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With real-time collaboration and visual feedback tools, a unified inbox for web teams, time tracking, Kaban dashboards, team management, automations and much more… Atarim gives you everything you need to grow your businessThese tools are designed to enhance efficiency and teamworkmaking project management smoother and faster.

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Unified Inbox
for your web teams

Say goodbye to frantic switching between your email inbox and your clients’ sites, trying to match up requests with tasks, and wasting time and energy in the process

Auto filter emails into projects

You’ll no longer have to be confused and unsure which email belongs to which client and project.

Canned Responses

Save time writing the same email over and over by using pre-made templates.

Technical details

Get all details necessary to make the right decisions and stay on the same page.

Design driven
project management.

Manage your project more effectively, save hours every single week, and stay organized with the most innovative project management platform out there.

Kanban Boards

Create boards where you can nicely organise your tasks by their status.

Project Stages

Divide your project into stages and milestones where can always see whether you’re on schedule.

Project Folders

Have a folder for each of your project, so you have everything in one place at all times.

Forms & Project Intake
built for Agencies

Intake projects more efficiently by creating discovery forms that will help you get all the information you need to crush your next project

A Range of Field Types

Choose from a variety of field types to get all the information you need.


Create form templates you can re-use with new clients and save time.

White Label

Rebrand the whole website with a white label settings for the best experience.

Time Tracking
on Websites & Designs

Find out your hourly rate, create better time estimates, and never miss a single deadline! Atarim offers the most intuitive time-tracking for each of your tasks.

Export brandable time sheets to PDF

You’ll no longer have to manually create a PDF time sheet to share with your clients.

Push time entries to other tools

We offer a seamless integration with all popular time-tracking apps.

Time Estimations

Create time estimates before starting work to compare with once work is completed.

Ditch the endless email ping pongand start collaborating today.

Enjoy the visual collaboration workflow designers, marketers, and developers at industry-leading companies love.

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