The Web Agency Summit is BACK

Back in 2020, as we all went into lockdown and live events were cancelled around the world, most of us sheltered in place and gorged ourselves on a steady diet of doom scrolling, bread making and Tiger King.

As WordCamp Asia 2020 was cancelled just days before it was due to open, throwing off all his carefully laid plans, our Founder and CEO Vito Peleg could tell our industry was scared – and he needed to do something.

Within a week he’d not only mapped out his idea for an online summit for the web agency and WordPress worlds, but he’d built the virtual platform to hold it on and started to find Sponsors and Speakers to help him make it happen.

The Web Agency Summit was born, and has run successfully each year since – growing in size and popularity even as the impacts of covid receded and live events tentatively restarted.

Following the 2022 event we spoke to attendees, as well as our Speakers, Sponsors and Media Partners, and they were unanimous – even in a post-covid world, the Web Agency Summit has a huge part to play in bringing together agency owners and WordPress users with industry experts, businesses in the space, and the very best teachers. The networking opportunities were also seen as hugely beneficial.

And so…the Web Agency Summit is back!


A Festival Atmosphere & Everyone Welcome

You might notice that this year, the Summit has had a lick of paint!

We decided to shake things up a bit, and so in 2023 – and since our Co-Founder is a former rockstar after all – the Summit is all about building a festival atmosphere.

One of the most wonderful things about music festivals – particularly those that share our bright, colourful vibe – is that everyone is welcome.

Festivals are inspirational melting pot of fans, music acts and even businesses, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, locations and walks of life.

In stark comparison to the conflict seen across the world right now, for the most part, despite bringing huge numbers of people together in one place, festivals pass without aggression or aggravation.

This really speaks to us, and aligns perfectly with what we believe the Summit stands for:

Everyone is welcome.

Diversity and inclusion matter to us as a company and as individuals – and not as part of some corporate ‘tickbox’ exercise. It’s actually something that you can even see demonstrated by the racial and religious diversity of the Atarim team.

The Atarim Team in Phuket, Thailand – sadly missing our Nigerian colleagues who had a last minute travel issue. Without them we have 7 nationalities represented here, and multiple religions.

What brings us together at Atarim is a common cause. A genuine passion to make communication and collaboration easier, faster and smoother for agency owners, freelancers & teams across the world.

When it comes to the Summit, what we all want – from the organisers to the attendees, the speakers to the sponsors, the attendees to the media partners – is for as many people as possible to come together during the 4 day event duration to teach and inspire, to reach out and connect, and to learn and discover.

Annnd we can have a whole lot of fun while doing so!

Sounds like a festival to us 🙂

Opportunities for Speakers, Sponsors and Media Partners

Interested in speaking at this years event? You can submit your idea for a talk, panel or interview here – we will close submissions 14 days before the Summit begins, to ensure everyone has time to prepare.

If you have any questions about the submission process, our Head of Inbound Marketing Caroline Crossland is coordinating the speakers this year and can be reached at

A business looking to support your industry and reach new customers? We have a sponsorship opportunity for you! With packages tailored for all types of business and sizes of budget, we’re sure there’s something ideal for your company – take a look at our available options here.

If you’d like to reach out to discuss, you can email Vito at

Are you a media outlet who can help amplify the message of this event – an online Festival of Learning, Discovery & Connection in the Agency & WordPress Spaces? We would love to work with you!

We are super passionate about reaching new attendees this year, and making sure everyone knows they can join this leading event for no cost whatsoever – even though they could learn all they need to know to grow their business, from the experts who’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

Our Community Manager Disha Pegu is coordinating our Media Partners and can be reached at

I Want It All! | The Backstage Pass

As always, the Web Agency Summit is FREE to attend.

With a free ticket, attendees can watch every single live session as it happens, as well as access replays for up to 24 hours after each session ends.

They can access the Festival Village, where our Sponsors will mingle with attendees, showcase their products and run exclusive competitions, as well as avail themselves of networking opportunities in the VIP Tent.

If, however, as an attendee you want to really dial things up a notch and access a HUGE bundle of value-packed content to help you build the business of your dreams, you might want to consider the Backstage Pass.

Benefits include:

  • Anytime On Demand Access to All Summit Content: Not just from 2023, but the full catalogue of sessions, panels and interviews from the 3 previous summits too
  • Access to the Atarim Academy and the exclusive Masterclass series: Here you have available to you a HUGE resource of amazing content from industry leader Vito Peleg and other amazing experts in their fields – essentially everything you need to learn to build the business of your dreams
  • An Amazing Bundle of Exclusive Content: Including fantastically useful wireframes for leading pagebuilders, to help give you a jump forward and save time and money in your agency business
  • …and so much more!

For full details of all that is included with the Backstage Pass, and how to access the Earlybird pricing exclusive to those who have registered to attend the Summit, SIGN UP FREE and you’ll be given all the details on the confirmation page 🙂

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