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Use on ANY Website

Get Your Team On The Same Page

Get your entire team on the same page to work together without the chaos – eliminate friction with visual communication to ship your next big project faster and easier than ever.

Communicate with point-and-click visual collaboration

Annotate, and visually collaborate on any web page or mockup, with team members able to see exactly what needs to be done, and where.

Automate the busywork off of your plate and get more done

Quickly and easily set up automation triggers for assigning tasks to team members, changing task status, or notifying colleagues.

Use the built-in shared email inbox to triage issues together

Automated emails generated by tasks allow internal teams to see exactly what needs doing, with annotated screenshots included.

The Perfect Workflow for Internal Teams That Want To Get Things Done

Point-and-Click Visual Communication

Work with your team visually.

Let your design team work in a more natural way – communicating and collaborating visually. Whether working on web pages, ads, or design mockups, team members can create tasks visually in just a couple of clicks.

Built-In Shared Inbox

Effective Communication With Unified Inbox

Eliminate the boring busywork and help your team get things done more quickly and efficiently by letting Atarim automate repetitive tasks that might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked.

Time = Money

Retain More Clients by Maximizing Client Satisfaction

Shared inboxes allow internal teams to access task information instantly, and communicate more efficiently, with newly created tasks automatically appearing in the shared inbox of any assigned team member.

Keep Track of Profitability

Manage Resources More Effectively

Track each team member’s activity and billable hours, so you can manage your resources and prevent running over budget.

Ditch the endless email ping pong and start collaborating on your creative projects.

Your team deserves more than spending hours decoding messy screenshots and in endless, repetitive email threads. Start delivering your best work faster. 

Start Collaborating On Any Website in Seconds

See Atarim in action and discover the power of true visual collaboration.