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Unlock Additional Team Members

We’re excited to support you as your team is growing or as you’re onboarding additional team members into Atarim. We’re proud to be able to substantially increase productivity for every additional team member you invite over.

What do you get if you upgrade?

Basic Integrations

Sync tasks, time entries, and sites with other tools using 3rd party integration tools. Including: Zapier, Make (Integromat), Pabbly, and Webhooks

Internal Tasks

Add on-screen tasks that are not visible to clients and collaborators. Enabling internal team collaboration

Automated Reports

Automatically send daily & weekly roundups of what’s happening with requests on a client’s website keeping everyone up to date

Configure User Permissions

Advanced feature toggles for different user types while collaborating (Webmasters, Clients, Others & Guests)

Edit & Delete Comments

Expiring editing options for comments to fix mistakes and add more information.

Unlimited Designs Per Asset

Upload as many designs to a single asset as you want

Design Hotspots

Create hotspots to link designs to each other to create the flow of a website or app design.

Design Versions

Upload your evolving designs to show your clients progress and do revision rounds

Live Chat

Our goal is to provide Agency-Level support for a product

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