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Dear (Former) InVision User – Here Are Your Alternatives

It’s official. InVision has announced to its community that it will be discontinuing its design collaboration platform. In other words, now is the time to start planning how your team will collaborate in 2024. 

We, too, were InVision users not long ago. When we say, we’re here to help you make a smooth transition – we mean it. And, no, this isn’t going to be another 10,000+ word post full of fluff written for search engines in the hopes that they’ll consider it helpful

This is written purely for teams looking to migrate away and make the transition smooth. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 🏊

The InVision alternative for collaboration: Atarim

Atarim (hey, that’s us) was built as a standalone visual collaboration platform that lives outside of the tools that you already know and love.

And the best part – we have deep integrations with tools that are more than likely already an integral part of your workflow. Explore our integrations. 

Here’s what this means – explained in just over 60 seconds: 

In other words, Atarim is the platform that teams turn to when they want to work together without the endless email ping pong 🏓 – whether that’s a product manager creating tasks for designers/developers to ship a UI change or your marketing team designing ad creative.

To summarize:

  • Atarim itself isn’t a platform that you can actually use to design and prototype. It’s the collaborative layer on top of whatever tooling you use to build, design, etc. 
  • This means it replaces one core part of what InVision does.

So, here’s what we recommend for product design & prototyping… 

The InVision alternative for prototyping: Figma

Figma is hands down one of the favorite pieces of software we use as a team. 

Atarim wouldn’t be the product that it is today without it. Simply put, our designers wouldn’t be able to work as well as they do with our developers without Figma because they’ve made it incredibly easy to design, iterate on, and later move those designs to development (with dev mode).

How we use Figma

As a brief insight into where in our stack Figma fits – we use Figma to design new features as well as when we are making material visual changes to existing features.

In other words, before we build a feature (at least one that is big enough where we don’t already have an existing design pattern to cover that feature), we turn to Figma. At this point, we collaborate directly in Figma. 

How we use Atarim

So, where does our own platform fit into our workflow?

Well, simply put, the next stage – i.e., once a feature is shipped to staging or if it’s already in production, feedback/collaboration happens inside Atarim.

Since, at this point, it is a real interface as opposed to a prototype. And, of course, we also use Atarim for things that aren’t our product UI including our marketing site and graphics that we put together for ads, social, etc.

Alternatives to Figma include Sketch, Adobe XD, and Marvel.

Our team stands by our recommendation of Figma, which we’ve been using for over a year now. That said, Sketch is still widely used by teams, and it’s still, without a doubt, a great platform. 

InVision Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

When is InVision shutting down? 

The current date they’ve stated is the end of 2024. It’s unclear when exactly and what parts of their product will remain available between then and now, though, so we suggest planning to move away as soon as possible so your team can get used to new tools and use InVision in parallel until fully comfortable with the transition away. 

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