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For micro agencies that need to manage their work flow.


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For agencies who want to increase team productivity and projects profitability.

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We're Extremely Focused on Getting You The Results You Deserve!

We’re committed to getting you the results other users are experiencing after implementing our system within their business. If you’re not seeing a significant decrease in “busy work” and stress within your daily operations, let’s book a call to get you unstuck!
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We know you’re busy running your agency, which is rarely an easy task.

Our day is fully dedicated to thinking of ways to speed up your workflow and systemise your website service delivery.

Every person on the team was either a freelancer or ran a web agency so we understand your daily experiences as much as you do – We build fast and our growing team is here for you and your team, whenever you have a question or challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

An average basic website project takes between 6-8 weeks (if all goes well), yet we all know that if we have everything we need, to build a website on our own takes between 5-7 days.

Where did the extra 4-6 weeks go (84% of the time)?

We’re tackling the 84% by providing you and your team the clarity that you need to run a successful agency with each request and empowering the client with a single intuitive tool that they enjoy using.

The client interface was designed for the least savvy clients in the world. Most agencies currently use between 7-15 different tools to deliver a project (phone, email, zoom, Dropbox, Trello, Screen annotation, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, 3rd party SaaS tools…. and of course, their own website), needing to train the client on each step, or worse, don’t train and expect the client to know what to do at each stage.

This negates the natural learning curve that the client needs to go through during the build and onto the support, resulting in clients being overwhelmed and resist to the system (or lack thereof) defined by the expert. 

Our approach is different. You can train your client with 1 sentence “Please click the + icon and make a request/add your content/give your feedback”.

We even provide swipe copy and video tutorials that you can send your client directly to teach them in 5 minutes how to use our platform.

Great! Charge them for it 💪
This is the ultimate upsell tool.

What we find is that this will increase your engagement and satisfaction level with your clients but you can expect similar behaviour from them.
Those that reach out often will reach out more, it will take you 20-30% of the time it took before to handle the requests, those that rarely reached out will probably stay the same.

Yes. The client interface that is installed on the client’s website is designed to work with any theme or page builder available on the market.
We’re looking at the raw HTML rendered on the frontend so that the stack you choose does not affect the use of the client interface plugin.

Atarim replaces the 7-15 different tools that are commonly used to deliver a project (phone, email, Zoom, Loom, Trello, Client portals, content gathering/sitemapping/wireframing/feedback 3rd party tools, Google Docs, Dropbox, Screen annotation tools, support desks, asset optimisation tools, online forms….) and provides a centralised and unified system to deliver a website project. Most of the tools we offer are for your use (as the expert) through the Agency Dashboard while the Client Interface that is installed on the client’s site is a single tool that carries through the entire project and onto the support.

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to add every single website you currently have on your agency’s books.

It doesn’t matter which stage of the project you are currently working on, whether it’s a brand new project or a client you are providing support to, adding it to your dashboard will cut the time it takes to get the work done by a whole lot.

Using it with a client means that on every stage after and including the current one you the project is on, the processes apply every time. Meaning your team and client never have to use another tool or platform to collaborate and get the work done!

Protection of user data and the integrity of our plugin installed on a WordPress website are of utmost importance to us. Both are built with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data and been reviewed by some of the biggest companies in the space (due to partnerships), such as GoDaddy, Elegant Marketplace & WP Engine. 

When we first started in June 2019, we were purely a WordPress feedback plugin, hence the “WP” in WP FeedBack and the “FeedBack” in it. As we’ve grown our platform and listened to our users’ needs, it’s morphed into a fully-fledged, agency management cloud-based application.

Replacing support desks, feedback tools, project management systems, time tracking and cloud storage tools.

Even though this happened on our side, we were still being perceived as a basic feedback plugin and this was largely due to the name and our overall messaging.

With our biggest update (version 2.0), we completely overhauled our branding, changed the name to Atarim, built a brand new website and changed the design of our client interface plugin and Agency Dashboard. You can find out more about why we changed our name in our blog post here.

Yes! We’re a collaboration & support platform so it’s only natural that we’d take our support very seriously – And we do!

In fact, that’s one the biggest mentions in our customer reviews (nothing but 5 stars) 🤓

There’s a live chat widget inside the Agency Dashboard where you can reach us instantly.

Plus, you can always pop a question into our Facebook group and either us or other users will be happy to help.

Implementing any new system within your business might create pushback from your clients or your team. It’s your role to enforce, get them going and help them see the real power that our solution will bring to their lives.
It’s like a child that never heard “no” – When you first create order in the chaos and don’t allow candy before dinner, they might cry for a bit, but once they get going they will see that you’re doing this for their own good and love you for it.
Also, we offer 30 days to check and decide if our solution is right for you. If you feel that it isn’t, we will issue a full refund.
We will also encourage you to attend our weekly training webinars or go through our Ararim Mastery course to make sure you implement properly and enjoy the same results as thousands of other agencies and freelancers.

Yes they can, you can transfer the license between domain is you’d like. As long as there is 1 active domain (or more for the higher plans).

That being said, the way I see it, once you get the client used to using the tool, you should keep using it for ongoing support!

Why would you then train the client on a new process if he’s already playing ball??

Originally, the tool was built as a support tool rather than get content and approve designs but it saved us so much time on the support side that we gave it a test from day one with some new clients and since they gotten used to it, it was even easier to get them to keep using it for post-launch support.

You will need to add each subdomain as its own domain – The licensing system recognises that these are separate installations so they require verification.
I guess a more accurate definition is per WP install.

Of course.

You can upgrade to any plan, whatever works for you.

If you would like to downgrade, that is also an option (although if you are losing clients, you can book a call with us and we’ll see how we can help you).

We accept all the major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe.

We do not offer a lifetime deal.

When we first launched, we had a lifetime deal to get the capital to build and develop our platform.

Since we’re fully bootstrapped and constantly expand our platform, lifetime deal would create a strain on our business that will hurt our ability to support and keep building our platform for our existing users.

Let me ask you – do you offer lifetime monthly support to your care plan clients? 😉

This all depends on the plan that you’re on!

The amount of websites you can add to your Agency Dashboard determine how many clients you can use this with.

For instance, the freelancer plan has 10 websites, meaning you can use this with 10 clients. We highly recommend only allowing one person per client to collaborate with you using Atarim, as this will make things much clearer!

5,000+ Agencies/Freelancers Are Already Saving 50%-80% Of Their Time, When Will You?

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Perhaps one of the best investments I've made this year

“This software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds.” – Brian Kato

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This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER!

“Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS” – John Comley

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Awesome tool that we've adopted into our agency

“It’s making our processes go much faster as we can now skip long, awkward emails with clients that are trying to communicate issues or ideas about their website.” – Jeffery Patch

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This has saved me so much time and confusion, and clients just love it

“Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.” – Sarah Crawford

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