Wow! What a year it’s been! Here’s what we did:

We Change Our Users' Lives
And They Love Us For It
All 5,000+ Of Them:

Everyone is excited about the tool!

“I just got off a client call where the client = an executive board with 16 Doctors and Nurses. I loved being able to show them how to use Atarim and everyone is excited about the tool! ” – Sarah Phillips

Killer company/idea and Vito does not stop constantly enhancing it.

- Hans Skillrud

Powerful software with a strong team and a dedicated founder 🔥🔥🔥

- Jan Koch

Awesome tool that we've adopted into our agency

“It’s making our processes go much faster as we can now skip long, awkward emails with clients that are trying to communicate issues or ideas about their website.” – Jeffery Patch

Perhaps one of the best investments I've made this year

“This software has streamlined the way I have clients review website builds.” – Brian Kato

This has got to be one of the best platforms EVER

"Unbelievably powerful product, along with outstanding service from the support team. #KICKASS"- John Comley

Defo one of the best pieces of software I have acquired so far

"Purchased at Christmas or in the Black Friday sale to kick my business to the next level." - Philip Clarke

Can't wait to install it on all of my client's sites

“Starting to use this platform on client sites for quick communication between myself and them. Having attended a live presentation of its functionality it really is impressing me ” – Andrew Downie

5,000+ Agencies/Freelancers Are Already
Saving 50%-80% Of Their Time, When Will You?

3 Months to 1 Month Avg. Project Completion

Hite Creative is a super fast growing agency that provide a full service to their clients including branding, website and marketing. They leverage Atarim to close deals with clients as their collaboration system and tripled their service delivery!

We Can Close Way More Sales Now

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Tatiana C.

Results From Real Freelancers and Agencies

How Thomas Reduced 6 Months on a Complex Website Project Using Atarim

Thomas and his team at Design Box are building complex membership projects with 500+ pages and deep features, which used to take them more than a year to complete. And now they sped up their delivery by 6 months per project.

How Alan Reduced His Time Dealing With Tasks to a 1/3 Within 1 Week

Alan was trying to launch a product to scale his agency further but was pulled back to dealing with clients which slowed down his product launch. 1 week after adding Atarim, he dropped 75% of the day to day time he’s managing his team while customer satisfaction went up!

How Andrew Delivered a 3 Week Website Project in 3 Days

Andrew shares how our platform allowed him to double his revenue without hiring additional team members and 10Xed his agency’s profitability.

How Chuck Delivered Projects 2X Faster, Without Speaking With Clients

Chuck is managing 50+ Care Plan clients. Every request used to land on his desk before passed to the team. Now, he never speaks to clients and the job gets done by his team seamlessly.

How George Reduced His Project Completion Time From 5 Weeks to 10 Days

George is sharing his new process that reduced 75% of service delivery time. And how after chasing a client for 9 months, he installed our platform and the project was done and launched in 3 days.

How Gary Cut a 4 Month Project Down To Just 4 Weeks!

With Atartim, ALL of Gary’s communications are going through one tool, allowing him to save massive amounts of time. Now he doesn’t need to deal with vague client messages on WhatsApp and email.

How Dan Saves 3 Hours Every Single Day Using Atarim

Every morning Dan would visit his email inbox and for every email he would create a task in a spreadsheet to delegate to his team. With Atarim, it’s all done for him, saving him 3 hours EVERY DAY!

How Eben Completed a 300+ Tasks in 3 Days Using Atarim

Throughout the project the scope doubled and the deadline remained the same. With Atarim he managed to collect more than 300 requests across 25 different stakeholders, prioritise AND complete all the tasks in just 3 days.

Fanny Veldmeyer

A must-have for any WordPress consultant or designer working with clients.

Everyone working online more than ever and even the website owners that never bothered their content finally want/need their website reflecting their business and news.

Love this so much

"Vito, just wanted to give you some kudos, Already started to implement the plugin on a few of our websites for testing, and well, we LOVE it! So there ya go, happy all around ;)” – Brian Deckard

Loving this platform

"This is going to be a turning point for my business I think!" - Leah Harold

Atarim is a game changer

"Genuinely new and innovative thinking about how to efficiently manage feedback between clients and developers/designers. And the pace of change and responsiveness of the team behind this is incredible. Highly recommended." - James Burden

It has been phenomenal!

“We've been working with the tool with clients for the last couple of weeks and it has been phenomenal!.” – Lee Jackson

I’m a big fan already

“Brilliant idea, solid execution with attention to detail, rapid improvements and support, that’s top notch. Great work Vito and the Atarim team! ” – Karol Tesch

Their support is too notch too!

“OMG this platform makes my life so much easier dealing with client requests. I would definitely recommend it” – Ed Booth

Instead of using spreadsheets...

“countless emails, phone calls or even the costly advanced prototype, feedback and support tools found on the market; Atarim will allow your client to simply click a section of their website and make a request.” – Chris Hughes

You are amazing! I am in! Already considering an upgrade 💪💪💪

- John Bendever

Atarim Helped Agencies Complete 108,000 Tasks In 2020,
Start Now & Sky Rocket Your Team's Efficiency

Super fast and friendly support

“and the tool works like a charm. It saves so much time!” – Aaron Casey

Wow! This tool is amazing

"Such a time saver! The easiest way for WordPress developers to manage their projects AND care plans!" - Natalia Chriss

Fantastic product and great support.

- Elliot Sowersby

Really looking forward to saving shitload of time and comms effort!

- Brendan Knights

I was blown away by this tool

“Saves TONS of time vs the usual back-and-forth, screenshots, etc. With Atarim, all parties can leave direct feedback on the exact elements of the page. And it does other nifty things like sending you the details of the client's browser, operating system, etc. No special tools or logins required.” – Dave Foy

The best platform ever!

“Not only for feedback but also getting content out of clients. No more, getting blood out of a stone. Such a time saver!.” – Andrew Palmer

Awesome tool. Such a time saver and clients love it.

- Adam Helman

Best Tool I Ever Bought.

It’s worth every $ I spent on it. I recommend this to every developer, webmaster actually to everybody who works with WordPress and needs feedback from their clients or even for collaboration with colleagues.

Their support is fantastic and the community is really great.

One of the biggest time saver for me in years. Working with clients is now really simple, fast and intuitive for me.

If anyone has doubts, just click buy and try it.

Patrik Čada – Patrik Čada Web Design

It offers a unique approach

“Atarim is an excellent solution for any team that wants to ease the process of revisions/proofing. It offers a unique approach - similar to how one uses a googledoc or pdf; marking up text and images with the comment system, that the editors then use to make the changes. -We are happy to be backers, and look forward to the long term development of this extraordinary” – David Brooks Sr.

The amount of time that you are saving with this tool is crazy

“Atarim is the type of tool that makes you forget how it was before using it becoming a by default piece in your day to day interaction with your clients. with your clients or teammates - Not to mention the fantastic support that you always get from these guys.” – Cristi Lupchian

Perhaps one of the best investments I've made this year

“Amazing platform! I have been waiting for something like this for years. has both task management and WordPress frontend QA rolled into one.” – Itiel Avraham

Great work Vito Peleg and your team!

“This is by far the best tool I have evaluated this year. What a lifesaver, I already used it in a sales talk to explain to a potential client how we work. Looking forward to the first customer feedback. ” – Mark Peters

I highly recommend Atarim

“Vito is a real enthusiast of the wp community and achieved to create such a great value in such a short period of time. I’m super excited to check what’s coming next and I highly recommend Atarim for all the agencies looking for a feedback tool to use with their customers..” – Maxime Beguin

A must have for any WordPress consultant

“A must have for any WordPress consultant or designer working with clients. Especially now. Everyone working online more than ever and even the website owners that never bothered their content finally want/need their website reflecting their business and news.” – Fanny Veldmeyer

We Are The Only Agency Management Platform
Dedicated To Web Design & Development

Every developer should be using this

“I cannot say enough good things about Atarim. Every developer should be using this... and I can't imagine one person NOT coming to the point of LOVE with it so much so that when I see the people who inquire about refunds in the community I want to ask them what their process is and could it actually be better than Atarim? I am firing the clients who refuse to work with it. And the ones who don't want to use it? Well, they should probably not have a site to begin with - which means I don't want to work with them anyway. Such a sanity saver!" – Karen Eckstrom

The support team is great

“It is a really powerful tool to make working with my clients easier. I love it and it is very easy to use. The support team is great and fast in response.” – Claudia Rieker

Atarim is the Holy Grail of communication

"It's literally the best money I've spent on my business (and I spend good money on managed hosting). It's incredibly easy to collaborate with a development team or simply get feedback from a client.” – Jon Phillips

An amazing and well needed platform

“Wow, such an amazing product and service! If it isn't enough that Atarim provides an amazing and well needed platform to communicate effectively with your clients; The personalized customer service that you get from working with their team is hands down amazing! I highly recommend this product, whether you're a freelancer or agency. I am always talking your product and service up to others!” – Anthony Richter

Outstanding platform

“I will no longer develop a site without it. To be congratulated, an absolutely awesome product from the Atarim Team. Can't wait to see what's next." – Tracey Munn

Awesome tool for WordPress developers

“Really helps with clients who need to provide a visual understanding of site changes and or issues but do not have to go through the trouble of sending imagery through email because they can mark-up right on the website.” – Judd Dunagan

My Clients LOVE IT

This has saved me so much time and confusion, my clients now simply send my requests and I have all of the information I need to get the work done.

Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.

Now I’m setup to deal with all projects from start to finish and I can’t get rid of the 10 other tools I’ve been using. 

Sarah Crawford - A Lined Design

Color me impressed

“Yes! The WP world must know! The Atarim team deserve a huge pat on the back for what they’ve built. ” – Raleigh Leslie

So easy to use

"My client's words 'This is perfect! We don't have to use other tools to discuss the website. It's ask right in front of us!" To me, it doesn't get any better. Thanks!! 👊” – Paul Aswad

I am in love. Best tool ever.

“I can’t believe how easy it is to give feedback on the site and I’ve never seen a tool like this before. No more messages getting lost on Slack. It’s a dream. Nice work, Vito!” – Bridget Willard

It is the best tool you can have

"It is the best tool you can have to carry out and clarify your projects with your clients." - Guillermo Barreto Santamaria

Love this platform

“The dashboard and client interface plugin makes revisions on my client projects so much easier!” – Willem-Jan Hahn

Atarim saves us hours of back and forth with our clients

“...and removes all the ambiguity from the conversation, allowing us to literally get on the same page and resolve issues quicker. It's a win-win-win! ” – Troy Dean

The way they take care of their customers is second to none!

“This is an incredible time-saver and communication booster! That fact alone makes Atarim worth the price but the way they take care of their customers is second to none! ” – Kim Chuck Hersey

Functionality, Ease of Use, Support, Development, Timesaver...

- Johannes Springer

Stop Using Multiple Tools To Manage Your Agency
Atarim Is Designed To Be All You Need

Awesome tool. The first client that used it was very impressed.

- Rick Heijster

Seriously - IN LOVE.

“I just wanted to let you know how FREAKING HAPPY I am with this tool. Seriously - IN LOVE. You guys have ROCKED this O-U-T! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – Jack Pine

The first 2 that got exposed to it today are in love of it!!!

“You guys are nailing a much needed issue and I'll be telling all my other freelancers. This is such a universal complaint and the fact they can just login and use a VISUAL (not code) method of commenting and creating tasks is perfect. This process needed to be brought in house for such a long time as many clients either don't have all the possible options (Dropbox, Google Docs, Trello) or just don't have the desire to deal with it.” – Jeffrey Smith

This tool gets over so many hurdles with so little effort

“I love that this will help a lot with clients who prefer verbal direction vs writing or rough sketching what a difference. This tool gets over so many hurdles with so little effort.” – Chris Bourne

If you haven't seen Atarim, go check it out. It's a game changer for client communications.

– Kinsta (on Instagram)

Rarely a tool shouted BUY ME so quickly to us.

“We've purchased Atarim at Office Innovation as we saw the complete value proposition within a few minutes of seeing the demo. Rarely a tool shouted BUY ME so quickly to us. We estimated the price will be recouped within a couple of projects, and allow client-facing meeting to take up far less of our designers time. Already we have deployed to 3 projects started with one client saying she had never seen anything like this before, it is so intuitive. This from a lady who commissions 5 or 6 sites per month for her own clients. Congratulations, we look forward to being part of this exciting journey.” – Steve Gayler

I would definitely recommend this bad boy.

"It took some effort on my part to convince my partner that we should splurge on this too and it is awesome! Their support is awesome. If you work with clients and are drowning in emails or spreadsheets, I would definitely recommend this bad boy. Trust me on this..." - Stella McGovern

This is freaking awesome! Pure gold!!!

"I haven't been this excited about a product since Beaver Builder launched years ago!! Well done Vito & team!!!💯🎉👊🤯" - Mark Werle

Love this tool and my test client found it amazingly easy to use.

- Mandi Engel

Support is amazing, so far no complaints!

- Sheila Heard

It's like Google Wave and Slack hooked up and had a WP Baby.

“I freaking love this idea. I have installed it on a site and it is amazing. The integration, implementation to establish realtime-trackable collaboration is outstanding. It's like Google Wave and Slack hooked up and had a WP Baby. AWESOME! ” – Kevin O'Neill

It has absolutely reduced the amount of time I've spent with clients

“Keep up the amazing work. So far the clients I've installed it on absolutely love it, and it has absolutely reduced the amount of time I've spent with those clients in in-person meetings and on phone calls. Love it! ” – Adam Wills

Just used Atarim for the first time with a client. Got this comment:

“I made some comments on the site as you instructed in the video. (By the way...that is a SUPER COOL feature that makes it so easy to leave feedback!” Thanks for making me look like a pro! – Jay Tickle

2 large websites recently launched in record time due to the ease of use for clients to share feedback with this; love it so far!

– Jared Taylor

It's been a dream for the first site that went live this week!

“The client is the absolute biggest technophobe and she loved it! For example I had to screen share and take control to upload her new facebook cover photo and update her bio but she still managed to use the feedback tool no issues! Also the rest of our project I was receiving panicked texts, FB messages, loads of separate emails but this just consolidated the whole website aspect into one little tasks window. It was bloody brilliant.” – Nicola Hamilton

BOOM! Insta-buy, shut up and take my money 😃

"Love Atarim - Was speccing up building something that will allow customers to comment on our website and hey presto as I was googling last night this appears. BOOM! Insta-buy, shut up and take my money 😃 Excellent you have given me the missing piece of the puzzle!" - Stuart Morrison

I'm seriously impressed

"I'm seriously impressed by the functionality that your product provides - I've been in the IT industry for 30+ years and this is the BEST solution for providing feedback that I've ever seen. Great work guys!" - Malcolm Robinson

Y'all are awesome!

"I appreciate all the time and attention you put not only into the (stellar) product but also the customer support - y'all are awesome!" - Drew Harrison

Manage All Of Your Clients' Websites, Team's Tasks,
& Entire Agency Using Atarim

Atarim is fantastic!

Since starting to use Atarim, our clients have been happier, sites get built faster and our workflow is more streamlined. 
Definitely worth the price!

David Santilli – The Host Zone

Hats off to this platform

"A+ email onboarding campaign, super helpful and educational around how to best use their products and where to get help if I need it. Check them out." - Simon Harper

Turned back and forth email chains into a thing of the past

"I was in the middle of a project and implemented this. Customer absolutely LOVED it, and in record time, their site is complete." - Matt Schlueter

Atarim got me hooked!

"Thank you for putting together such a useful tool. It got me hooked instantly, So I upgraded already haha." - Alexander Sebastian

Love the product!

"A huge timesaver in working with clients, plus I'll have an audit trail." - Nancy Hildebrandt

Kick-ass & sensational!

"Honestly, such a unique solution. Showed this to a real hard-ass customer and he said this was the best system and he doesn't really know what he's doing... so that comment from him is gold. Respect much! Just keep doing what you're doing." - Lance Aligiannis

Great product AND great customer support!

"Not many people would go to the lengths you did for me. I'll be one of your biggest Ambassadors endorsing your product and especially your customer service!" - Monty Benton

15,000+ Websites Have Been Built,
Using Atarim, When Will You?

Legend! This platform wins me deals.

"Looking forward to adding this offering into my client onboarding process." - Dean Williams

On board with Atarim!

"I'm very glad to be 'on board' with the Atarim family! Looking forward to start using it...Efficiency is my main goal for 2021." - Mieke van Zachts

It's the biggest impact a product has ever made on my business, my client management and my time

"My clients think I'm a genius! And Vito and his team have given me SO MUCH value in terms of project management ideas and agency efficiency. Add Atarim and you can ditch those boards and emails." - Stephanie Anne

I truly believe this plugin is hotter than Will Smith!

"I have a client for whom I have to schedule content on Monday mornings at 5:00 AM. He's an early riser, I am not. So my first thought is always: Hope I got it all right and no message from him about something I forgot. Which doesn't happen often. Frankly, since bringing him on board with Atarim, it hasn't happened anymore at all." - Tanya Quintieri

Such an incredible product

"From a monthly subscription, I upgraded to a yearly one. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product. With Atarim, working with that one client has totally made my work so easy!" - Jeff Dodge

I see the advantages after only a few hours of use

"I bought the package and after only a few hours of use I see several advantages to facilitate communication with my collaborators and my clients." - Patrick Giguère

This product is the BEST

"What a difference it has made for us in this past year. We love the product!" - Sarah Kuglin

Just tried Atarim - I'm blown away so much that I closed my laptop to sleep!

- Shawn Dexter

This platform has already improved the flow of website-related things.

"I can tell you that I've tried tons of solutions to the workflow problem. I actually gave up on all traditional PM tools in favor of managing email better - as crazy as that sounds!" - David Kraljic

Works for me 💯 percent!

"I intend to bang this on every ongoing project I have." - Anne-Mieke Bovelett

1 Minute Snappy Results From Freelancers and Agencies

Michael runs a WaaS agency calling Atarim "a game-changer" stopping him from being bombarded by clients via emails and phone calls.

Jeff runs a Care Plan agency and thanks to Atarim, for the first time, his able to take mornings off to spend time with his dad.

Itiel runs an agency and after trying EVERYTHING, she's saying that Atarim is by far, the best solution she's seen - being tailor-made for web agencies.

Tony is a freelancer and he doens't know what he would do without Atarim - Understanding that client communications can make or break having good relationships.

Alan from Seahorse runs an agency and Atarim has helped him free up 2/3 (75%) of his time dealing with clients and back and forth, allowing him to focus on a side product and scale it to 6 figures.

David runs an agency and he's been getting messages from all his clients saying how great and easy it is to collaborate visually within their own websites.

Thanks for bringing simple yet REAL solutions for our web design struggles! 💪🔥

"Always surprised by features I didn't know I needed. Awesome stuff, Vito and team! It inspires me to use it even more to streamline my workflow.🙌" - Akira Zabala

Haven't put it up on our TV yet - but this is COOL

"Atarim is COOL! It's a game-changer. No more taking screenshots, uploading to InVision, making tutorial videos on how to use InVision, and no more telling clients why their buttons can't work in screenshots because they're not commenting on a live website. - Sahil Saini

I'm a very happy man because of this platform

"Just want to say WOW! Although I was already a lover of the tool and knew what it was capable of, until really diving in and using it with a client, I underestimated how much it was going to be a game changer. The tool and dashboard is already fantastic and a massive help to decrease client communications, but with the support you guys offer and the openness to better the tool by listening to your users, this makes the tool probably my most valuable asset at the moment. Just thought you guys deserved the praise for doing a great job. Although, I know you get plenty already. A very happy man - much respect to everyone at Atarim." - Kevin Hamersley

Keep up all the amazing work

"Atarim has changed the way I communicate with clients and developers in a fundamental way (for the better) and I wanted to thank you personally." - Steve van der Walt

Atarim is what was missing from my relationship with clients

"This product will, from now on, make a HUGE difference to the time taken "deciphering" client emails. Much appreciated!" - Philip 'PJ' Buchanan

Boom! My client went wild

"Used Atarim on my first project so far. The client went wild, marking up every last minute detail they could pick at. Created over 40 tickets in the span of an hour. Within 2 hours I got through all the requested changes. Because of this product, over 40 changes that could have taken days to communicate effectively and address were completed in under 2 hours." - Chris Castillo

Awesome tool

"I will definitely gain an edge over competitors by using it." - Alastair Lewis

Gather Content, Approve Designs & Provide Support
To Your Care Plan Clients, All With One Platform

Best investment for us

"I run a small design company called Motion Media GmbH. We do full service and often WP websites. As soon as we found Atarim, we immediately saw its benefits for our workflow and instantly hit the BUY Button. 😎" - Arne Albers

It's becoming the "how did we do without this" tool

"For any WordPress developer out there, if you haven't adopted Atarim yet, you really should! It has completely changed our workflow for both new site builds and management of existing sites." - Seahorse Data

Atarim is awesome

"Pretty soon, Atarim may help the entire design process." - LaTasha Hussey

This was the largest investment I've made in my business

"It is an awesome tool and has an even better team behind it. I appreciate so much that Vito took the time to actually sit with me for an hour and he's so personable that we could have gone on all day." - Doug Montgomery

Thank you for all you do for small businesses like ours

- Sarah Kuglin

Found the missing link in my arsenal

"Really great tool! Keep up the great work." - Hassan Kaddouri

My clients bloody love it!

"I think I'm following you from all my accounts now. Asked a client to use your platform to help us through a website prelaunch review this week and they bloody love it. My dev loves it too. Less work for me to do in the middle, translating what the client wants into what the dev needs to do." - Jasmine Andrews

Super easy onboarding!

- Cathy Tibbles

This tool is flying off the shelves!

"Service delivery certainly is key to a personal connection, repeat business, and reputation. No wonder this tool flies off the shelves the way it does. ☺" - Epitrove

Awesome team, tool and vision

"Thanks for the awesome team, the tool but more importantly the vision you guys have for the future. It's been a great ride since the beginning of your journey. It's one of my MOST USED WP tool!😀 It saved so much time. Thanks also for the featured page. It's a first step outside my comfort zone, for sure." - Adrien Robert

I've seen your product in action and I'm already sold!

"Now I just need to be able to give you my money haha! Let me know how I can check out!"- Corey Winter

Atarim is letting me actually get on and do the work

"I've found investing in tools like Atarim has freed up huge amounts of time in collecting client feedback." - Andy Powell

GREAT product

"You guys have a great product, fantastic and enthusiastic support and are working towards making your product better." - Jules Webb

This product has soooooooo much potential!

- Phil Duncan

I'm literally blown away by this!

- Jeremy Collins

Atarim makes our feedback well organized

"I'm a web developer on Maintainpress and we do full services, especially WP sites. We use Atarim for the website builds to make our feedback well organized, fast and easy to address!" - Mer Coronejo Condrillon

I've a client build that has just reached 300 tasks. What a nightmare, right? Nope!

"It was pain-free and seamless like every build I do. Thanks to you getting this plugin out there and pushing ahead each day. You have changed how I do business now, so thank you. Vito Peleg and your team - congratulations it's well deserved!" - Paul Smith

As we say in the UK: "it does what it says on the tin"

"Thanks for creating this amazing tool guys.Takes the guesswork and effort out of client exchanges and gives a very professional sheen to the development stages of a project." - Sahamati Dh.

The only recommended feedback tool 🙂


I call it the FASTEST support tool on the planet!

- Nick Fisher

Killer platform

"Been hearing killer things about this tool, so I had to reach out. We are hand selecting customer feedback platforms to showcase this quarter to 850K-plus potential new customers and Atarim would be a great fit." - Sarah Flores

BIG help to small agency

"Your product really helps our small agency and we are grateful for that!" - Ida-Kajsa and Aarón, founders of Ubuntu Productions

This has smoothened the feedback process

"Been using the product on a huge client project and it has really helped smooth the feedback collection and updating process." - Simon Berry

Everyone is a winner with this platform!

"Atarim helps with exposing what needs to be changed and applies structure to changes in a project or later out of scope change orders. Applying structure to multiple tasks allows everyone to be more professional in their approach. Everyone wins!" - Jason Tucker

Thank you for making client feedback EASIER

- Hood West Design

22 client revisions in ONE hour!

"My client picked up on it in 5 min and we did 22 revisions in an hour." - Harry Stymiest Jr.

It has made our tech life so much easier, now that we rely on it

"Your company is really awesome and doing some trailblazing things. I love your services and we have used it in our own business and with some of our clients. Everyone at Atarim is doing a greta job and I really appreciate the work you are doing. I'd love to rep your brand and share it with our people tos pread your name and mission further. Your random fan!" - Joshua Gregory

5,000+ Agencies & Freelancers Trust Atarim and Are Seeing Incredible Results

Gather Content, Approve Designs & Provide Support
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Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds

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