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April 26th-29th, 2022

Free Online Event - Limited Seats Available

Web Agency Summit 2022

Go Behind The Scenes With 40+ World-Class WordPress Agency Owners, Developers & Marketers

…and discover how to scale your agency & freelance business by attracting high-paying clients and building recurring revenue

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Biggest Event Two Years in a Row

The Biggest Event in the Agency Owners, Digital Agencies & WordPress Space is BACK!

Join 1000’s of others in the biggest live event in the space, with 40+ sessions all geared towards growing your business. Hang out with sponsors at their virtual booths to win prizes, join breakout rooms and make new friends, and invest in yourself to make 2022 the best year in for your business!

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Expert Sessions
Full Days
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You Can't Afford to Miss This

Interactively Explore The Different Components Of Our Event To Learn And Engage With Other Members

Live Sessions

We're all standing on the shoulders of giants - Join 40+ experts to learn from the best, systemise your work and grow your agency.

Networking Lounge

Grab a drink and take a few minutes away from clients to engage with other freelancers and agency owners and make some friends.

Virtual Sponsors Booths

Incredible (and free) prizes are waiting for you at the Exhibit Hall! Plus, you get to meet the makers of products you use every day.

Web Agency Summit 2022 is Supported by

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Ok, That Sounds Awesome. But..

What Exactly Will You Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Atarim Web Agency Summit: 

Featured Expert Sessions

These hand-selected experts are at the top of their game. They’re running Web Agencies working with 1,000’s of clients, grew multi-million dollar businesses and mastered WordPress development. They’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

In the spirit of giving back to the WordPress community, they each took the time to join this event to share their best stuff. They want to give back and help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made in their own businesses.

You’re about to learn lessons on handling clients without getting overwhelmed, how to increase your profitability and attract higher-paying clients, and become a better WordPress developer & web designer to deliver projects smoothly. Every masterclass is available to watch online for free for 24h.

Our Honorable Expert Speakers

These sessions are action-driven and designed to help you build your business, whether you’re just starting in the web space or have an established agency. Learn from scratch or sharpen your skills to increase your revenue.
Clear a few days and invest in yourself. Future you will thank you.

🔨 Build

Stepping up your website delivery skills. What should you focus on when building website projects for clients, where are the upcoming revenue opportunities in our industry and how to leverage them for your business.

Maddy Osman:
The Blogsmith

Writing for Humans and Robots: New Rules of Content Style

Maddy Osman shares battle-tested lessons learned for creating consistent, high-quality content at scale. Developing a proprietary style guide that bridges the gap between what humans want to read and how robots process information is what made it possible to scale The Blogsmith to a team of 25+.

If your team hasn’t yet established baseline style rules, you won’t want to miss this actionable session.

Nick Diego & Brian Gardner:
Developer Advocate & Principal Developer Advocate, WP Engine

It’s Time to Get Serious About Full Site Editing

In this session, we’ll review some of the most exciting features of FSE, the existing shortcomings, and the enhancements coming in version 6.0. WordPress is a diverse community that includes everyone from DIY builders to agencies with hundreds of clients.

While FSE may not currently be for everyone, the potential is truly incredible. It’s time to get serious about FSE.

Bethany Chobanian Lang:
Support Lead, 10up (Contracted To Google)

Providing Excellent Support On The WordPress.org Forums

Providing clear, responsive, and friendly support is hard. Providing clear, responsive, friendly support for a free product on a public forum is even harder!

In this talk, we’ll walk through tips, tricks, and workflows to help you provide high-quality support on the WordPress.org forums for plugins, themes, and general WordPress questions.

Matt Wiese:
Head of Sales at Rally

5 Common Ecommerce Checkout Mistakes And Strategies To Avoid Them

Many ecommerce stores don’t realize it, but the checkout is the single most important element of an online buyer’s journey.

Most ecommerce platforms spend very little time improving and optimizing their native checkout, resulting in merchants accepting lower conversion rates, weaker average order values, and higher checkout abandonment rates than they should.

By having a better understanding of what helps buyers convert, you can close your leaky funnels and increase your profits overnight.

David Mainayar:
Co-Founder at PeachPay

The Future of Online Checkout & Payments

The audience will learn of nascent platforms and projects heralding the future of online checkout and payments.

What future is that? It is one in which the decentralization of commerce is facilitated through the centralization of payments. Today, the process by which most merchants configure and maintain their checkout & payment system can hardly be called a process, being entirely unscientific, non-empirical, and subject to wile and whimsy. Tomorrow, by contrast, it will be scientific, empirical & rigorous.

Winstina Hughes:
Co-organizer of WPNYC Meetup

How to Flourish Amidst Friction

Join me for a session on how a collection of unique individuals doing unique things can be exponentially more beneficial for a WordPress Meetup organizing team. I will share insight on how you can create community with people who do not share the same values, and how to find your voice, and give back, amidst friction.

Since 2016, I have experienced how essential teamwork is to the WordPress Open Source Project. It is how Release Squads make WordPress core updates, how the Accessibility Team adds gems to core code that makes a world of difference, and how Meetup communities like mine flourish.

Benjamin Intal:
Founder & Lead Developer of Stackable

Is Gutenberg (Finally) Ready To Be Used on Client Websites?

Gutenberg has tremendously grown since it launched in 2018, but many still remain apprehensive despite it being argued as the future of WordPress.

In this talk, users will see first-hand a brand new perspective on how Gutenberg with Stackable can speed up and improve the overall design process when building client websites. Its speedy performance creates an efficient workflow and allows web agencies to cater to even more clients than ever before.

Roberta Morris:
Creative Director

Assess, Design, Implement: How Websites Reflect Brand

Learn how to build a website that reflects the client’s brand with Roberta Morris, a Brand and Design leader with 20+ years of experience. A website doesn’t just convey information, it needs to stand out. We’ll break down how a strong brand can be used as a differentiator in a sea of sameness.

💡We have a common structure for building websites that emphasizes function for our users, but as designers we need to bridge function and feeling. How do people feel when they visit a website? We’ll walk through the elements of brand that make websites unique, approachable, and meaningful.

Michelle Frechette:
Director of Community Engagement, StellarWP

Diversity in Our Community is Everyone's Responsibility

Imagine hoping for people to show up to your party, but you forgot to send the invitations. Hoping for diversity without being inviting is just like that. For WordPress and the WordPress ecosystem to be diverse, it has to be available to everyone: inviting, welcoming, and helpful.

What if I told you that people in the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, disabled, and older communities (like me), often find the way to success paved with roadblock after roadblock? And just like the tales our parents told us about getting to school, “it’s uphill both ways.”

Maciek Palmowski:
WordPress Developer, Buddy

Why WP Agencies Should Use Deployment Automation (CI/CD)

Deployment automation (or CI/CD) is overlooked by many agencies. This is a mistake, that can cost them money and reputation.

While CI/CD is not a silver bullet it can make your products less error-prone. In my presentation, I will explain what is CI/CD, who benefits from it and how to start implementing it.

Lax Mariappan:
Backend Engineer, WebDevStudios

Build Something That Scales: Why You Should Use CI/CD

In this talk, Lax describes the importance of using CI/CD.

Whether you run an agency or a solopreneur, automation can save a lot of time. Take advantage of the tools and resources from this talk and build effectively!

Raitis Sevelis:
Product Manager, Visual Composer

The Rise of No-Code Web Creation: Why Businesses Choose New Type of Agencies

Today, businesses and web creators share the same goal of getting the job done faster. The reasons are different. While businesses want to boost their online presence and cut costs, web creators are looking for ways to work less and earn more.

In this talk, we will look into how no-code solutions can satisfy both parties without making mistakes. No-code solutions have been on the market for a while and are here to stay. For professional web creators, it is a way to reduce delivery time without compromising on quality. For marketing-oriented agencies, it allows competing in a highly technological market segment.

🧮 Expand

Create sustainability and increase your profits. Through completing services, improved positioning and proven systems thought by the top experts, each spent years learning and making the mistakes so that you won’t.

Noah Britton:
Founder, Thrive Design

A Crash Course On Getting Your Sales Process Dialed In

Sales is the driver of business and if it goes away so does everything else. In this talk I’ll walk you through how to systemize your sales process so that you feel more confident while on sales calls and close more leads.

We’ll then discuss how to analyze this data so that you understand what is (and isn’t) working in your sales process. Don’t wing sales, have a process that is unique to you, and improve it over time.

Melissa Love:
Founder, The Design Space

How To Build An Unsleazy Sales Funnel For Real Humans to Enjoy

In this entertaining session, Melissa will show you how to build a sales funnel that *whispers* real humans can actually enjoy. Even the words ‘sales funnel’ sound like they were invented by an evil robot. (No one minds an evil robot in a disaster movie, but you don’t want one in your inbox).

She’ll show you her funnel building strategy, explore the moving parts and tell you the story of how she lost £30k in her first business venture (yes, she should have built a funnel!)

Spencer Forman:
Founder WPLaunchify, LaunchFlows, Kapsule Consulting

The Future Of WordPress For Enterprise

This session will be about the future of WordPress as an enterprise solution, and what this means for agencies, creators and outside companies participating in this space.

If you’re an agency or a creator and you’re looking for where your next audience or your next customer is going to be, I challenge you to think upstream with me towards enterprise clients.

Deepti Boddapati:
Writer, WordPress Developer

What I Imagine Small Businesses Could Find Useful In WP

To succeed in the economy of tomorrow, small business owners will need to cultivate an online voice to present their expertise and engage with their audience virtually.

Here are five open-source WordPress features that could come in handy.

Nat Miletic:
Founder, Clio Websites

Growing Your Agency With Social Media

Since the invention of social media platforms, companies have been trying to utilize them to keep in touch with their customers and promote their businesses. Many small agencies struggle to grow their social media following and get leads from these platforms. There are a lot of mistakes companies make which prevent them from growing and utilizing social media as a growth powerhouse.

At Clio, we get thousands of visitors to our website every month from our social media platforms and get half a dozen leads through instant messages. In this session, I will give you some tips on how to use social media to grow your audience, and get new leads and customers.

Josh Ward:
Director of Sales and Marketing , Nexcess

Managed Hosting is Dead...Long Live Managed Hosting

Managed hosting has been declared obsolete and no longer relevant many times over the years. And yet, a support phone number when you have an “Oh Crap!!!” moment still seems like a great idea. In this discussion we’ll cover:

– What is managed hosting?
– The various flavors of managed hosting and when those flavors taste best.
– How to know if you’re too big, too small, or just right for managed hosting.

Hans Skillrud:
Vice President, Termageddon

How To Say "No" To Clients

The web design world is a place of limitless possibilities. As great as that is, as a web design service provider, it can be daunting and clients can expect the world of you.

If you aren’t careful, you can be stretched too thin, providing services to clients that you don’t even want to provide in the first place.

In this presentation, Hans Skillrud, former owner of a 12 person web design and software development company (and now cofounder of the Privacy Policy generator company Termageddon) will speak on why saying ‘no’ to clients oddly makes your firm more profitable while significantly reducing the risk of burnout.

Shannyn Lee:
Managing Director, Win Without Pitching

Principles of Navigating The Sale

There are six key principles to keep in mind during the buyer’s journey.

We’ll explore how winning the race to object or embracing silence, among other principles, can put you in the driver’s seat during the sale.

Robert Cairns:
Owner, The SDM Show Podcast

How to Grow Your Digital Agency From Podcasting

The advantages of doing a podcast and what it can do for your business. This includes showing potential customers/current customers how you are an expert.

This talk also includes talking about how podcasting shows your personality to customers. Podcasting can also show that you are a subject matter expert.

Angela Bowman:
Owner, Ask WP Girl & WordPress Developer

10 Things I've Learned from Interviewing Women in WordPress Around the Globe

As a co-host of the Women in WP podcast, I’ve been fortunate to have made the world a much smaller place by interviewing over 100 women from 20 different countries over the past three years. Especially during the pandemic, getting to share our respective stories of being in lock down has helped us all feel not so alone.

In this talk, I will share with you how much the women of WordPress make a difference to both their local communities and the WordPress project, including interviews with 8 of the 46 women on the all woman WordPress 5.6 Release Squad.

Robert Jacobi:
Director, WordPress

Full Site Editing: Adapt or Disappear

Full Site Editing (FSE) is new but still in its infancy.

The next two years will change everything you know about being a WordPress developer/agency – learn to adapt, the consequences are huge. Learn:

1. “No code” analogies from the past that mimic today
2. What are the warning signs for your business
3. Plan for FSE success

Kim Doyal:
Founder #FtheHUSTLE & Co-Founder Content Creators Planner

3 Steps to Writing, Promoting, and Profiting with Email

Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel you can own. The problem is most people don’t give it the time and attention they should.

You don’t need to be a copywriter write emails that teach, connect, and sell to an engaged list of subscribers. Learn the 3 Steps to Writing, Promoting, and Profiting with Email.

Thibaud Guérin & Bojidar Valchovski:
Agencies Partnerships Manager, WEGLOT

Building Powerful Multilingual WorkFlows For Your Agency Clients

This session is not a masterclass but a real discussion on the subject of accompanying your clients on their projects with regional or even international ambitions.

As an Agencies Partnerships Manager at Weglot, I’m very happy to invite Bojidar Valchovski from our great Agency Partner: Devrix.

He’ll share with you his knowledge and experience on how they approach and build powerful websites to make their customers successful across the borders.

Rosie Robinson:
Founder, WUF Design

Building a Business To Suit Your Life By Niching

Running an agency solo can come with it’s fair share of difficulties. 

In this session, Rosie will share her secrets to growing a one woman agency within a focused niche and how thrive your business through learning, collaborating and pivoting your services and offers to suit your customer base.

Tom Fanelli:
CEO/Co-Founder Convesio

The Shark Tank Effect - How to Prepare Your Client’s Site for a High Traffic Event

Your client may not be on an upcoming episode of Shark Tank, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for a surge in traffic to their site. Tom Fanelli, the CEO of Convesio will explain a proven process for ensuring success when preparing for a high traffic web event.

From planning to the most critical part, load testing, to handling issues the day of the event, you will get the blueprint to making sure your client’s event is a success.

🚀 Scale

As you scale, every small spark can become a wildfire. Learn how to keep track of your profitability, keeping clients in check, productise where you can and create repeatable processes within your growing business.

Anne-Mieke Bovelett:
Accessibility & Possibility Advocate

The Web Shop That Generated 350% ROI - Why and How Accessibility Pays Off

A supermarket invested 35,000 in a webshop created with online accessibility in mind. It resulted in 13 million GBP additional annual revenue.

Adding accessible design and coding to your agency stack pays off, in more than one way. When you have seen my presentation, you will have a set of winning arguments towards your customers as to why your higher rate due to including accessibility is actually profitable to them.

Lance Robbins:
Team Growth, XWP

The Future of Agency Hiring is Marketing

With the talent market being under immense pressure, and the demand for technology solutions soaring, service companies have to find innovative ways to compete for the people who will create the solutions for their clients.

This talk will explore why traditional avenues of recruiting are failing and what the next generation of job seekers view as key differentiators in deciding where their next role will be. Culture is king and content is the town crier. The open-source nature of the WordPress community could be the key to unlocking a competitive advantage in the global talent market. 

Oliver Sild:
Founder & CEO of Patchstack

How Security Can Be The MRR Opportunity For Hosts & Agencies

I’ll be sharing WordPress security statistics from 2021, compare them with 2020, and discuss how the latest trends affect web agencies & hosting companies.

Years of working with digital agencies and web hosting companies have shown us how providing website maintenance plans is one of the best ways of generating recurring revenue and making the customers trust you with their online presence.

Tom O'Neill:
Previously the CEO of The Nerdery

From A Handful Of Programmers To An Epic Team Of Over 500 Nerds

The story of how we grew and evolved the Nerdery from just a few programmers, to a team of over 500 Product Development specialists doing $85M in annual sales in just 14 years.

We’ll go through how the team evolved over time, how we built our go-to-market strategies, what I’d do different, what I’d do again and more!.

Adrian Tobey:
Founder, Groundhogg Inc

5 Simple CRM Strategies You Can Use To Create Instant Results For Clients

Are you an agency or freelancer responsible for implementing CRM projects for clients, or do you want to start offering CRM implementation as a service?

Traditional CRM implementations can take months to show ROI, and the cost of implementation is high for both you and your client. If a client doesn’t see results fast, you risk damaging the relationship, or even losing their business!

After working with thousands of small businesses and agencies, I’ve identified 5 easy ways to create near-instant results with CRM so you can prove ROI to clients fast!

Imran Siddiq:
Director, Web Squadron

How to Get Web Clients and Stand Out amongst the Proposals

It’s about time that I answered a question that I’ve been asked a lot about How to Get Clients. The methods that I reveal here are FREE and easy to implement. They can also be applied to any industry – and not just Web Design Clients.

I discuss low income models using Fiverr and Upwork to gain reviews, and how to scale up with better proposals, pricing ladders and pricing strategies to reach your dream benchmark.

🎢 Thrive

Agency – Check, Team – Check, Brand – Check. Now, let’s iron out the kinks. Whether you’re on track to creating a big agency or paving your path to an exit. Perfect your systems and operations to reduce future unknowns.

Sam Munoz & Karyn Paige:
Founders, Making Website Magic

How To Successfully Raise Your Prices By Creating a Magical Client Experience

You are never just building a website – so stop getting paid like you are.

In this session, we will dig into the nuts & bolts of creating a magical client experience that unlocks the ability to successfully increase your prices. We will touch on value-based pricing, simplifying your pre-client journey, designing a more streamlined process, and the mindset around undercharging in the first place.

You will walk away feeling uplifted and encouraged to review your own client experience and pricing. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but rather we will discuss how you can create a higher-level client experience that aligns with YOUR business. If you are tired of feeling overworked and underpaid, you will want to attend this session.

Vito Peleg:
Co-Founder, CEO. Atarim

Why Do Clients Often Delay Content Delivery?

This is one of the most insidious problems that plague our industry, it can delay some projects by years, it ruins client relationships and can cause projects to cost us more money than we are making from it.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve worked alongside 1000’s of agencies just like you, and we’ve been running our own for over a decade.

Learn why this happens and the steps you can take to kill this problem for good!

Chris LaNasa:
Senior Director - Global Partners Product Marketing, GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Journey – What We’ve Learned And Where We’re Going

After nearly a decade in Managed WordPress, GoDaddy has had quite the ride. In this session, we’ll share the history of our experience – good and bad, what we’ve learned and the investments we’ve made as we look to the future.

We’ll also share where we see the future of Managed WordPress heading and the role GoDaddy is excited to play.

Tatiana Chamorro:
Co-Founder and VP, Hite Creative

Secrets to a Powerful Brand: Scaling Your Agency

Hite Creative complete around 300 websites per month, and we are constantly growing.

Scaling it wasn’t easy, so I will be speaking about the impact of combining both Marketing services & Web design + Branding services to create long-lasting impactful strategies that allow you to retain your customers long-term and scale your agency.

Nev Harris:
Agency Consultant, nevharris.com

Understanding Cash Flow to Make Better Business Decisions

As an owner of an agency, I have met many other agency owners who really struggled with knowing their numbers.

Coming into this business from a finance and marketing background, I had many tech struggles that the community helped me with and I, in turn, started helping them understand their money/cash flow. I will share the same easy to use method I taught them!

Erin Athene:
Co-Founder and CEO Mint C.R.O.

Grow Like the Big Dogs: Amazon, Netflix, Facebook… Discover the Engineering Approach to Marketing used by the Top 1% of Growth Companies in the World

Everybody tells you to test, but nobody tells you WHAT to test and HOW to test it — and you feel like you’re just throwing money out there… Try an Engineering Approach to Marketing.

It all starts with one simple “High Impact” Test that lays the foundation for massive, big wins. It gives you a simple method to take the guesswork out of your marketing…

Greg Karelitz & Miriam Schwab:
Director of Partnerships, HubSpot & Co-Founder, Strattic

Why A Website Doesn't End With The Website

Websites have a job to do – whether they’re powering a brand of five employees or an enterprise of ten thousand. Sites need to be fast, secure and scalable. They need to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

They need to connect to the wealth of other tools and software your clients are using. In short, a website doesn’t end with the website. Miriam Schwab from Strattic and Greg Karelitz from HubSpot discuss frequent challenges facing agencies and the power of static hosting and cloud-based CRM to set your clients (and you) up for success.

Amber Jacobs:
Owner and Creative Director

Fighting the Hashtag #WorkingMom

In this session, Amber is going to share why the idea of #WorkingMom is not something that we want to use.

Amber owns a creative design agency for more than a decade herself and she’ll be giving her amazing insights on how to shine as business owner while juggling with kids and family.

Rafi Glantz:
Senior Partner Success Manager, accessiBe

Grow Your Agency Through Web Accessibility And ADA Compliance

With 1 out of 4 people in the U.S. living with some kind of disability, agencies must make sure their clients’ websites are accessible.

This is not simply a matter of being ADA and WCAG compliant. It is good business as web accessibility can deliver better results and enhance search engine optimization.

Join us to hear more about how web accessibility can work for your agency and your clients

Lee Drozak:
Agency Consultant

The FAST Way to Building a Portable Business, Having a Business That goes Where You go.

Are you hoping to enjoy more flexibility and freedom that comes with living a location-independent lifestyle, building a profitable online business, making the most of the places you dream to be, and having the opportunity to do what feeds your soul?

Most people dream of having a business that goes where they go, but they don’t know how to make it happen. Here’s the FAST way to build a portable business – Foundations, Automations, Systemized, Travel-Ready.

Lee Drozak will share her most important lessons learned while living on the road and running a successful WordPress-based business. She’ll draw on her 30+ years of working remotely and tiny house/RV living.

Trent Dyrsmid:
Founder, Flowster.app

The 3 Productivity Hacks That Every Agency Founder Needs to Know to 2X Revenue In Under 12 Months

Woven throughout my talk, my angle will always be to ensure that founders are “systems focused” so that they understand more success doesn’t come from just working harder/more hours….and instead from running experiments that can be turned into SOPs and then delegated to their team.

The Biggest Experts Value for web agencies and freelancers EVER compiled and it's FREE...

Read the list of sessions carefully. Each can transform your business dramatically. Don’t let the fact it’s free to distract you from the amazing resource you have here for your web agency or freelancing business.

April 26th-29th, 2022

* Register now to see the live schedule

Post Status Joins Atarim's Web Agency Summit

This year, we’re excited to join forces with Post Status to echo the contribution of the Web Agency Summit to their audience and across the community.

Discover Proven Ways To Sell Web Services

Web Agency Owners Reveal Their Proven Strategies

Long & Difficult Way

You could spend thousands dollars and countless hours trying to implement “OLD” outdated agency growth strategies you’ve learned from “so-called experts” that aren’t that effective anymore (or worse… don’t work at all!) if you’d like to get results fast.

The Best Way

You could sign up for the Atarim Web Agency Summit and discover the path to grow your agency, attracting stellar clients like honey attracts bears, and earning predictable recurring revenue, you’re in the right place.

Meet Your Hosts

Vito Peleg

Co-Founder of Atarim

Hey! Vito here, I built my first website 20+ years ago as a teenager for my skateboarding crew from high school, I later started freelancing and grew my London based agency to a team of 12 while organising events and touring the world as the leader or a rock band. 🤘

Scratching my own itch, my team and I created Atarim.io as a way of systemizing my own agency.

Stephanie Hudson

Co-Founder of FocusWP

Hi! I’m Stephanie – geek, entrepreneur, inventor, craft beer lover, and notebook hoarder. I was fascinated by all things tech even as a kid, taking apart the family computer to see how it all worked. I have freelanced, worked full-time for a micro manager, and run an Agency. So, if you are in the web game, chances are I get what you are going through. My current passion is helping growing agencies scale and thrive. 

Andrew Palmer

Co-Founder of Bertha.ai

Hi I’m Andrew, Mad golfer, let me tell you I can get really mad on the golf course. Sometime maker of businesses on the internet,  Founder of Elegantmarketplace, Pagebuilder Cloud and Layouts Cloud which I sold so I would have enough time on my hands to be a host at this awesome event to help you navigate, learn and have fun. See you on the inside and lets make this thing shine!

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