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Integrate Jira with Atarim

Visual Collaboration and Workflow Management for Jira

Deep Native Integration

Integrate Atarim with Jira to create a seamless workflow between the two platforms. You can manually push singular tasks created on websites inside the Atarim Dashboard, automatically push tasks or pull in entire task lists from Jira into Atarim and assign them to a website.

Task management being fragmented is one of the biggest problems we face as digital agencies, this integration empowers your workflow by ensuring no tasks are missed and keeping everything in sync.

Manually Pushing Tasks To Jira From Atarim

Once Jira is connected to your Atarim account, you are given the option to push individual tasks to a specific project.

Not only does it push the task title, it includes an automatic screenshot of where the task was originally created on the front-end of the website, and a link that will take you to the task inside your Atarim Dashboard; ensuring that task information is kept in both apps.

Automatically Pushing Tasks From Atarim To Jira

With a simple toggle, you can enable automatically pushing tasks that are created on your websites inside your Atarim Dashboard to a selected project inside Jira.

Any request that your clients make on their live website will be created inside your Jira project, with all the information you need to get the request done as soon as possible!

Deploying Jira Task Lists To Atarim

If you are creating tasks inside Jira, this integration with Atarim enables you to deploy entire lists straight into your Atarim Dashboard.

You can choose which website these tasks are created on and you have the option to create them as internal tasks (not visible to your clients) and turn on syncing. This stops your tasks from becoming fragmented, ensuring that nothing gets missed on either side!

What is Atarim?

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The main hub of communications for your operations. This includes a built in support desk, all the requests from the different projects you're working on and a bunch of automation tools to help you speed up the work.

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