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Atarim tackles the 84% of the project delivery time that involves collaborating with clients and internally within your team.
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Features 1

Drop Thousands of Useless Clicks

Without Atarim: You get an email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client, copy it to Slack for your team, add a task to Trello, team member logs in to the client website, comes back to you for clarification, you text the client and reach back to the team, team member says they're on it, you move the task on Trello, team member let's you know it's done, you email the client and moves the task on Trello. 😵

Drop Thousands of Useless Clicks

With Atarim: Client adds a request on their own website, your team is notified and claims the task which magically moves the ticket on the Kanban board. When done, the client is notified automatically. Boom 3 hours of your day are now free.
Features 2

Natural Learning Curve For Clients

Without Atarim: You send an email to your client to send them to Dropbox and Google doc & provide content, they have no idea where to start so they don't do it. follow up for 2 weeks - 2 years, losing sleep and the little hair you have left, threaten them to pay the rest of the project fee based on your contract, they say that the project was never complete, you tell them it's their fault... Everyone is pissed off. 🤦‍♂️

Natural Learning Curve For Clients

With Atarim: Allow the client to provide the content visually and within context: "Please click the + icon to add your content and files directly on your website". You have the content and imagery in the correct length to just copy & paste.
Features 3

Auto-Login To All Your Clients' Sites

Without Atarim: You get an email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client, you're trying to remember the correct domain name, visit the homepage to find the issue, then type in wp-admin and try to remember the password out of the 7 you have saved for this site, login which lands on the backend, you go to the front end and hit "edit page". 😫

Auto-Login To All Your Clients' Sites

With Atarim: You get a message from a client, click on the big button and you're auto-logged in, on the relevant page which scrolls to the exact location of the request. That was 1 click. Time this by 5-15 websites per day.
Features 4

Eliminate Meaningless Back & Forth

Without Atarim: You get a 4-word email/Facebook message/SMS/Phone call from a client "The button is not working", you reply asking which button, they say "the button! On the website". 4 days and 15 communication cycles later you realise they are talking about a menu item that is shown weird on Internet Explorer from 1997. 🤷‍♂️

Eliminate Meaningless Back & Forth

With Atarim: Client adds a 4-word request on their own website. You get an automated screenshot, the screen size, browser version and clicking on it takes you to the exact page and scrolls to the exact location of the request. Done. 

How Atarim Helps You Run Your Business

Features 5

The Dashboard

Centralised Management Of All Your Clients, Projects, Team and Tasks, in A Secure Cloud Application

By logging into the dashboard every morning, you get an overview of your agency. See how many requests you have on each website, what your team has recently been up to and more.

The Client Interface

Understand Exactly What The Client is Suggesting

The task center hosts all of the tasks/requests that have been made on the website you are viewing. It includes the auto-screenshot that was taken when the task was made, as well as other useful bits of info.

Features 6
Features 7
Features 8
The Support Desk

Understand Exactly What The Client is Suggesting

Atarim’s Email Support Desk is designed to put you in full control of your email support. Our ticketing system turns every request into an actionable task allowing you to assign team members, track time, set statuses and priorities and have all of your communications neatly organized in 1 place.

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How Atarim is Reducing 80% of Our Users' Project Delivery Time:

Features 9

Management Boards

A Kanban Board Where You Can Organize Tasks By Drag & Drop

The boards section gives you an overview of the status and urgency of tasks on a website. By dragging and dropping tasks between columns you can easily organize the work that needs doing urgently and what can wait.

The Client Interface Plugin

Your Client's Task Center To Stay In The Know

To add a website to your dashboard, you need to install our client interface plugin. This will also add a task center to their own website. This is synced to your dashboard, so you can work from the dashboard and your client can see the changes on their task center.

Features 10
Features 11

Best tool I ever bought.

It’s worth every $ I spent on it. I recommend this to every developer, webmaster actually to everybody who works with WordPress and needs feedback from their clients or even for collaboration with colleagues.
Their support is fantastic and community is really great.
One of the biggest time saver for me in years. Working with clients is now really simple, fast and intuitive for me.

If anyone have doubts, just click buy and try it. 

Patrik Čada – Patrik Čada Web Design

Features 12

Team Activity Feeds

A Detailed Feed Of Your Team's Activity

Each team member invited to the dashboard will have their own activity feed. Whether they are dragging and dropping in the boards section, adding a new website or changing statuses, you will be able to see every action they have taken.

Graphic Feedback Tool

Use Our Visual Feedback Feature On Graphics

If you are designing mock-ups, logos or any kind of graphic design, you can use the Graphic FeedBack Tool to get feedback from your client. This will allow them to put comments on specific parts of the graphic.

Features 7
Features 14

A must-have for any WordPress consultant or designer working with clients.

Everyone working online more than ever and even the website owners that never bothered their content finally want/need their website reflecting their business and news.
Fanny Veldmeyer – SoPressed

Even More Amazing Features

Gaining Clarity

Project Snapshot

Each website is automatically synced into detailed Kanban boards that lists the tasks & requests based on their status or priority. So you can visually see where the project or support efforts stand.

Manually Assign Incoming Emails to Websites

Through the built in Support-Desk, you can assign any email request to the relevant website.

Track Time Per Task

Accurately track times per task inside the Agency Dashboard, ensuring you charge your clients the correct amount!

Export Time Entries PDF

Export a branded PDF with a break down of all time entries per website to send to your clients with their bill.

Auto Screenshots

Each request generates an automated screenshot of the user's view so you can see what the request is about rather than guess.

Screen Size & Browser Version

Each request collects the user's exact screen size and browser version for rapid debugging of the request.

Task Urgency

Set the urgency of tasks so it's clear what needs doing first, great for providing speedy support to your clients.

All Tasks Are In The Website

Keep communications with each client separate and organized, whether you have 10 or 100 clients there is no confusion.

Activity Updates

See the journey of each task, keeping your team accountable and having no confusion about what's been done.

Track Your Team

Check the activity feed for every team member part of your dashboard, keeping them accountable.

Task Time Estimates

Let your team know how long you think a task should take, giving them a benchmark to aspire to.

Manage Time Sheets

Track the time your team is dedicating to different tasks through a centralised time management area.

Agency Overview

See exactly how your agency is performing with various different KPIs to know what you are doing well and where you can improve.

Detailed Task Information

See the screen size and browser when the task was created so your client doesn't have to send it to you if needed.

Installation Wizards

On both the client interface plugin and platform we have first use wizards to take you through and teach you everything you + your clients need.

Share Tasks

Every task has a custom link that can be accessed on the front-end, easily discuss tasks with your team by sharing links.

Remap Pins

You can move the location of pins easily on the front-end using the sidebar of the client interface plugin.

Project Phases & Deadlines

Clearly define project phases and deadlines based on time or number of tasks for each. Making sure everything is clear.

Client Interface

Visual On-Site Feedback

Each request collects the user's exact screen size and browser version for rapid debugging of the request.

WP Admin Commenting

Teach your clients or warn them about what they can and can't do inside the admin of their website.

Auto Status Updates

When status or priority is changed, it automatically updates this for your client, ensuring they know what's happening with a request.

1 Click Daily & Weekly Reports

Receive a detailed daily or weekly report to your email address with the click of a button.

100% Whitelabel

Make the client interface look how you want by changing the logo and main color. Whether it's your agency or client's brand, it always impresses.

Permissions Control

Have complete control over what certain user roles can and can't do inside the client interface plugin.

No Need To Login

Turn on guest mode so your client can use the interface plugin without needing to login to their website.

Frontend Login Popup

A custom login pop-up that your client's can use if you don't want them to access the WP Admin.

Auto Client Training

We provide you swipe copy and videos to train your client to use the visual feedback tool inside the interface.

Grouped Email Notifications

Receive an email notification that summarizes all changes to requests that have been done after a session of work.

Advanced Permission Settings

You have complete control over what every user role can do, ensuring everything always runs smoothly.

Guest Mode

Enable guest mode so your client doesn't even need to login to use Atarim on their website to send you requests (perfect for the build phase)

Mobile Friendly

Atarim is completely optimized for mobile, your client can leave you requests from any device they choose, making it even more accessible.

Graphic Feedback Tool

Get visual feedback on mock-ups, logos or any kind of graphic design, inside your client's website.

Color Coded Stickers

Your client can clearly see the health of their website on the front-end by seeing green, orange or red task stickers.

Responsive Displays

Allowing you and your client to switch between Desktop, Tablet & Mobile views while providing feedback on the pages.

Page Approvals

Your client can click a button to clearly approve a page. This will send a report of all the tasks that are on the approved page.

Internal Tasks

Create tasks that your clients can't see. Perfect for internal QA or reminders for different things that you and your team need to work on.

Speed Up Your Work

Auto-Filter Incoming Emails to Websites

Through the built in Support-Desk, the system will search for the user's email in all of your websites and will automatically map the request to the relevant website.

Auto Image Optimisation

Every image uploaded is automatically optimized, no need for tiny png!

Push To WP Media Folder

Upload files directly from tasks to the media folder with the click of a button.

Auto Daily & Weekly Reports

Automatically send daily and weekly reports for each website.

Auto Site Login

When you log into the dashboard, you are logged into every single website that is part of your dashboard.

1 Click To The Media Folder

Every image and file that is uploaded to Atarim can be pushed into the website's Media folder with 1 click. So you don't need to download and reupload each file.

1 Click To Access a Request

Click on a button inside the dashboard to be taken to the exact location of where a task was created.

Auto Filter Requests Per Website

Set automatic filters so your team can only see the tasks they are assigned to.

Internal Comments (Notes)

Internally communicate with your team using notes on tasks. These can only be see on the dashboard.

Video Embeds in Comments

If you want to send a video to your client, simply paste the link inside a comment and it will embed automatically.

Dashboard Search

Search for tasks or websites using their titles or task number.

Automatic Task Lists

By using the drag and drop boards, you can easily create task lists for your team.

Automatic Syncing

Your dashboard and client interface plugin are always synced automatically, keeping your client up to date.

Drag & Drop Boards

Drag and drop tasks to change priority or status on boards, making it easy to organize requests on websites.


Connecting client interface plugin to Zapier allows you to auttomate processes through our platform with 5000+ other apps

Only Teach Your Client Once

Once they learn how to use Atarim for one request, they will be able to use it to send you requests regardless of which stage the project is in.

Global Settings

Pick your settings in the Atarim dashboard and you can apply these with one click on your client's website, speeding up the setup process.

Prototyping Templates

Use our templates for the most popular page builders to quickly build prototypes and gather content from your clients.

Custom Tags

Set custom tags on requests so your can easily filter between them.

Webhooks & Zapier Integration

Allow you to build complex workflows between the different tools and systems that you are using within your agency.

Features 15
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