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How To Sell Copywriting Services To Your Clients

You’ve done it. You’ve sold your awesome web design services to another client because, well, they can see just how utterly brilliant you and your team are. Obviously.

Clients just love to see your portfolio, your design mockups, and all that sparkly, glittery art that will become their new website. Images, colour, animations, and other cool stuff are all reasonably easy to sell, since clients can see these easily.

What’s not so easy to see is all of the writing that will eventually fill those placeholders, the unloved blog, or the sales pages that… well… don’t.

Perhaps it’s because the clients are fairly sure there’s some document somewhere with all of the text in (don’t worry, someone will find it for you in a few weeks), or even because the client thinks that they can throw some text at your glorious design themselves.

I mean, it’s not hard, is it? Writing is just the same as talking really, but with more thumping on a keyboard.

And of course, we’re all increasingly coming across clients today that shrug off the idea of needing to do any writing at all, because ChatGPT will take care of it all for them, at no cost at all!

How lovely.

Of course, we know just how misguided these views are, and potentially, how disastrous for the client. But trying to persuade clients this is far from easy.

How do we sell copywriting to clients in a world of AI, spellcheckers, grammar checkers, voice to text apps, and social media that screams the message that everyone’s voice is valid and valuable?

In this article we’re going to show you exactly how to sell copywriting services to your clients.

From lessons on how to explain the value of copywriting services to your clients, to helping you decide whether to hire copywriters in-house or outsource, we’re spilling our top copywriting selling secrets

You. Are. So. Welcome.  

#1 Explain Why Your Clients Should Give a Damn About Copywriting Services

Let’s be honest, selling copywriting services as a digital agency owner can be a tough nut to crack. We’ve been there!

From clients who think they’re the next Hemingway, causing endless delays with their “perfect” copy for web pages, to others who don’t see the true value in it – we’ve all faced clients who just don’t get it, right?

But, here’s the thing.

Your client can ChatGPT their way to an “okay” bit of copy all they want. But if they want marketing content that truly keeps people’s attention, they need human help. Your help. 

But how do you convince them? Why, explain the benefits of leaving copywriting to the pros, of course – as revealed below!

Tell a Story

Professional copywriting isn’t just about putting words together. It’s about telling your client’s brand story.

Using the popular Storybrand framework, you can position your client’s audience as the hero of the story, while your client is their guide – bringing them from the “land of sad” to the “land of happy” through all the content on their web pages, landing pages, social media posts, and more!

It’s not just about selling your client’s stuff with intriguing website copy. It’s about hooking readers with a brand narrative they can’t put down. A story that pulls them in, convinces them, converts them, and keeps them wanting more.

Reinforce Branding

Is the tone of your client’s current copy all over the place? Does it feel authentic? Is it how they’d like to be portrayed online?

By encouraging your client to make us of a professional copywriting service (either your own, or an outsourced provider), your clients can ensure a consistent voice and tone across all of their marketing materials, making them leave a stronger impression in the marketplace. 

Slay SEO

If awesome content is the party, then SEO is the loud invitation telling everyone to come and enjoy it!

Give your clients a little explainer on what SEO is and why SEO-optimized content is so, so important for increasing visibility on the search engines, and connecting them with their desired target audience. 

Build Trust

Nothing hurts your client’s rep more than inconsistency. If a brand isn’t consistent in their messaging, content, and brand voice, their audience may find it difficult to trust them.

Explain to your clients that consistent copy is key for developing a strong, reliable, and on-brand impression – every time. 

Drive Sales

Good copywriting isn’t just about crafting beautiful sentences. It’s the invisible hand gently nudging your client’s audience towards that golden ‘Buy Now’ button.

It’s an investment in your brand identity that can pay off big time. Your client may be surprised to hear this, but even one single blog post can convince their audience to take the plunge!

#2 Communicate Content Deliverables Clearly

The secret to winning over your clients is being crystal clear on your content deliverables. Nobody likes surprises (well, except the good kind on birthdays).

Don’t leave room for guesswork. Your clients want to know exactly what they’re getting for their precious budget dollars. Include details about word count, formatting, keywords, and anything else you think they need to know.

Trust us – clarity now saves many, many emails later!

#3 Explain Your Copywriting and Communication Process

We get it – the idea of establishing communication and content writing protocols sounds as fun as watching paint dry. But it’s crucial to selling your content services, because you’ll be able to set expectations with your clients.

Be upfront with your clients about your communication lines. What’s the best way to reach you? How often will you touch base? Who will they be speaking to primarily?

Having a transparent editing and sign-off process in place will also ensure no nasty surprises creep in at the last minute. Remember, no client likes a sudden twist in their story. 

Be upfront about these processes to help your potential client decide whether your copywriting services are right for them. 

#4 Sweeten the Deal With More Copywriting Bang for Their Buck

Everybody loves a freebie, or at least a feeling that they’re getting something extra. A happy meal toy, a pack of gum with a car wash, or SEO optimization with their copywriting service!

Show your clients you’re not delivering a copywriting service, but a full package deal! You’re there to help them dominate in the digital world, not just write pretty sentences. Talk about other services your copywriting service can provide, such as:

SEO optimization: When it comes to writing content that performs well on the search engines, there’s a strong chance your clients won’t be able to ChatGPT their way out. Show them the power of using keyword research to craft SEO-friendly content that boosts their position on the SERPs. 

Content audits: Regular content audits help identify the good, the bad, and the (um, did a robot write that?) of your clients’ current content situation. Let them know why it’s important and how it’ll help them to stay fresh, strategic, and relevant.

Strategy consultations: Offering strategy consultations shows that you’re a master at what you do, skilled at not just serving up great copy – but planning their content based on trends and expertise.

#5 Choose Your Copywriter Wisely

So you want to sell copywriting services, but aren’t exactly Shakespeare? Or maybe you are a Shakespearean wordsmith (go you!) but don’t have the time to craft your clients’ copy for them?

This brings you to the age-old question: Should I hire a copywriter or outsource to a copywriting agency or freelancer? 

Ah, in-house vs. outsourced copywriting – the digital agency dilemma. There are many freelance copywriters and copywriting service providers out there, but let us tell you from experience, finding a good one is like gold dust!

Here are the top pros and cons of each copywriting service path you could take, so you can make a confident decision. 

In-House Copywriting Pros

  • Control: With an in-house team, you’re the boss. You’ve got the reins, and you can steer your creative content carriage exactly where you want it to go. 
  • Communication: It’s crystal-clear communication with your in-house squad. There’s no room for misunderstandings or ‘lost in translation’ moments. 
  • Flexibility: If you’re anything like most agency owners, you’ll get a bright idea at 2 a.m. that you need your copywriter to execute. No problemo! With your team in-house, you can pivot fast.

In-House Copywriting Cons

  • Cost: Let’s face it, maintaining an in-house team can get pricey. Between salaries, benefits, sick pay, and overheads — an in-house copywriter can rack up quite the bill, especially if you run out of work for them (eek!).
  • Diversity: Your in-house copywriter might be razor-sharp, but maybe they lack diversity in their skills, or aren’t able to step in and out of different voices as effectively as you’d like.
  • Management: When you have an in-house team, you’ve got to play the manager. You’re the one keeping an eye on project management, capacity, vacation days, sick leave – the works.

Outsourcing Copywriting Pros

  • Diverse talent: Outsourcing to copywriting service providers gives you access to a variety of talents, all with their own superpowers. Go with a content agency, and you’ll benefit from a whole team working on your client work.
  • Cost-effective: Your budget’s best friend? Outsourcing! You pay only for what you need when you outsource copywriting services, and you can upscale or downscale as you need. Perfect for those feast or famine times!
  • Headache-free: Imagine you find professional copywriting services and no longer have to deal with the burden of content writing. No more copy holding things up. Everything is done for you – so you can focus on the areas of the business you love.

Outsourced Copywriting Cons

  • Control: The flip side of outsourcing is like letting a bird out of a cage. It flies high and free, and while it’s a beautiful sight, you’ve lost control.
  • Communication: What you said to your copywriting team may not be what they heard, leading to potential inconsistencies in output. Plus, time zones can delay their response.
  • Reliability: With outsourcing, you might sometimes feel like you’re spinning the wheel of fortune. Will they meet the deadline? Will the quality be what I need? This can be nerve-racking alright!

Decided to Outsource Your Copywriting?

If you’ve decided to outsource your copywriting services to a content agency or freelancer, make sure they tick all the boxes:

  • Experience: You want someone who’s been around the block. They’ve written all kinds of copy for all kinds of clients – from technical writing projects and product descriptions, to long form content and websites.
  • Reviews: You’re looking for good words about reliability, quality, and getting stuff done on time. Always check reviews – they’ll help you spot a scam artist!
  • Diversity: A mixed bag of a copywriting portfolio shows they can juggle different client needs, branding, and tones of voice.
  • Packages: Make sure your chosen copywriting partner offers clear pricing, and packages that can be adapted to suit a diverse client base.
  • Responsiveness: Quick, straightforward communication is a must. It shows they’re dedicated to your needs and they’re on the ball.

Now, go forth copywriting sales superstars. We believe in you!

Now that you’ve cracked the code on selling copywriting as a service, why not let us do a little not-so-subtle selling of our own? 

We’re The Content Lab, a white-label copywriting agency based in Ireland, removing the content headache for digital agencies all over the world!

If you want the best copywriting services for your agency, head on over to our website or get in touch with Abby to chat about all things copywriting! 

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