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29 Must Use Web Agency Email Templates​

If you are a web developer or designer, it’s very likely that a significant amount of your communication with clients takes place via email.

Almost all successful agency owners and web developers have a range of email templates that they use consistently. Having a set of email templates will streamline communications dramatically, as all you have to do is to switch out the person’s name and just click “send.”

So, we compiled a list of the most used email templates for web developers and designers. Add these to your communication arsenal, and you’ll find yourself breezing through responses throughout the week, scenario and for every stage of the project.

Ideal Discovery Session

There is so much to consider when onboarding a client, if you do not have this process down it can sometimes feel like a chore.

If you don’t get the discovery + onboarding done correctly, it can damage the rest of the project’s timeline as nothing has really been decided.

This results in you doing work that may have not been fully agreed upon, meaning that a ton of changes come your way and project deadlines are missed.

To avoid this, we’ve created the ideal discovery session for you to go through with your clients. Through doing this with 100’s of clients over the years, this is the one we’ve found to be most effective in ensuring projects start off on the right foot and there is no wasted work!

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