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Introducing Our Integration & Partnership with Dollie

Today, we’re beyond excited to announce that we’re partnering with Dollie – the WordPress Growth Platform. Everything you need to manage & grow your WordPress business, trusted by thousands of WordPress professionals.

At Atarim, our mission is to help teams ship their best work. Every improvement we deliver, new feature we ship, and company we partner with serves this mission.

And that means we partner with companies that share our mission. Dollie is a prime example of such a company. There are two core parts to this integration and partnership:

  • Start collaborating on any website in a single click straight from your Dollie dashboard
  • Easily view tasks on all of your sites at a glance directly in your Dollie dashboard

Here’s a quick tour:

Why We’re Partnering & What This Means

In our (yes, somewhat biased) view, both Dollie and Atarim are one-of-a-kind products. We’re approaching existing, known, and big problems with an angle and solution that is fundamentally new and/or different.

Dollie = 100% focused on helping you grow your WordPress business.

Atarim = a better way to work together, visually.

With this integration and partnership, we aim to make Atarim more easily accessible to Dollie users so they can enjoy the benefits of a one-click collaboration experience at the click of a single button straight from their Dollie dashboard.

And, beyond that, Dollie users can now also view – at a glance – the tasks that they have on their sites, as shown below:

We’re truly excited to partner with Dollie. This integration opens up immense possibilities for better resource management and workflow efficiency, ultimately allowing teams to work smarter, not harder.

Vito Peleg, Founder & CEO of Atarim

New to Dollie? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve been fans of Dollie since we first came across their platform and had the pleasure of meeting their founder, Bowe Frankema.

There are a lot of companies that operate in the hosting space – especially in and around the WordPress industry. Dollie is one of the few that I think is taking quite a unique approach and angle with how they solve hosting and infrastructure-related problems, as well as problems around this area (including with the help of AI).

Note: We’re already planning to write a more in-depth review of Dollie and everything they offer, so stay tuned!

Atarim perfectly aligns with our goals. Our ambition has always been to simplify work for WordPress businesses, and teaming up with Atarim amplifies that goal. By combining forces with Dollie, we enable agencies to offer top-tier services with better workflows and increased profit.

Bowe Frankema, Founder of Dollie

Atarim is the leading visual collaboration platform trusted by thousands of teams worldwide (from web dev/design agencies to software companies) to completely overhaul how they work with their clients & teams:  

  • Curbing people’s tendency to send in requests wherever suits them best – WhatsApp, Email, scanned annotated printouts of a webpage (yes, we’ve seen it all, as have our users, and we’re tired of it).
  • Mitigating scope creep – where clients “sneak in” more work (expecting it to be included in the original agreement).
  • Trusted by 13,000+ teams (product, engineering, and growth) worldwide.
  • Supporting project delivery for 1,200,000+ of their teams & collaborators.
  • Deliver projects in weeks instead of months.

A solution built based on years of experience dealing with the most common challenges agencies face. This partnership announcement highlights the importance we put on providing agencies with the best combination of tools possible. With a large number of integrations already possible through Atarim, such as Convesio, Visual Composer, Zapier, Rocket.net, Zendesk, Basecamp, Slack, and many more, you can find out more about Atarim’s integrations here.

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