Our 4th Annual Web Agency Summit Has Come To An End

Let’s talk about language.

Having only just landed back home after a fantastic few days in the US at WordCamp (more of that shortly!), one of the things that often strikes me when traveling, is language. Within the WordPress community we have a shared language – but there are also many significant differences evident.

Which Microsoft found out this week… with their hilarious Windows 11 update that mistranslated ‘zip’ files to ‘postcode’ files for our UK friends! (For those of you who don’t know, postcodes are what the Brits call zip codes – not to be confused with zipped archive folders!)

We all know the importance of proofreading and checking what we post online, not just for errors, or translation problems, but for unfortunate oversights that could well result in all the wrong publicity… such as Susan Boyle’s hashtag invitation to #analbumparty (that’s ‘an album party’, obviously – what else would it be?)

So now might be a great time to read our article about ad proofing, to help you avoid those easy mistakes. And it probably won’t harm to understand how language can throw up all sorts of semantic confusions as well… such as what the difference is between roles and responsibilities within an agency.

Finally, whether you call it a century, a hundred years, or just a blooming long time, let us know if you think Atarim should follow in WordPress’s footsteps and offer our own 100 year plan!

⭐️ Review of the Week

We love hearing from you and are truly grateful for all of the reviews posted online. If you haven’t already, please consider taking a couple of moments to share how Atarim has helped your business.

🆕 What's New With Atarim

Ver is LIVE – More small fixes! ✅

Screenshot annotations – We have changed our approach to taking screenshots when you want to do an annotation, and made it way more solid. Now, the screenshot will be accurate every single time.

Automated screenshots – We have improved automatic screenshots where it will now replay actions such as opening accordions, and take a screenshot.

Thumbnails missing on Projects screen – Previously, if a thumbnail was missing for whatever reason on the projects screen, a broken image link would show, we have changed this to a placeholder instead.

Retry fetching button – When browsing a website inside visual collaboration, sometimes the “Retry Fetching” button would show way too soon when it didn’t need to, this is now fixed.

Group notification CSS – If you copy and pasted text from a website into a task, the CSS would not show on the comment, but it would still be visible inside the grouped notification, this is now fixed.

Adding projects – Sometimes when adding a project via URL, if you go back to the projects screen without refreshing, the new project would not display correctly, this is now fixed.

Time calculations – We have completely revamped the way we are calculating the time tasks were created. Now, we take the local time from the computer/browser you are on, to ensure you see the time in the correct timezone.

Projects screen loading – The pagination of projects on the projects screen was loading it in groups of 7, we have made this 8 to be even.

Adding tasks on boards – Clicking on ‘Add Task’ inside columns on the boards was causing the whole page to refresh, this is now fixed.

Network error when going from boards to inbox – Navigating to the inbox screen from the boards and back again was causing a network error, this is now fixed.

🔎 Feature of the Week – Project Stages

Gathering content for projects can be very frustrating – especially those which are highly graphics/visual based. You just know it’s going to be a long day when clients are sending over feedback or visual content in almost every way imaginable – emails, screenshots, Google Docs, you name it! 😡

Back in my agency days I remember wishing for a miracle that would allow my clients to seamlessly upload optimized images right where they’re needed on their website… bang and the stress is gone! 😃

Unfortunately such a miracle wasn’t available.

So we built it.

Curious to see how it works? Check out our quick 1-minute video on using Atarim to make content gathering a breeze. 🚀

📚🎙 Interesting Things To Read, Watch, Listen To & Attend!


  • WordPress 6.4 – This major update is set to be released on November 7, 2023 and is being led by an underrepresented gender release squad.



  • Interested in solutions that can help you push through the hurdles in efficiency to help your agency grow? Join us in Bangkok, Thailand Friday September 8th, 2023, for our WebPros Next event in Bangkok at the Shangri La Bangkok This is a free event! We will be connecting with current and future partners, presenting innovative solutions, and creating opportunities.Email Gilbert Landras at gilbert.landras@webpros.com for registration details ASAP!







  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome – Listen to Zachery & Disha (our marketing team) along with Nat (a design agency owner & a super fan of Atarim!) discuss this difficult topic.


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😂 Meme of the Week

I hope you’ve had a terrific week. I’m still recovering from my amazing time in the US, and will be updating you on what happened very shortly.

Finally, as usual, if you have absolutely any questions or need help, please feel free to get in touch – we’re here to help.

Have a great weekend!


Vito Peleg
Co-Founder & CEO of Atarim.io 

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