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Experiment with the Atarim system or deliver “once in a while” collaborative work. This is a great place to get started with Visual collaboration.
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Seize control, enhance collaboration, and streamline workflows – the essential foundation for freelancers and small agencies.
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Showcase your brand, boost team productivity, and seamless integration – the professional advantage for agencies, teams, and managers.



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Maximize ROI with streamlined management, priority support, and dedicated workspaces – the growth catalyst for agencies and startups.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Atarim is the leading visual collaboration platform trusted by thousands of teams worldwide (web dev/design agencies and beyond) to completely overhaul how they work with their clients & team – including cutting delivery times by over 330%. 

Yes, Atarim is completely free to get started. Perfect for smaller operations and freelancers. Beyond this, we offer paid subscriptions that introduce additional functionality, enhanced team management and more – perfect for businesses with internal and external collaborators. 

Yes! We’re a collaboration & support platform, so – as you’d expect – we take our support very seriously.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest mentions in our customer reviews.

Yes. You can either add any URL to get started with any website or install the WordPress plugin to get deep integration into WordPress sites.

We accept all major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Get on the same page, centralize your workflow, and get to work.

Trusted by thousands of teams worldwide to work with their clients & team – Atarim cuts turnaround times for creative projects from weeks to days. It’s time to work together without the chaos.

Free Forever | No Credit Card Required

Speed to Collaboration

The world’s fastest collaboration experience. Ditch the logins and disarray of tools to get back to delivering great work.

Support Comes First

Best-in-class onboarding and ongoing support provided to all Atarim customers.

Security & Reliability

Trusted by the largest brands and enterprise companies in the world. You’re in good hands. 

Designed to simplify dealing with visual feedback – from one project to thousands.

Feature Comparison Free Pro Business
Monthly Price: FREE $35 /+$10 month per extra seat $50 /+$15 month per extra seat
Yearly Price: FREE $350 /+$100 year per extra seat $500 /+$150 year per extra seat
Active Projects
?Active projects in your dashboard, including websites and images. You can add/archive assets freely. Archived assets are not counted
3 Active Projects 60 Active Projects 200 Active Projects
Clients & Collaborators
?Unlimited external collaborators and clients that have access to the sites they are assigned to, but not to the Agency Dashboard as a whole
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Team Members
?The number of internal team members allowed per plan. Please note that the pricing above is per team member (Seat)
1 1-10 1-15
Asset Storage
?File uploads storage allocation globally for your account
1GB 30GB 100GB
Visual Collaboration on ANY Website
?Add "Stickers" to annotate any website visually. From WordPress, to cloud applications like Shopify or WebFlow, and even custom builds
Email-Based Support Desk
?Send and recieve emails that will automatically filter incoming requests into their respective websites
Productivity KPIs
?Unlock your profits by becoming a data-driven agency - Seeing statistics, benchmarks, and KPIs
Kanban Boards
?Drag & drop boards where requests become to-do lists for your team, making it easy to get to work!
1 Click Login to WordPress Sites
?Stop sharing passwords and managing multiple WP users with your team members, allowing them to login to the sites they are assigned to with 1 click via a secure, expiring, token
1 Click to "Go To Task"
?Click 1 button to get taken directly to where a request was created on the live website ending any confusion
Automated Screenshots
?Automated screenshots are taken with every request of the user's view so you can see what it's about rather than guess
Status & Priority per Task
?Status & priority can be set on each task so you know what's happening and how urgent it is as well as notifying collaborators without the need to go back and send a redundant email or Slack message.
Automated Debugging Info
?Each request collects the user's exact screen size and browser version enabling you to provide support second to none
WordPress Admin Visual Collaboration
?(WordPress Only) You can use visual collaboration on the WordPress dashboard to train your clients or introduce them to their website
File Uploads (Gather Content)
?Upload files to a request with one click making it super easy to get content from your clients
Image Optimizations
?Every image uploaded is automatically optimized for web, no need for TinyPNG!
1 Click "Push To Media Folder"
?(WordPress Only) Every image that is uploaded can be pushed to the relevant media folder within WordPress with 1 click
Guest Mode (No Login/Registration)
?Collaborators don't have to log in to collaborate - Removing client objections and complications
Global Settings & Permissions
?Globally configure settings, permissions and white-label options and apply them to a website with a toggle
Basic Integrations
?Sync tasks, time entries, and sites with other tools using 3rd party integration tools. Including: Zapier, Make (Integromat), Pabbly, and Webhooks
Internal Tasks
?Add on-screen tasks that are not visible to clients and collaborators. Enabling internal team collaboration
Automated Reports
?Automatically send daily & weekly roundups of what's happening with requests on a client's website keeping everyone up to date
Configure User Permissions
?Advanced feature toggles for different user types while collaborating (Webmasters, Clients, Others & Guests)
Edit & Delete Comments
?Expiring editing options for comments to fix mistakes and add more information.
Unlimited Designs Per Asset
?Upload as many designs to a single asset as you want
Design Hotspots
?Create hotspots to link designs to each other to create the flow of a website or app design.
Design Versions
?Upload your evolving designs to show your clients progress and do revision rounds
Page & Design Approvals
?Allow clients to mark a page or design as approved, while completing all the tasks on the page with 1 click
Internal WordPress Task Center
?For WordPress sites, manage tasks directly inside the admin area
Remove Atarim branding for your clients and collaborators
?Add your logo, brand color, unique links and more, either globally on your account or per site
Deep Native Integrations
?Sync tasks, time entries, and sites with other tools, including: Slack, ClickUp, Jira, Asana, Teamwork and more
Time Tracking & Brandable Time Sheets
?Allow your team to track time directly on the tasks. Then, you can either push entries to other tools or export a branded time sheet
Team Management & Activity Tracking
?Get a detailed activity list for every user on the dashboard so you know exactly what has and hasn't been done
Multiple Inboxes (Coming Soon)
?Add multiple email-based inboxes to manage multiple brands from a single account
Multiple Brands (Coming Soon)
?Display different branding to different clients or groups of clients
Custom API Docs Access
?You and your team will get access to our API Documentation so that you can build your own custom workflows beyond our existing integrations.
Dedicated Success Manager & Team Training
?You are assigned with a designated member of our team who will train your team and make sure you're getting the results we're expecting.
Access to our top-rated support
?Our goal is to provide Agency-Level support for a product
Live Chat Priority + Slack

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