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Integrate Basecamp with Atarim

Visual Collaboration and Workflow Management for Basecamp




or Webhooks

Make sure all of your tasks are in sync by integrating Atarim with Basecamp.

Instead of copying and pasting requests that are sent to you via email (or even Atarim) into Basecamp, automatically created to-dos when a task is on the front-end of your clients’ websites.

Ensuring that you are keeping all requests synced across platforms, making it super easy to stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

Here are just a few of the workflows you can create when integrating Atarim and Basecamp:

Create Basecamp Tasks Automatically From Atarim

While you are visually collaborating on a client’s website, any task created would be a pain to copy and paste into BaseCamp.

With this integration, you can automate the task creation on BaseCamp’s side, where all task info will be pushed to a to-do list of your choice, saving you loads of time and keeping every in sync!

Add New Projects In BaseCamp When New Websites Are Added In Atarim

When a new website is added to your Agency Dashboard, automatically create a project inside Basecamp from a template.

This is the perfect way to get started on a new project with an existing website!

Automatically Push New To-Dos from Basecamp to Atarim

When you are using more than one platform, creating tasks can waste so much time. Copying and pasting tasks from one to another is not something we should be using our previous time on.

With this workflow, when a to-do is created inside Basecamp, it will automatically be pushed to Atarim, saving you tons of time!

What is Atarim?

We help digital agencies speed up their clients projects delivery with the most advanced website collaboration system on the planet.

The Client Interface

Where you, your colleagues and your clients can collaborate visually to reduce back and forth and confusion to zero.

The Agency Dashboard

The main hub of communications for your operations. This includes a built in support desk, all the requests from the different projects you're working on and a bunch of automation tools to help you speed up the work.

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