Forms and Notifications

Introducing Atarim’s All-New Forms & Notifications

As our long-time users will know all too well, we don’t like to sit still and constantly strive to provide the best possible experience for your team and clients. In this release, we’ve focused on centralizing your workflow within the Atarim dashboard with the introduction of forms and notifications.

Forms – Get The Information You Need Faster and Accelerate Project Delivery

Atarim already helps you keep everything in one place – except for one thing…

Until now, you had to rely on 3rd party tools to conduct client discovery surveys to get all of the important details before you start working on projects, such as:

  1. Target audience
  2. Project goals
  3. Design inspiration/suggestions

This is changing today (and eliminates any need of using external tools) with our brand-new feature – Forms.

With Atarim’s all-new forms feature, you can now create discovery surveys to get all of the details you need from clients from right inside Atarim itself. They’re designed to be simple, clean, and professional with the intention of keeping all information related to a specific project in one place from day one.

Creating a new form is super easy. It’s literally as simple as drag-and-drop.

That’s because it is! Simply drag and drop the form elements together to create your own custom form. 

Once you’re done, all you need to do is share your Form with your client.

Make it possible for your clients to easily submit information and provide your team with everything they need to start working on a project by creating your forms in Atarim.

Notifications – Never Miss A Single Task, Comment, or Update

Until now, there’s never been an easy way to see what’s new when logging in to your Atarim dashboard. Of course, you could always keep track by keeping an eye on tasks on each specific website’s boards, but it’s never been quite as convenient as it is today.

Notifications solve this issue by helping you see everything new in one single place.

Our Notifications feature allows both your team and your clients to get notified about events such as:

  1. Newly-created tasks
  2. Adding new users or projects
  3. Suggestions inside the collaborator interface

You can access Notifications from anywhere inside Atarim’s dashboard. This allows you to immediately see what’s going on, and jump in to work with your team. You can also set who to notify, so you don’t bother your team members or clients with notifications they don’t need to see – which maximizes efficiency and organization.

This also makes it easier for clients to take a quick peek at how the project progresses.

Summary + Get Involved in Atarim’s Innovation

This announcement focuses on the features that will make you work more efficiently – and prevent any missed suggestions from clients or team members (which could cause a lot of headaches and extra work).

We’re making a big push on improving collaboration and eliminating any external tools.

In this way, you can make your workflow more efficient – and maximize your team’s performance. 

If you’re interested in joining the conversation surrounding what we build next – check out our product feature request site at: This is the place to get involved in discussions about what you’d like to see in a future Atarim release.

You can also join existing conversations if you see another user has requested something that you’d also like to see make it to Atarim soon.

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