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We Empower Your Clients & Team

The Agency Dashboard

A Secure Cloud Application

Centralized Management Of All Your Clients, Projects, Team and Tasks.

By logging into the dashboard every morning, you get an overview of your agency. See how many requests you have on each website, what your team has recently been up to and more.

We Changed Our Process To Fit Atarim

Newfold Digital is one of the biggest web agencies in the world, with a thousand website builds per month, they are happy to rely on Atarim as their main collaboration system with clients and internally within the team. 

30 to 14 Days Avg. Project Completion ​

Christina L. - Newfold Digital​

The Client Interface

Understand Exactly What The Client is Suggesting

The task center hosts all of the tasks/requests that have been made on the website you are viewing. It includes the auto-screenshot that was taken when the task was made, as well as other useful bits of info.

Drop Thousands of Useless Clicks

Without Atarim

You get an email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client, copy it to Slack for your team, add a task to Trello, team member logs in to the client website, comes back to you for clarification, you text the client and reach back to the team, team member says they're on it, you move the task on Trello, team member let's you know it's done, you email the client and moves the task on Trello.

With Atarim

Client adds a request on their own website, your team is notified and claims the task which magically moves the ticket on the Kanban board. When done, the client is notified automatically. Boom 3 hours of your day are now free.

The Support Desk

One Inbox To Replace Them All

Atarim’s Email Support Desk is designed to put you in full control of your email support. Our ticketing system turns every request into an actionable task allowing you to assign team members, track time, set statuses and priorities and have all of your communications neatly organized in 1 place.

My Clients LOVE IT

This has saved me so much time and confusion, my clients now simply send my requests and I have all of the information I need to get the work done.

Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.

Now I’m setup to deal with all projects from start to finish and I can’t get rid of the 10 other tools I’ve been using. 

Sarah Crawford - A Lined Design

Management Boards 

Drag & Drop to Organize Tasks

The boards section gives you an overview of the status and urgency of tasks on a website. By dragging and dropping tasks between columns you can easily organize the work that needs doing urgently and what can wait.

Natural Learning Curve For Clients

Without Atarim

You send an email to your client to send them to Dropbox and Google doc & provide content, they have no idea where to start so they don't do it. follow up for 2 weeks - 2 years, losing sleep and the little hair you have left, threaten them to pay the rest of the project fee based on your contract, they say that the project was never complete, you tell them it's their fault... Everyone is pissed off.

With Atarim

Allow the client to provide the content visually and within context: "Please click the + icon to add your content and files directly on your website". You have the content and imagery in the correct length to just copy & paste.

Gathering Content is Now Easy

Clients often don’t provide content because they are not sure how to. Empower them with the tools and the context they need.

Auto-Login To All Your Clients' Sites

Without Atarim

You get an email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client, you're trying to remember the correct domain name, visit the homepage to find the issue, then type in wp-admin and try to remember the password out of the 7 you have saved for this site, login which lands on the backend, you go to the front end and hit "edit page".

With Atarim

You get a message from a client, click on the big button and you're auto-logged in, on the relevant page which scrolls to the exact location of the request. That was 1 click. Time this by 5-15 websites per day.

Manage Clients From One Platform

The Agency Dashboard has all of your client’s websites containing all of their requests, making it super easy to manage.

Eliminate Meaningless Back & Forth

Without Atarim

You get a 4-word email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client "The button is not working", you reply asking which button, they say "the button! On the website". 4 days and 15 communication cycles later you realise they are talking about a menu item that is shown weird on Internet Explorer from 1997.

With Atarim

Client adds a 4-word request on their own website. You get an automated screenshot, the screen size, browser version and clicking on it takes you to the exact page and scrolls to the exact location of the request. Done. 

Always Work
As A Team

Create internal requests on your clients’ live websites to collaborate with your team, keeping everyone on the same page.

A Platform Dedicated To You

Eliminate Meaningless
Back & Forth, For Good

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