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Digital Agency Summit 2022

The Biggest Online Summit in the
Web Agencies AND WordPress Space is BACK!

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We are very proud the amazing roster we managed to build in such a short time and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for your session.

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We still need your support and collaboration in reading this page carefully and delivering all that we need in a timely manner.

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To help with the promotion effort, we created some resources and swipe files you can use as a base and make them your own.

What worked best last year is sending an email to let your community know you are supporting and speaking at the event along with the biggest brands and experts in our space and invite them to join for FREE.

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“Attention WordPress Agency Owners & Freelancers.

On April 26th until the 29th, the biggest online event in the WordPress space is back!

Go behind the scenes with 40+ world-class web agency owners, developers, marketers and business owners and discover how to scale your web agency or freelance business by attracting high-paying clients and build recurring revenue in 2021.

The best part, it’s free! 40 interviews and presentations from some of the top WordPress professionals, sharing their experience and best strategies.

You can sign up here right now for free >>

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How To Reach Us

We are managing multiple sponsors and are here to do our best and support each one of you as if you are the only sponsor for the event. That in mind, please consider that we’re operating on an excelerated schedule and think might get unnoticed from time to time. Don’t be afraid to follow up as needed!

Before The Event

I am available to you via email at

If you wanna jump on a call discuss any matter, request or concern regarding the event.

You can click here to book a Zoom call with me. This will also match out time zones.

During The Event

Email OR use the Live Chat on this page

These will be monitored through the time of the event.

After The Event

We still have a few bits and pieces to deliver after the event.

I am available to you via email at

I would also like to schedule a quick follow up call after the event.

You can already book this in if your schedule is usually busy.

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