Live sessions every week covering all the Atarim essentials.

Ask us questions, get set up on Atarim, share feedback with us & more. Every Wednesday and Friday at 3 PM GMT and 5 PM GMT.

What will be covered?

1. How to add your stakeholders/collaborators in your web project to use Atarim
2. What can you integrate Atarim with?
3. How to get the most out of Atarim to optimize your daily workflow

Here’s an overview of what to expect

In these live sessions, Jehrome – one of Atarim’s co-founders – will explore how you can make the most of Atarim. We’ll first spend some time showing you around, catching up on how familiar everyone is with Atarim, and then focus on specific questions that you have.

The main goal is to help you make the most of Atarim, implement it in your daily workflow, and get comfortable with using it. In addition, as they are hosted by Jehrome himself, they also tend to be a great place for feedback to come up in conversations. 

We look forward to having you join us in an upcoming session. 🤝