Wow! What a year it’s been! Here’s what we did:

Atarim Raises First Funding Round to Bring Visual Collaboration To The Masses

I’m excited to announce that we have completed our initial funding round, led by Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt, the founders of Yoast SEO (acquired by Newfold Digital), and supported by Devin Walker, co-founder of GiveWP (acquired by StellarWP of Liquid Web), Andrew Palmer, co-founder of and ex Elegant Marketplace (acquired by inMotion hosting), and an angels group led by Matt Russell, former co-founder of Hosting/EasyWP at Namecheap.

This step allows us to accelerate, expand our team and take our product to the next level and into the hands of every digital collaborative team in the world.

Even though Atarim’s visual collaboration tools are now available for any website, WordPress has been our home from day 1, and having such an inspiring group of investors, each with their own success stories in the WP space, we’re going to continue supporting and championing the community. Now, in even more ways than we could before.

Atarim’s Visual Collaboration on ANY Website

With the new ‘investment team’, which makes a strong statement for collaboration in the WordPress and cloud spaces, we can now expand further and explore additional use cases of the platform that were brought to us by our users, more than 10,000 teams that are collaborating with hundreds of thousands of clients and stakeholders.
From startups to e-commerce shops to the largest tech companies in the world.
The mission is to enable every digital team to collaborate visually and manage the work efficiently.

Our industry is trying to communicate something visual, like a web interface, in words on slack, emails, texts, and spreadsheets – instead of just showing it.
It’s like trying to describe your favourite song in words, rather than just hitting the Play button.
Atarim is the Play button.

Now it’s time to celebrate
And then, it’s back to work, which is even more exciting.

Vito Peleg
Co-Founder & CEO

About Atarim

Atarim started as founders, Vito Peleg and Jehrome Griffiths ran a successful Web Design agency in London, and although the projects were exciting, collaborating and managing the clients… not so much.

After trying every possible method of communicating with clients and getting projects to the finish line on time, Vito and Jehrome decided to create their own solution.

“What if people can just click any part of the website to leave a comment where the request is?

That is how Atarim was born.

Initially, as WP FeedBack. a small WordPress plugin that allowed users to collaborate within their own website.

Quickly gaining traction, the team doubled down on expanding the solution as a bootstrapped company heavily relying on genuine user feedback to drive innovation and increase the impact.

The plugin was later launched as a cloud-based solution, rebranded to Atarim and expanded beyond the point-and-click collaboration to offer a fully centralized platform for managing web-focused communications on any website and allowing teams to systemize their website-related workflows.

As a result, Atarim is significantly reducing the all too common client & stakeholders back and forth that usually happens over text messages, emails, zoom calls, and slack channels.
Speeding up web-related projects and task completion by up to 80%. Which in turn, drastically enhances productivity and frees up hidden profits for web agencies around the world.

To give Atarim a go for free, click here to register or add any URL to start collaborating within seconds.

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What is Atarim?

We help solopreneurs, digital agencies & product teams speed up their internal & clients projects delivery with the most advanced website collaboration system on the planet.

The Client Interface

Where you, your colleagues and your clients can collaborate visually to reduce back and forth and confusion to zero.

The Agency Dashboard

The main hub of communications for your operations. This includes a built in support desk, all the requests from the different projects you're working on and a bunch of automation tools to help you speed up the work.

Our Agencies Serve Some of The Biggest Brands in the World

From small businesses to the biggest brands in the world, our agencies and freelancers are making an impact with more than 120,000 of their clients.

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