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Elevate the efficiency of your teams and stakeholders across product, marketing, design, website, and content creation. Atarim’s visual collaboration system streamlines feedback, accelerating project delivery and enhancing work quality.

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Visual Collaboration

Eliminate Back-and-Forth

Atarim’s Visual Collaboration streamlines team communication by eliminating chaos, enabling clear, point-and-click feedback directly on any web interface. Simplify the collaboration process, ensuring everyone is aligned and enhancing the efficiency and creativity of your team’s work.

Workflow Management

End Copy/Paste Fatigue

Built on the foundation of visual collaboration, our workflow management side combines a best-in-class project management suite along with a range of integrations that make it easy to implement Atarim into your existing toolkit, augment each request & automate the busywork.

Design your ideal workflow with built-in integrations and automations.

Built-In Presets for your If This, Then That Automations.

Design your ideal cross-platform workflow. Perfect for teams integrating Atarim into their existing workflow alongside other tools.

Choose from


Pre-built Automations...

When comment added and when task status is set to Complete then change status Open

When task urgency changes and when task urgency is set to Critical then notify person(s)

When tag added and when task urgency is set to Critical then add comment

When task is completed and when task urgency is set to Critical then notify person(s)

When comment added and when task urgency is set to Critical then change status Pending Review

When tag added and when task urgency is set to Critical then change assignee

When task added then add task to clickup

When comment added and when task status is set to Complete then change status Open

Visual Collaboration

Creative Collaboration Requires
Visual Communication.

Ditch the guesswork and endless back-and-forth emails for a single central hub. Let people drop comments on your creative work any time by pointing and clicking so you never have to chase them up or clarify what they meant.

Project Management

Project Management

Manage your project more effectively, save hours every single week, and stay organized with the most innovative project management platform out there (Or integrate with yours). 

Forms & Project Intake

Forms & Project Intake
for New Work

Get all the information you need before making a start on a new project and make sure your team has access to it from day 1. All in one place.

Team Management

Team management that
enables easy collaboration.

With Atarim, adding a team member to your company’s central hub actually makes it easy for them to get up & running, familiarize themselves with how you work, and get to work in no-time.

Revolutionizing Workflows:
Over 51,000 Teams Trust Us to Deliver Excellence

Mike Smallwood
Liquid Web

Liquid Web reduced the average project completion time by 53% using Atarim.

Anthony Richter
MKS Web Design

Amazing product! If you’re looking for a great tool/resource to manage your projects, Atarim is the only way to go!

Alex Panagis
The only way to truly get on the same page with your team. And with the Chrome extension, Atarim is never more than a click away.
Chris Hughes

Instead of spreadsheets, countless emails, phone calls, or even the costly prototype, feedback, and support tools on the market. Atarim makes it easy for clients to click any section of their website to make a request.

Jessica Rhoades
Create IT Web Designs
I just finished a website with 26 pages, and we had 118 comments that we both had to work through. So, much easier than email.
Lee Jackson
Trailblazer FM
We’ve been working with the tool with clients for the last couple of weeks and it has been phenomenal!
Michelle Green
Marquet Digital

Makes it much easier to work with clients as they are able to see the website come together visually, and helps them provide better content and feedback.

David Meeke
Dac Systems

This raises Atarim to a new level. This is my go-to product for client project interaction. The extension raises the simplicity of interaction.

Michelle Sullivan
Web Matters Ltd

It makes getting the final fiddly edits for a website a breeze and avoids all the confusion that can happen without a tool like this.