The Biggest Online Summit in the WP Space is BACK!
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Web Agency Summit 2021


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First of all, I wanna thank you for supporting our event and vision. 

I can imagine that under the current curcumstance, this wasn’t an easy decision and I’m very grateful and proud for the amazing roster we managed to build in such a short time.

Thank you! 🤩

Based on the Sponsorship level you chose, this page will allow us to make sure all our promises are executed on.

To do that, we need your support and collaboartion in reading this page carefully and delivering all that we need in a timely manner.

Founder & CEO 

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Important Dates

Add these dates to your calendar to get the max amount of value from your sponsorship.

Virtual Summit Format

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Your Own Virtual Booth - Available for all sponsors

Each sponsor has a Virtual Booth to present your company, engage with attendees and run campaigns.

Create Your Sponsor Account

Click the button and go through your booth wizard, to choose from the available options for each section of the booth. The Wheel, Top Banner, Video, About and CTAs.

Access The Booth

After the initial creation (previous step), you and your team can access the booth through the Exhibit Hall.
PLEASE NOTE: The user that created the booth is the only user that can edit the booth details.


We need your support in echoing the summit across the ecosystem!

For all of us to benefit, we must continue working together and make sure that each of our audiences, team and colleagues know about the event and are registered to attend.

To help with the promotion effort, we created some resources and swipe files you can use as a base and make them your own.

What worked best last year is sending an email to let your community know you are supporting the event along with the biggest brands in our space and invite them to join for FREE.

Simply type your first name in the field below and your image will appear 👍 (unless you’re Chris Lema, you have to type your full name 😉)

“Attention WordPress Agency Owners & Freelancers.

On March 23rd until the 26th, the biggest online event in the WordPress space is back!

Go behind the scenes with 30+ world-class web agency owners, developers, marketers and business owners and discover how to scale your web agency or freelance business by attracting high-paying clients and build recurring revenue in 2021.

The best part, it’s free! 30 interviews and presentations from some of the top WordPress professionals, sharing their experience and best strategies.

You can sign up here right now for free >>

“This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for many of us freelancers & agencies. Some were thriving while others were barely surviving.

One takeaway we can be proud of as a community is how most of us had to be even more creative than usual to get through 2020…With long hours, a lot of stress & uncertainty within our businesses.

To have a better 2021 for you and your agency, keep learning and investing in yourself to ensure any situation that’s thrown your way can be dealt with, swiftly and with much less stress.

Who has the time though right? We are all busy with our businesses, trying to get that next big project. We don’t have the money to spend $1000’s on courses, and the countless hours it takes to find the right one.

That’s why this year, we are supporting the biggest online event in the space!

Instead of you having to attend 100 different live sessions, zoom calls, meetups and a stack of webinars that we’ve all gotten used to in the past year, we’re pushing the envelope with a brand new platform to host the biggest online event in our space.

✅ Learn from 30+ top experts from our industry talking live only on topics that help you move the needle and answering any questions you can throw at them.

✅ Network and meet freelancers & agencies that have walked the same path as you and survived to tell the tale.

✅ Win incredible prizes and meet the product makers of tools you’re using every day in the virtual booths.

✅ Just take a breather…and Invest in your own growth, as they say “grow the people, grow the business”.

You can sign up here for free >>

Please click this link to apply the frame to your own profile pic:

Even better, share this with your team so that they can do it as well!

If you want to schedule an interview with any of our media partners, please send an email to to set this up.

Our Media Partners:

Please click here to download a swipe file with tweets and social media posts: 

Swipe Copy for Web Agency Summit


How To Reach Us

We are managing multiple sponsors and are here to do our best and support each one of you as if you are the only sponsor for the event. That in mind, please consider that we’re operating on an excelerated schedule and think might get unnoticed from time to time. Don’t be afraid to follow up as needed!

Before The Event

I am available to you via email at

If you wanna jump on a call discuss any matter, request or concern regarding the event.

You can click here to book a Zoom call with me. This will also match out time zones.

During The Event

Email OR use the Live Chat on this page

These will be monitored through the time of the event.

After The Event

We still have a few bits and pieces to deliver after the event.

I am available to you via email at

I would also like to schedule a quick follow up call after the event.

You can already book this in if your schedule is usually busy.


The promo and value points per package

Sponsorship Options LOG - License Activated: 1553 Mega (3x) LOG - License Activated: 380 Premium (8x) LOG - License Activated: 380 Smooth (10x)
Pricing: $9,000 USD $3,000 USD $2,000 USD
Position on the Exhibit Hall. Top Smaller Smallest
Clickable logo on EVERY page of the event.
Logo+description exposure to the audience via a dedicated email presenting ALL the Sponsors 3 days before the start of the event.
“Thank you” mention during the kick-off webinar a day before the event.
Your own Virtual Booth to engage with attendees during the event.
Wheel of Fortune: Data capture to collect emails, run competitions, etc.
“Thank you” tweet on our social account (3,500+ followers)
Speaker spot during the summit.
Logo inside daily summit emails with speaker session links.
Dedicated promo email to our audience, 2-12 weeks after the Summit and featured blog post / interview on Atarim.
10 sec video ad clip during each video (start, middle, end -> spun between sponsors).
Sponsoring the live hangouts to kick-off the event and throughout the event.

Please Note: there will be no additional data sharing with the sponsors apart from the stats and data we will decide to share on our own. There will be no additional custom requests on top of what is described above (following last year’s event that created an overwhelm of “out of scope” requests from sponsors).


Place on the SPONSORS Page + Clickable logo in the Summit pages.

Please hover your own logo from our “Global Sponsors Block” to make sure the title is as it should be. Please also click on your logo to check that the redirect works as expected.
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Your Personal WordPress Support Team

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Managed Cloud Hosting Platform 1 of 1
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Shield helps you keep your WordPress secured against hackers with easy-to-use malware scanning, bot detection, login hardening, spam blocking, and much more. 1 of 1
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The World’s Leading WordPress Website Builder 1 of 1
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WP Activity Log is the #1 user-rated activity log plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers the most extensive and comprehensive coverage of WordPress, and has out of the box support for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and other widely used WordPress plugins. 1 of 1
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Yoast helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through our widely used SEO software or our online SEO courses: we’re here to help.

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Whatever you can do at a physical space you can do with Waahi – From Virtual Offices & Community Management to Massive Online Events and more.

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Logo+description exposure to the audience via a dedicated email presenting ALL the Sponsors 3 days before the start of the event.


Speaker Spot During Event

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Logo+description exposure to the audience via a dedicated email presenting ALL the Sponsors 3 days before the start of the event.


Logo inside daily summit emails with speaker session links

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