Integrate Convesio with Atarim

Visual Collaboration and Workflow Management for Convesio

Deep Native Integration

Convesio is a cutting-edge WordPress web host that specializes in eCommerce, live events, membership communities, and other traffic-heavy websites. Using Docker containers, an innovative new technology, Convesio’s infrastructure scales up to handle any amount of traffic – all without slowdown or crashing.

This integration allows you to quickly access Atarim from inside Convesio’s dashboard, making it easy to discuss website changes with clients. If you’re running an agency that specializes in membership, eCommerce, live events, or other businesses with heavy influxes of traffic, definitely consider Convesio as a WordPress host. 

Start Visually Collaborating On ANY Website With One Click

Inside your Convesio account, you’ll see a column called “Collaborate” in your dashboard. To start visually collaborating on a website you are hosting inside Convesion, all you need to do is click on the comment icon.

This will open the website inside the Atarim Dashboard and allow you to start visually collaborating with your clients or team, in literally a few seconds.

A New Way To Collaborate With Your Clients

Instead of emails, Whatsapp, video calls and the 10 other traditional method of communications you are using, empower your clients to leave you post-it note-like requests on their websites.

Building a website is purely visual, your collaboration should be too.

Let Atarim Give You All The Info You Need

When our clients send us requests, 9 times out of 10, it will require us to ask some questions to get more information actually to complete the task.

With Atarim, every request carries all the info you need to get straight to work, including screen size, browser, and even an automated screenshot of your client’s view when they made the request.

Your clients can be as vague as humanly possible, and you’ll still know what you need to do!

What is Atarim?

We help digital agencies speed up their clients projects delivery with the most advanced website collaboration system on the planet.

The Client Interface

Where you, your colleagues and your clients can collaborate visually to reduce back and forth and confusion to zero.

The Agency Dashboard

The main hub of communications for your operations. This includes a built in support desk, all the requests from the different projects you're working on and a bunch of automation tools to help you speed up the work.

Our Agencies Serve Some of The Biggest Brands in the World

From small businesses to the biggest brands in the world, our agencies and freelancers are making an impact with more than 120,000 of their clients.

Why 5,000+ Web Agencies Trust Delivering Their Work With Atarim

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