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Build Websites Without Breaking A Sweat

Win over clients and work together to create an end product they fall in love with using Atarim – the only visual collaboration platform designed for agencies and freelancers. 

Even if you build websites day in and day out – building websites for clients is never easy.

Get To Know Your Client & Their Project

With Atarim Forms you can gather all of the information you need to kick off a project on the right foot. 

Designed from the ground up for design agencies and freelancers to make it easy to get everything from design inspiration, key goals for the project, and more – all on day one.

Approve Design Mockups With Image-Based Collaboration

Get specific feedback and approval on design direction for mockups, wireframes, and more with image-based collaboration supporting PNG, JPG, BMP, and other image files, PDFs, and (soon) even Figma designs. Upload to the Atarim dashboard, then share with the client. This can involve as many people as needed, from both the client’s side and from your own team, and you can even take advantage of version control, keeping a record of the different iterations of a design.

Internal QA & Review

In any client-facing team, there are typically multiple team members working on different parts of a website project – from structure and design to illustrations, and from copy to messaging. Use visual collaboration to streamline internal collaboration on creative projects and enable your team to get back to doing the work they’re best at, instead of explaining themselves to each other for hours a day.

Ready to ship your next big project faster and easier than ever?

Make Atarim your team’s competitive advantage. Get your entire team on the same page to work together without the chaos. 

Feedback & Revision Rounds With Visual Collaboration

One of the toughest phases of any website development project is waiting for feedback from the client, with endless email back-and-forth. Help your clients help you by getting them on the same page using Atarim’s point-and-click visual collaboration.  Every note the client leaves automatically generates a task (and screenshot, along with browser information) that can be assigned to the right person on your team.

Oversee Projects With Your Inbox & Boards

Atarim makes it easy for a project manager to keep tabs on projects – from one project to hundreds.  Both tasks created during visual collaboration and from your email helpdesk are associated with their own kanban board.

Create Custom Workflows

Atarim’s Workflows and Intеgrations allow for triggеr sеtups and automation, notifying project managers about task changes or crеations. Regardless of the tools your agency usеs, Atarim offеrs intеgrations for optimal functionality. Whether it’s Basеcamp alеrts or syncing tasks with Monday, Atarim has you covеrеd. This еxtеnds to Trеllo, Tеamwork, Rockеt. nеt, MainWP, Asana, Jira, Slack, and many others.

Deliver Next-Level Support with An Email Helpdesk

Our suite of tools is designed to support client-facing website projects from kickoff to ongoing retainers.  Let your clients communicate with you directly on their website with visual collaboration, or using the built-in shared inbox to provide email support.

Ditch the endless email ping pong and start collaborating on your creative projects.

Your team deserves more than spending hours decoding messy screenshots and in endless, repetitive email threads. Start delivering your best work faster. 

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