EasyWP Review: Is It The Fastest & Most Affordable Hosting Provider?

EasyWP is a popular WordPress hosting provider, largely because it excels in some of the most important areas of user experience, such as:

  • Loading time. How fast your website loads (Data shows that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors are likely to abandon it).
  • Uptime. How much time your website is accessible (although 100% is the goal, the industry considers 99.999% uptime to be an optimum achievement).

These metrics are critical since they will directly impact both your sales and revenue.

However, EasyWP isn’t necessarily the right choice for everyone’s needs.

We’ve personally tried EasyWP for a long time and decided to create this review to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for you.

Let’s jump in!

What Is EasyWP?

EasyWP is a fully managed hosting for WordPress offered by Namecheap.

This managed hosting platform has been created largely for beginners, with almost every technical aspect handled by their team, including caching, SSL, CDN, and backups.

EasyWP homepage

EasyWP vs. Competitors: How Does It Compare?

EasyWP shines in various key metrics for hosting providers such as:

  • Website load time
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Pricing

To help you better understand why these metrics matter, we’re going to take a deep dive into each one of them to show you exactly how EasyWP compares to its competitors.

EasyWP Website Load Time

The load time of your site is one of the most critical factors for capturing customers and minimizing the bounce rate.

In fact, it takes as little as a one-second delay to see a drop in sales.

one-second delay can lead to a drop in sales

Source: Online Trouble Shooters

If you choose EasyWP, you won’t be disappointed in this area.

This is because EasyWP is the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider, compared to Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine, and Kinsta – all of which you can see in a table below.

Fully Loaded TimeTime to First Byte
EasyWP0.7 seconds192 milliseconds
Bluehost0.8 seconds396 milliseconds
GoDaddy0.8 seconds200 milliseconds
WP Engine0.9 seconds245 milliseconds
Kinsta1.29 seconds491 milliseconds

EasyWP Website Uptime

It doesn’t matter how great your website is, if you can’t keep it live and accessible by searchers, you won’t make any sales. Uptime is a metric that describes the percentage of time when your website can be accessed (i.e., your server is not down).

And EasyWP did not let us down! They were able to provide us with 99.9% uptime – which is what the best web hosting providers strive to provide.

EasyWP reliability always live

But, since they care about reliability, they’ve pushed their uptime game even further.

If you are on their Supersonic hosting plan, you get an uptime guarantee. This means that if your website has been up for less than 99.99%, they will refund one day of service for each hour the server has been down below this limit.

EasyWP Website Security

Security should be among your top priorities. If your website won’t be secured, you might not get optimal results, and even face data leaks or legal issues.

The most common type of website security is an SSL certificate which encrypts the data of your website – so even if someone gets unauthorized access to your data, they won’t be able to do anything with it.

How SSL certificate works

Source: Norton

All modern hosting providers offer SSL certificates – and EasyWP offers this too.

However, to get an SSL certificate, you will have to hop on to either their Turbo or Supersonic paid plan, starting at $12.88 a month.

EasyWP Hosting Price Plans

You might be surprised, but EasyWP is one of the most affordable hosting providers. Here is how EasyWP compares with other popular hosting providers.

EasyWP StarterGoDaddyWP Engine
Storage10 GB30 GB10 GB
Pageviews50kLimited at 25kLimited at 25k

As you can see, EasyWP is a clear winner with both its services and pricing.

And as EasyWP offers a FREE trial you can try it out for 30 days, risk free!

Plus, you can also regularly get discounts, great deals, and better offers you can use to save even more money on your hosting.

EasyWP Website Load Handling

Load handling is how well your hosting can handle the spikes in traffic on your website. Unfortunately, this is the area where EasyWP didn’t shine quite as much. In 2023, there was a test run by HostingStep in which they monitored the load-handling ability of the EasyWP hosting service by sending 1,000 visitors simultaneously to an EasyWP hosted website.

EasyWP Website Load Handling

The results showed an average 839 ms response time across 1,000 clients within the 1-minute test.

If you anticipate experiencing traffic spikes (such as when promoting seasonal deals at Christmas), you might want to consider looking for an alternative.

Key Features & Benefits

There are additional features that EasyWP (and almost every hosting provider) offers that you might not be aware of. And that’s what we’ll cover in this section.

EasyWP Caching  Capabilities

Caching makes your website load faster by storing the website with all of its data in the user’s cache (a small memory in a web browser) instead of fetching it every time from the server.

EasyWP Caching  Capabilities

Source: KeyCDN

EasyWP offers advanced caching capabilities. However, even though they offer their own caching services, we recommend going with their third-party caching integrations – Varnish, OPCache, and Redis Object Cache. This is because their caching is very limited. 

In fact, there are no options to fine-tune or uninstall their cache plugins. All you can do is clear the cache.

Thinking About Using W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, etc?

Unfortunately, all of these caching plugins interfere with EasyWP hosting – and they are blocked by default.

Learn more about all EasyWP blocked plugins.

EasyWP Data Centres

EasyWP has only one data center (in the whole world) which is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the US.

And while it does a pretty good job of loading your website for US users, you might experience a bit of a delay for non-US searchers. That’s why it’s always a big advantage to have multiple data centers across the world.

EasyWP Backups

EasyWP does NOT create automatic backups for you.

However, you can do them manually at any time you want. Downloading or restoring them is possible with just a single click.

EasyWP Backups

EasyWP Domains

You can use domains from any domain name registrar (unlike in the past, where you could only access Namecheap registered domains). Although there are no FREE domains with EasyWP, you might want to take advantage of their temporary domain feature. This is great for previewing your WordPress website without actually connecting a domain.

EasyWP Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that caches your data. This speeds up the delivery of web content around the globe.

EasyWP Content Delivery Network

Source: Leaseweb

EasyWP provides free access to Namecheap’s Content Delivery Network. You can use this easily with a Namecheap-registered domain, and with any 3rd party registered domain name if you point the nameservers to FreeDNS.

EasyWP Email Hosting

EasyWP does NOT support email hosting by default.

However, It comes as an add-on feature that you can purchase for $1.14 a month, although if you sign up for a Namecheap Shared Hosting plan, you will get the email service for FREE.

But as EasyWP customers get a 50% discount on any email hosting plan for the first year, this means that they can get email hosting for as low as $0.62/month!

Namecheap Shared Hosting plan pricing

How To Set Up EasyWP

The whole process of setting up EasyWP is extremely easy.

In this section, we’ll show you the step-by-step process of setting up EasyWP hosting and creating a new website.

#1: Create an Account / Log In

Start by heading over to Namecheap and choose your preferred plan.

Once you’ve registered and selected your plan, sign in to access your EasyWP dashboard.

Namecheap create a new account

#2: Create a New Website

Click on the ‘+ New Website’ button and create it.

EasyWP Create a New Website

You will need to fill in a name for your website and a brief description of what you want to do with it – whether it’s a website for business, ecommerce, a blog, or other categories you can see in the image below.

Note: You are able to change the website name later.

EasyWP name your website

#3: Choose Your Plan

Before you can continue, you will have to choose your plan.

You have three options, depending on your needs. If you are just a beginner, you can hop on their Starter plan, which costs just $2.91 per month, if paying annually..

They’re also currently offering the first month free.

EasyWP monthly plan

It’s definitely worth checking their yearly subscriptions – they have very tempting discounts.

yearly plan EasyWP

#4: Choose a Domain Name 

You can now choose the domain name for your website. You have three options:

  • Domain from EasyWP. You can use this one for FREE as a temporary domain to try out their services.
  • Your domain on Namecheap.
  • A domain from another provider.
EasyWP Choose a Domain Name

#5: Complete the Setup & Payment

In this step, you can choose which themes and plugins you want to install.

EasyWP choose which themes and plugins you want to install

There is a good selection of popular plugins you can choose from.

EasyWP choose plugins to install

After that, you will review your cart and pay for the services you have selected. They offer all standard payment methods, including PayPal.

EasyWP review your cart and pay for the services

#6: EasyWP Dashboard

After payment, you will be automatically redirected to the Dashboard. To access your WordPress admin, click on the ‘Admin’ icon at the top-right corner.

EasyWP Dashboard

That’s it, you’re all set!

EasyWP Pricing

EasyWP is the true, affordable WordPress hosting solution for everyone. It offers multiple plans and options you can choose from.

And you can always switch between memberships according to your changing needs.

EasyWP pricing

We also recommend checking their yearly plans since you can save as much as 40%.

Ready to Create a New WordPress Website?

EasyWP is a popular hosting provider, particularly suitable for beginner and non-technical users.

It does a great job with its unmatchable speed, 99.99% uptime guarantee, and affordable prices that suit everyone.

Looking to learn more about hosting, similar tools, or WordPress? Check out these recommended resources:

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable hosting provider which is affordable, you should definitely give EasyWP a shot right now.

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