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Here’s a quick brainteaser for you.

What do the following three things all have in common: honesty, the number 11, and the right nose?

The clue is: integrations.

Something we’re pretty big on at Atarim, and we’re pretty excited about some news this week!

If you’re still scratching your head, I’ll quickly explain. The word integration’ actually comes from the latin ‘to make whole’, which I really like as a way of thinking about how our partnerships and integrations work for our clients. The number 11 is, of course, an ‘integer’, which actually stems from the same word (and is the total number of separate integrations offered by Atarim!). And honesty is a synonym for integrity’ – something at the heart of our way of working (and another etymological offshoot!).

And what about the right nose? Well, that’s an anagram of our latest partner… Hostinger!

We’re thrilled to have Atarim now integrated with Hostinger’s amazing Pro Panel, delivering cutting edge collaboration backed by outstanding hosting. For more information about them, read our recent post: Hostinger Pro Panel – What It Is & How To Use It To Manage Client Websites.

But whilst integrations and partnerships are all very positive, let’s switch for a moment to consider competition.

In particular, the WP Awards 2023! I’m extremely proud to confirm that Atarim has been nominated yet again. So far we’ve won in every single category we’ve been listed in, so this year we’re hoping to make it big in the WP Agency Tools category. If you could spare a few seconds to vote for Atarim (our category is number 17 on the list) I would be so delighted.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to make your voice heard!

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🆕 What’s New With Atarim - Version 3.11 is LIVE

This update is focused around optimizing how we grab the content of websites that are being added to your Atarim Dashboard via the URL collaboration.

In the background, we have some exciting new features in the works right now – more of which you’ll hear about in the foreseeable future 🚀

New On The Dashboard

Website scraping optimizations – Previously, when a website loaded inside the collaboration page in the dashboard, we would request all of the extras from the website itself (including JS, CSS etc.). Now, instead of waiting for the request, we just go ahead and display it, decreasing the load time by a significant amount!

Quick tour of collaboration – When new users sign up, we take them through a quick tour to show them how to use URL collaboration inside the Atarim Dashboard.

Bug Fixes On The Dashboard

Push to media – Push to media folder on WordPress websites was not working correctly and throwing an error, this has been fixed.

Author names incorrect – Author names on tasks and comments were not showing correctly on websites added via the WordPress plugin, this is now fixed.

Notification names incorrect – Inside the email notifications, some names were showing incorrectly from the WordPress plugin, this is now fixed.

Content on collaborate – On some websites, content was not loading correctly inside collaborate, this has now been fixed for a bunch.

Sites loading slowly – Some sites were loading quite slow inside collaborate, with the new approach of website scraping, they will load much faster now.

Screenshots updating – Automatic screenshots were updating if the element of the website where a task was created was changed. This has now been changed, meaning that screenshots will always show correctly what was on the page when the task was made.

#’s in file names – Previously, if there was a # inside a filename and it was uploaded to a task, it would not upload correctly, this has been fixed.

Email signature box – There was an issue with editing the email signature box inside the email settings on the dashboard, this is now fixed.

Bug Fixes On The WordPress Plugin

Screenshot issue with Bricks Theme – There was a problem with automatic screenshots with the Bricks Theme, this is now fixed.

CSS Fixes – There were a few CSS fixes required inside the Atarim interface, these have been fixed.

🔎 Feature of the Week

Already have certain processes running on other platforms? Or teams that use different systems? Atarim seamlessly blends with popular apps already in your workflow. Learn more about Atarim integrations here


Note: we’re updating our integrations pages and help articles related to integrations so if you have something specific in mind – hit reply & let us know. 🙏

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Vito Peleg
Co-Founder & CEO of Atarim.io