Free Online Event April 26th-29th, 2022

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Web Agency Summit 2022

The Biggest Online Summit in the
Web Agencies Space is BACK!

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Biggest Event Two Years in a Row
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The Why

The Power of Our Community

Over the past 2 years we held our web agency summit to support the Web agency community while COVID kept all of us inside and resulted in almost every live event being cancelled. This year, we find ourselves in a very similar situation as the virus continues to persist across the globe.

As we are regularly advocating, sponsoring and attending events in the WordPress space, we understand the importance of these events for agencies and freelancers.

2 years in a row, we maintained our summit as the biggest online event in the Web Agencies space, with a total of 8,621 attendees, this year we want to reach even more of the community.

We would love for you to join us and help support the community, with the most innovative approach to an online event that will ensure maximum exposure for your brand. Help us give agencies and freelancers an event they need to help grow their agency, network with others and learn how to deal with the mental strain of the new, post COVID, world order.

How It Works

Online Event – Free to Attend

30+ interviews and presentations from some of the top professionals and influencers, sharing their experience and best strategies.

A unique and interactive experience with our proprietary virtual event and tradeshow platform. Creating an unparalleled experience for attendees and sponsors.

Confirmed Sponsors for the Event

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Supercharging WooCommerce checkout & payments

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The #1 Automated  Web Accessibility Solution  for ADA & WCAG Compliance 1 of 1
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From one intuitive dashboard, the GoDaddy Pro Hub brings your sites, products and projects together into a seamless user experience to save you time.

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Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles

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Power your creativity on the #1 platform for WordPress

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Weglot is a SaaS startup that allows companies of all sizes to make their websites multilingual in a few minutes, without the need for technical skills. 1 of 1
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Manage Multiple WordPress Websites From One Dashboard for Free!

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Auto-updating Privacy Policies 1 of 1
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Visual Composer is a user-friendly, powerful website builder for WordPress.

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CRM & Marketing Automation for WordPress 1 of 1
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Upgrade to a better, more profitable checkout for your ecommerce brand. 1 of 1
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Helping you build better sites & stores with Fully Managed Hosting 1 of 1
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Stackable is the all-in-one solution for creating stunning websites with Gutenberg. 1 of 1
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Choose your web hosting solution and make the perfect website! From shared hosting and domains to VPS – we have all you need for online success.

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Secure web hosting that grows with your business

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Scalable, high-speed infrastructure for business critical websites in a few easy clicks. 1 of 1
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The Fastest Way To Create Content For Your WordPress Website – Start4Free

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WpStream brings video streaming to WordPress. Broadcast, record, and monetize with ease! 1 of 1

More Sponsors Will Be Announced soon

New Partner

Post Status Joins Atarim's Web Agency Summit

This year, we’re excited to join forces with Post Status to echo the contribution of the Web Agency Summit to their audience and across the community.

This includes additional benefits to sponsors, including additional press coverage by the Post Status network and highlighting the event and its sponsors in the Post Status community on Slack, through its social channels and mailing list.

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More Than "Just a Logo"

Your Own Virtual Booth

Most events will give sponsors a logo on the homepage and expect a thank you from the sponsors. Being a sponsor of events ourselves, I know that “just a logo” will do very little for the brand.

That is why we created our unique sponsors’ booths to allow attendees to engage with you and your brand on a whole new level!

Collect Leads

The engaging nature of our unique booth is generating an average of 40.18% conversion rate from booth visitor to lead, per sponsor! With hundreds of leads, each.

Custom Design

Make the booth your own by changing the colors, backgrounds, outgoing links, custom video and Spinning Wheel offers. You can change it on your own, at any time.

Spinning Wheel

Add prizes and offers and limit the wins for each prize. Want to give just 1 "iPad" (for example) to increase conversions? No problem!

Man The Booth

Every visitor to your booth can be greeted but your sales rep, just like at a physical event. Can't find the time for video chat? you can turn it off with a custom message.

Last Year's Stats

Web Agency Summit 2021

Registered Attendees
Visits To The Event
Page Views ​In The Event
Social Engagement
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0 %
Avg. Time Watched/ Session
Comments on Sessions
Countries Reached
Visits to The Booths
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Avg. Conv Rt on Booths
Leads For Sponsors
Avg. Leads Per Sponsor
Traffic leading to the Summit
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Traffic during the event
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First 2 Days, Requests + Countries
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Distribution of countries reached
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Last Year's Sponsors

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From one intuitive dashboard, the GoDaddy Pro Hub brings your sites, products and projects together into a seamless user experience to save you time. 1 of 1
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WP Engine, the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, powers the freedom to create on WordPress. We provide the most relied upon and trusted brands and developer-centric WordPress products for companies and agencies of all sizes, including Flywheel, Local and Genesis. 1 of 1
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GridPane helps Serious WordPress Agencies crush their hosting problems, once and for all. 1 of 1
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The (Truly) Managed Commerce & Content Platform 1 of 1
Sponsors Deck 42 helps millions of businesses, publishers, and bloggers create websites. 1 of 1
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Auto-updating Privacy Policies 1 of 1
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Weglot is a SaaS startup that allows companies of all sizes to make their websites multilingual in a few minutes, without the need for technical skills. 1 of 1
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The #1 White-Label Marketing Platform For Consultants & Agencies 1 of 1
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The best CRM and Marketing Automation suite for WordPress 1 of 1
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Your Personal WordPress Support Team

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Managed Cloud Hosting Platform 1 of 1
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Shield helps you keep your WordPress secured against hackers with easy-to-use malware scanning, bot detection, login hardening, spam blocking, and much more. 1 of 1
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The World’s Leading WordPress Website Builder 1 of 1
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WP Activity Log is the #1 user-rated activity log plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers the most extensive and comprehensive coverage of WordPress, and has out of the box support for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and other widely used WordPress plugins. 1 of 1
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Yoast helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through our widely used SEO software or our online SEO courses: we’re here to help.

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Whatever you can do at a physical space you can do with Waahi – From Virtual Offices & Community Management to Massive Online Events and more.

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Some Of Previous Years' Speakers

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Bridget Willard

Launch With Words

Sponsors Deck 55

Kristina Romeo

WP Care Market

Sponsors Deck 56

Bob Dunn


Sponsors Deck 57

Vito Peleg


Sponsors Deck 58

Paul Lacey

Dickiebirds Studio

Sponsors Deck 59

Piccia Neri

Design For Geeks

Sponsors Deck 60

Andrew Palmer

Elegant Marketplace

Sponsors Deck 61

Mark Zahra

WP Mayor

Sponsors Deck 62

Rajendra Zore


Sponsors Deck 63

Lee Jackson

Agency Trailblazer

Sponsors Deck 64

Barbara Saul

Big Orange Heart

Sponsors Deck 65

Clifford Almeida


Sponsors Deck 66

Donata Kalnenaite


Sponsors Deck 67

Chris Lema

Liquid Web

Sponsors Deck 68

Ines Van Essen


Last Year's Media Partners

Our Future

Virtual Summit Format

Save The Date

Important Dates

Add these dates to your calendar to get the max amount of value from your sponsorship.
How We'll Get There

Marketing Reach

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Smooth Sponsors

Support the community and show your appreciation for what we’re trying to do here. Especially in these trying times.


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Premium Sponsors

Get involved with your own talk to talk about your product/service through a new and unique platform.


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Mega Sponsors

Lead the community through this new reality and show that your brand is there to support and elevate spirits.

Book Call

Sponsorship Options Atarim Statue 7-1 Mega (5x) Atarim Statue 13 Premium (10x) Atarim Statue 12 Smooth (10x)
Pricing: Book a Call $5,000 USD $2,000 USD
Position on the Exhibit Hall. Top Smaller Smallest
Clickable logo on EVERY page of the event.
Logo+description exposure to the audience via a dedicated email presenting ALL the Sponsors 3 days before the start of the event.
“Thank you” mention during the kick-off webinar a day before the event.
Your own Virtual Booth to engage with attendees during the event.
Wheel of Fortune: Data capture to collect emails, run competitions, etc.
“Thank you” tweet on Atarim + Post Status social account (15,000+ followers)
Speaker spot during the summit.
Logo inside daily summit emails with speaker session links.
Dedicated promo email to our audience, 2-12 weeks after the Summit and featured blog post / interview on Atarim.
10 sec video ad clip during each video (start, middle, end -> spun between sponsors).
Sponsoring the live hangouts to kick-off the event and throughout the event.

Please Note: there will be no additional data sharing with the sponsors apart from the stats and data we will decide to share on our own. After the event, we will share a “Sponsors Report” with traffic and conversion stats. There will be no additional custom requests on top of what is described above (following the first year’s event that created an overwhelm of “out of scope” requests from sponsors).

Sponsorship Breakdown

Mega Sponsors

All that is mentioned above, and more specifically:
Sponsorship Breakdown

Premium Sponsors

All that is mentioned above, and more specifically:
Sponsorship Breakdown

Smooth Sponsors

All that is mentioned above, and more specifically:
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Set Up a Zoom Call

Let’s Schedule a Call

Do you have any questions or wanna discuss our vision for the summit and how you can get involved as a sponsor?

Please click the button below, that’ll open my personal calendar so that we can find the best time for you. It’ll also match our time zones:

What You Get

Speaker Spot During Event

What You Get

10 Second Ad On All Videos

What You Get

Your Own Virtual Booth

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What You Get

Exhibit Hall

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What You Get

Additional notes

About Us

What is Atarim

The only agency management platform dedicated to website design and development. We help agencies and freelancers gain back control of their business with our cloud based application.

Every feature is designed to help agencies and freelancers deliver projects faster, regardless of the current status of them. Whether it’s a brand new project or a support care plan, using our platform reduces up to 80% of the time it takes to do any type of website project work.

We proudly serve and promote the growth of over 5,000 agencies that leverage our platform power with more than 130,000 of their clients. We continue to build Atarim at a rapid rate to be the most efficient way to manage agencies!

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