Our 4th Annual Web Agency Summit Has Come To An End

I’m packing my bags, and getting out of here. So long office… hello Maryland, US!


Yes, it’s finally time to fly over to be a part of WordCamp US, in National Harbor. Although I’ve been to many WordCamps across Europe, this will be my first US experience – and I can’t wait!

Of course, I should note that there may be some of you who aren’t entirely sure what a WordCamp is.

Does it involve hordes of nerdy tech enthusiasts gathering in a large field with an assortment of WiFi-equipped tents, cheering along to PHP scripts performing on a large stage, Glastonbury style?

Well, not quite! WordCamps are an incredible opportunity and experience, and in this week’s blog post, “What Is A WordCamp & Why You Should Attend Them”, I explain all about what they are, how they came about, what the benefits are, and what sorts of things you can expect.

Attending a US WordCamp will be a great opportunity to see my WP buddies, connect with our US based partners, and of course, learn from the community. If you’re heading there yourself, then you’ll be most likely to find me somewhere in the hallway track area – do stop and say hello!

Also happening this week are two new features added to our newsletter for your endless delight and entertainment on a Friday afternoon! We have now included ‘Feature of the Week’, and ‘Meme of the Week’ – check them out down below!

⭐️ Review of the Week

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🔎 Feature of the Week – Time Tracking

In this new section of our newsletter we’re going to be highlighting a different feature of Atarim each week – a great opportunity to consider a feature you may have either overlooked or not yet started to use fully.

This week it’s all about time tracking.

Uncover your hourly rate, improve time estimates, and never miss a deadline again. Each timer is associated with a specific task, allowing you to precisely measure the hours dedicated to each task.

You can also evaluate the productivity of each team member, and provide support to colleagues encountering challenges.

Gone are the days of manually creating PDF timesheets for client sharing – now, they are automatically generated for you! Is your client using a different time-tracking tool? No problem, many of our users integrate Atarim‘s time tracking with other existing time-tracking solutions (to maintain data/reporting across systems).

📚🎙 Interesting Things To Read, Watch, Listen To & Attend

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😂 Meme of the Week

I hope you’ve had a terrific week, and if you’re heading over to WordCamp US next week – make sure you catch me and say hello! 


Finally, as usual, if you have absolutely any questions or need help, please feel free to get in touch – we’re here to help.


Have a great weekend!


Vito Peleg
Co-Founder & CEO of Atarim.io 

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