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Atarim empowers digital teams with real-time collaboration and visual feedback tools, making project management smoother and faster. Don’t rely on guesswork and endless back-and-forth email communication. Simplify your web design and development processes with Atarim’s intuitive platform, designed to enhance efficiency and teamwork.

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Selling Services As a Hosting Provider, The “Do It For Me” Approach
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We help hosting providers, from small operations to the largest companies deliver their do-it-for-me service programs.

We help hosting companies plan, launch, and improve do-it-for-me (DIFM) service programs, catering to all sizes. Whether you’re a small operation or a major provider, we ensure successful DIFM services at any scale. The opportunity for hosting providers to offer DIFM services is bigger than ever.
Never heard of DIFM?

Most hosting companies don’t have a customer acquisition problem. They have a retention problem.

Most users churn before their first renewal payment

Customers need websites designed, built, and maintained, but often lack the expertise to achieve this.

Hosting providers have a captive market for delivering these services, but achieving this reliably, efficiently, and at scale is challenging.

  1. Improve activation: address the biggest challenge in hosting – that most customers churn before their first renewal payment. 
  2. Drive expansion revenue among existing customers with layered upsells. 
  3. Use DIFM services as an acquisition channel to feed into your core hosting services. 
  4. Significantly increase customer lifetime value and average revenue per user. 
  5. Increase MRR significantly through add-on services (after the initial site build).
Once a popular model in the early days of hosting, when it made sense to boost revenue from customers they had already acquired, the challenge 
The challenge of building sites from scratch and collaborating with non-savvy customers made most hosts give up on this approach entirely. It’s not hard to see why… With Atarim’s visual collaboration platform alone, we’ll help you slash project completion times by an average of 70%.  And beyond this, we partner with select hosting providers just like you to entirely run their DIFM service program so your team can fully focus on delivering hosting. Atarim’s DIFM service lets hosting providers connect their customers to third-party design teams in a seamless way.  Customers gain access to much-needed services, meaning hosting companies generate increased revenue as a result, as well as benefiting from decreased churn.

Become The Hosting Provider Of Choice for Agencies

Atarim is trusted by thousands of businesses, especially agencies, because it boosts efficiency and profitability. Even minor improvements can save thousands of dollars across multiple projects. By using Atarim, agencies can turn long-running projects into quick successes, driving significant impact through our direct integration and partnership.

Join leading hosts including Rocket.net, Convesio, InstaWP & more that integrate directly with Atarim to enable users to visually collaborate on all sites hosted with you.

Ditch the endless email ping pongand start collaborating today.

Enjoy the visual collaboration workflow designers, marketers, and developers at industry-leading companies love.

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