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Have a clearly defined process for projects, utilize time estimates for each project milestone and make key decisions in seconds.

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Leverage Atarim Forms to screen hundreds of potential employees automatically, hire the right talent, and maximize the retention.

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Organize your work, overdeliver, and finish projects quickly to maximize profits and client satisfaction. Atarim makes all of this possible.

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Make the Key Decisions in a Few Seconds

Don’t rely on guesswork and utilize the key metrics Atarim provides for making the right decisions faster. We will give you all details you need to land new clients and finish projects.

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Manage Productivity Throughout Your Team

Find out how productive each of your team members is and offer help or provide training to teammates who are struggling with work.

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Screen & Hire the Right Talent

Leverage Atarim Forms to get through a pile of potential employees in seconds and onboard the right employees quickly — while keeping everything in one tool.

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Increase Profits & Get More Clients

Never struggle with profits and get projects done quickly by organising your work in one place, collaborating with client in real-time, and more.

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