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The 13 Facebook Groups for Web Designers Worth Joining

Joining Facebook groups in any industry is one of the best and easiest ways to familiarize yourself and make great connections.

Web design agencies and freelancers alike can find useful advice posted in Facebook groups dedicated to web design. Technical matters, contracts, and making useful connections are really just the beginning – I’ve made connections that have led to making networking at events more enjoyable & essentially launched WP FeedBack with the help & support of the entire WordPress community.

The best thing about web designers who join Facebook groups is that they are very open about sharing everything they know with their community. This is because, in web design, there is no need for competitiveness and keeping business secrets, on the contrary. Given the sheer size of the industry, everyone can have their fair share of the market and succeed without directly competing with each other.

How Many Web Design Facebook Groups Should You Join?

If you simply go looking for web design groups on Facebook search, you will likely never be able to get to the bottom of the results list. This comes as no surprise, as Facebook is a favorite social network when it comes to online community building, and you’ll find heaps of groups dedicated to virtually every vocation on it.

However, no matter how enthusiastic you are about web design, do not try to join every group you see. If you do so, you will simply end up overstretching your attention, and this can make you dedicate more time to social media than you’d like. After all, countless Facebook notifications from all sides are not the best experience if you’re trying to focus on doing your job – or anything else, for that matter. 

Trying to handpick the groups that suit you best from the never-ending list on Facebook will probably take you too much time. This is why we have compiled this list of the 10 best Facebook groups web designers use. Read on and decide which ones are best suited for your particular needs.

The Atarim Community

Join The Atarim Community
Owner: Atarim (hey, that’s us!)
Type: closed
Topics: Atarim, Agency Life, Web Design

Atarim Community

Of course, Atarim’s very own Facebook group has logically made its way into this list. Our Facebook group is dedicated to users of our plugin designed to make managing client requests easiest – Atarim…

Not using Atarim yet? No problem.

This is a great place to learn from others using it to scale their agencies past 6-figures so you can do the same without losing your hair dealing with difficult clients.

The Admin Bar

Join The Admin Bar’s Facebook Group
Members: 5,800+
Owner: Kyle Van Deusen
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress, Agency Growth


The Admin Bar is now – as the name suggests – widely considered one of the most popular places for people in the WordPress industry to spend their time. Overall a great, well-maintained environment to discuss agency growth, ask WordPress questions, talk about specific situations with clients & more. We’re confident you’ll like it and are certain the group owner, Kyle Van Deusen, will be a fan of you if you like tacos. ? ?

GoWP Niche Agency Owners

Join GoWP’s Niche Agency Owner Group
Members: 1,035+
Owner: GoWP
Type: closed
Topics: agency growth, WordPress

Run by GoWP, a company widely-known in the industry for providing incredible support for WordPress businesses with a focus on white-label solutions for other agencies – this is one of our favorites.

Emily Hunkler, the director of growth of GoWP, is highly active in the community and does an incredible job of keeping the community engaged by running weekly happy hour calls among and more…

Grow Your Web Design Business

Join The Grow Your Web Design Business Group
Members: 5,480+
Owner: James Rose
Type: closed
Topics: agency growth, WordPress, scaling

If you’re the kind of web designer that wants to get directly to the technical point of building up your business rather than spending too much time socializing and community building, the Grow Your Web Design Business by Content Snare is the group for you. Created by professionals who think the same way, this group offers you work-related advice that doesn’t stray too much from the subject at hand. 

Its strong professional orientation makes this group especially valuable because of the content shared in it. Thousands of web design agencies and entrepreneurs are a part of this group. They talk about diverse subjects such as creating better processes, finding great tools, getting clients, automation, and more.

Digital Mavericks

Join The Digital Mavericks Facebook Group
Members: 6,594+
Owner: Troy Dean
Type: closed
Topics: agency growth, WordPress, scaling

Most agency owners in the WordPress industry will have heard of or even taken Troy Dean’s WP Elevation Blueprint – I myself even have and it was crucial to growing Ace Digital (our WordPress design agency before we started building WP FeedBack).

Obviously, as a member & supported of Troy myself it goes without saying this is one that is worth joining & has our stamp of approval…

Supercharge Your Web Agency

Join The Supercharge Your Web Agency Group
Members: 5,854+
Owner: Chris Castillo
Type: closed
Topics: agency growth, WordPress, scaling

The Supercharge Your Web Agency group focuses on helping agencies who need advice or guidance related to growing their business. The group admin – Chris Castillo – has made a name for himself in the web design circles and dedicates a big part of his time to bringing value to the group.

The group focuses on WordPress, digital marketing, as well as web design in general. Apart from its admin, it gathers an international group of professionals in the fields of web design, SEO, digital marketing, copywriting, and more, with a number of agencies and small business owners already sharing their years of experience with other members.

Grow Your Web Design Business

Join The Grow Your Web Design Business – with Melissa Love Facebook Group

Members: 928
Owner: Melissa Love
Type: Closed
Topics: Agency Growth, WordPress, Web Design

Advanced WordPress

Join The Advanced WordPress Facebook Group
Members: 33,061
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress

Moving onto a group that’s very different from the previous one, the Advanced WordPress group focuses solely on WordPress usage. Also, as the name suggests, it caters specifically to those who already have advanced knowledge of WordPress.

That being said, you can often get criticism from group members for asking what they might consider “newbie” questions. But the good part is – you don’t actually have to. Just by sitting around and reading posts and comments, you will increase your knowledge. Therefore, if you’re the type who can learn by reading without necessarily interacting, you can learn a lot through your membership in this group even if you’re not a WordPress master.

Apart from being highly technical, this is also by far the biggest group on this list, as it’s not specifically destined for web designers but for a wider WordPress audience. In it, you will find out about great plugins (both new ones and older ones), themes, and a variety of other more advanced WordPress functionalities.

WP Builds

Join The WP Builds Facebook Group
Members: 2,733
Owner: Nathan Wrigley
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress

The WP Builds Facebook group run by Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley is another excellent place for people in the WordPress ecosystem to hang out.

They know that they love building websites with WordPress, but the complexities of this awesome web building solution are always out of reach. So they created a place where people can come together and help each other (in addition to their podcast)…

Elementor Facebook Group

Join The Elementor Facebook Group
Members: 81,008
Owner: Elementor
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress, Elementor

Elementor is currently the leading page builder for WordPress – powering over 5,000,000 active sites. The chances are if you’re using WordPress as a web designer, you’re building with Elementor.

So, what better place to hang out than the Elementor Facebook group?

Closely monitored by their staff, you’ll get help from them among others who share templates, tricks and advice on how to build better websites with Elementor.

Simply put, if you use Elementor, this should be one of the top groups you hang out in.

Beaver Builder

Join The Beaver Builders Facebook Group
Members: 15,957+
Owner: Dave Toomey
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress, Beaver Builder

While Elementor is the most popular choice among all the WordPress page builders, Beaver Builder focuses on the more technical audience (developers rather than designers).

So if this is your page builder of choice – we highly recommend joining their official Facebook group so you can get help if and when you need it or come across something you haven’t seen before…

Web Creators Community

Join The Web Creators Community Facebook Group
Members: 1,944+
Owner: Davinder Singh Kainth
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress

The owner of the Web Creators Community, Davinder Singh Kainth, is well-known in the industry for his weekly WordPress newsletter, the Smart Web Creators podcast and his blog that specifically focuses on Beaver Builder –Pro Beaver…

We’re lucky to be able to call him a friend – and had the opportunity to meet him at the 2020 WP FeedBack Virtual Summit! ?

The Web Design & Branding Community

Join The Web Design & Branding Community Facebook Group
Members: 6,649+
Owner: Mor Cohen
Type: closed
Topics: WordPress, design, branding, web design

The owner of the Web Design & Branding Community is Mor Cohen – the founder of FlixFrame. FlixFrame is Mor’s design consultancy where she helps businesses across the globe design and build high-performing websites.

We highly recommend joining this group if you’re interested in getting Mor’s direct help as well as advice from the others in the group so you can design & build better websites…

Summary – Community Is Everything

Facebook is still, by far, the most popular social network out there.

Use that to your advantage as a business owner. Getting into an industry doesn’t have to be daunting and especially when it comes to WordPress – before you know it, you’ll feel like you know almost everyone! ?

Joining too many groups can be time-consuming and distracting which is why we put together this list of Facebook groups we truly got a lot of value from and still do to this day.

Be sure to pick ones that really benefit you, complement what it is that you do and audit them regularly. There are a few groups (in every industry, not just WordPress) with negative atmospheres that have people with the wrong type of energy altogether so don’t be afraid to move on from a group if you come across that…

Which Facebook groups are you a member of? Let us know by Tweeting at us! ?

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