daily and weekly reports for each website.

Auto Site Login

When you log into the dashboard, you are logged into every single website that is part of your dashboard.

1 Click To The Media Folder

Every image and file that is uploaded to Atarim can be pushed into the website's Media folder with 1 click. So you don't need to download and reupload each file.

1 Click To Access a Request

Click on a button inside the dashboard to be taken to the exact location of where a task was created.

Auto Filter Requests Per Website

Set automatic filters so your team can only see the tasks they are assigned to.

Internal Comments (Notes)

Internally communicate with your team using notes on tasks. These can only be see on the dashboard.

Video Embeds in Comments

If you want to send a video to your client, simply paste the link inside a comment and it will embed automatically.

Dashboard Search

Search for tasks or websites using their titles or task number.

Automatic Task Lists

By using the drag and drop boards, you can easily create task lists for your team.

Automatic Syncing

Your dashboard and client interface plugin are always synced automatically, keeping your client up to date.

Drag & Drop Boards

Drag and drop tasks to change priority or status on boards, making it easy to organize requests on websites.

Only Teach Your Client Once

Once they learn how to use Atarim for one request, they will be able to use it to send you requests regardless of which stage the project is in.

Global Settings

Pick your settings in the Atarim dashboard and you can apply these with one click on your client's website, speeding up the setup process.

Prototyping Templates

Use our templates for the most popular page builders to quickly build prototypes and gather content from your clients.

Custom Tags

Set custom tags on requests so your can easily filter between them.

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$1 for the first 30 days, then $50 per month after for Atarim + $2,889 worth of bonuses

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Try Atarim for 30 days, Once you implement, you'll instantly begin cutting the time you
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Generate More Leads. Close More Deals.

Produce beautiful, actionable, and easy-to-understand website audit reports for leads and prospects with My Web Audit.
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The Best Instagram Feed Plugin

Spotlight is the best Instagram feed plugin for WordPress! Go from installation to beautiful Instagram galleries in just a few clicks.

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Craft The Perfect Care Plan Training

Leave this course with well-structured Care Plans optimized for better profit. Walk away with their sales page template crafted to fit your business.
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Two FREE Sets Of Privacy Policies

Always be up to date with new the privacy policies on your own website and have the power to offer them to your clients.

Termageddon monitor privacy laws for you, keep your policies up to date and auto generate them. They are the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (iapp.org). 

*If you’re already an existing Ternageddon Agency Partner, you will receive 1 additional license added to your account 🎁

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Social Media Management Tools

Secure your social media success with SocialBee. Automate your social media posting so you can focus on what truly matters.
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Birthday 24

Learn How To Manage WordPress Projects

Atarim paired with the WP Project Manager’s Academy course will teach you all you need to know about managing your client’s projects.

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Create Portfolio Mockups With Canva

Premium, fully editable, and customizable mockup Canva templates, so you can effortlessly showcase and present your work.
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$1 for the first 30 days, then $50 per month after for Atarim + $2,889 worth of bonuses

Our Promise To You

Try Atarim for 30 days, Once you implement, you'll instantly begin cutting the time you
spend managing your agency and get your client's projects completed up to
80% faster(!) - or we'll happily give you a refund, no questions, no hassle.

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Birthday 27

I am in love. Best tool ever.

“I can’t believe how easy it is to give feedback on the site and I’ve never seen a tool like this before. No more messages getting lost on Slack. It’s a dream. Nice work, Vito!” – Bridget Willard

Birthday 28

This has saved me so much time and confusion, and clients just LOVE it

“Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.” – Sarah Crawford

Birthday 29

Awesome tool that we've adopted into our agency

“It’s making our processes go much faster as we can now skip long, awkward emails with clients that are trying to communicate issues or ideas about their website.” – Jeffery Patch

Birthday 30

So easy to use

"My client's words 'This is perfect! We don't have to use other tools to discuss the website. It's ask right in front of us!" To me, it doesn't get any better. Thanks!! 👊” – Paul Aswad

Birthday 31

Atarim saves us hours of back and forth with our clients

“...and removes all the ambiguity from the conversation, allowing us to literally get on the same page and resolve issues quicker. It's a win-win-win! ” – Troy Dean

Birthday 32

One of the BEST investments I've made this year

“This software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds.” – Brian Kato

"You've always got unfinished projects, affecting your cash flow."

Since I've discovered Atarim, it has doubled our business and Now I can even offer clients to complete their project in 1 day. I can say it has 10x'd our profitability."

ANDREW PALMER – Somebody’s Hero

Birthday 33

Color me impressed

“Yes! The WP world must know! The Atarim team deserve a huge pat on the back for what they’ve built. ” – Raleigh Leslie

Birthday 34

It is the best tool you can have

"It is the best tool you can have to carry out and clarify your projects with your clients." - Guillermo Barreto Santamaria

Birthday 35

This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER!

“Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS” – John Comley

Birthday 36

Turned back and forth email chains into a thing of the past

"I was in the middle of a project and implemented this. Customer absolutely LOVED it, and in record time, their site is complete." - Matt Schlueter

Birthday 37

The way they take care of their customers is second to none!

“This is an incredible time-saver and communication booster! That fact alone makes Atarim worth the price but the way they take care of their customers is second to none! ” – Kim Chuck Hersey

Birthday 38

Love this platform

“The dashboard and client interface plugin makes revisions on my client projects so much easier!” – Willem-Jan Hahn

Birthday 32

One of the BEST investments I've made this year

“This software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds.” – Brian Kato

Birthday 40

Awesome tool

"I will definitely gain an edge over competitors by using it." - Alastair Lewis

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