The Internet's Collaborative Layer

Elevate the efficiency of your teams and stakeholders across product, marketing, design, website, and content creation. Atarim’s visual collaboration tool streamlines feedback, accelerating project delivery and enhancing work quality.

Visual Collaboration

Atarim’s Visual Collaboration streamlines team communication by eliminating chaos, enabling clear, point-and-click feedback directly on any web interface. Simplify the collaboration process, ensuring everyone is aligned and enhancing the efficiency and creativity of your team’s work.

Workflow Management

Built on the foundation of visual collaboration, our workflow management side combines a best-in-class project management suite along with a range of integrations that make it easy to implement Atarim into your existing toolkit, augment each request & automate the busywork.

Turn around your best creative work faster and with less busywork.

Visual Collaboration

Creative collaboration requires visual communication.

Ditch the guesswork and endless back-and-forth emails for a single central hub. Let people drop comments on your creative work any time by pointing and clicking so you never have to chase them up or clarify what they meant. 

Shared Inbox

The unified inbox built for creative teams.

Log in to your team’s shared inbox and see all client emails assigned to the right website, with each email associated with a task.

Project Management

Visual-first project management

Manage your project more effectively, save hours every single week, and stay organized with the most innovative project management platform out there (Or integrate with yours). 

GoDaddy, have reported 14.5:1 ROI and increased NPS by 51.5% within a month of implementing Atarim

“This is already saving the team so much time!”
Susan, Product Manager

At Disney, a new Marvel film website usually takes 4 months to create. With Atarim it took 4 weeks.

“With Atartim, ALL of my communications are going through one tool, this saves massive amounts of time.”
Gary, Head of Websites

Or Newfold, who reduced their average project completion time by 53%.

“We changed our process to fit Atarim and it paid off. More than 2 years in, it’s an invaluable tool in our arsenal and it keeps improving”
Christina, Head of Delivery

Transform Internal Collaboration with Atarim

Streamline your feedback process, eliminate miscommunication, and accelerate project completion with Atarim, the visual collaboration tool designed for internal teams.

Forms & Project Intake

Forms & Project Intake for New Work

Get all the information you need before making a start on a new project and make sure your team has access to it from day 1. All in one place.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Built For Creative Work

Use time tracking to your advantage by calculating your team’s hourly rate, create better time estimates, and maximize profitability. 

Team Management

Team management that enables easy collaboration.

With Atarim, adding a team member to your company’s central hub actually makes it easy for them to get up & running, familiarize themselves with how you work, and get to work in no-time.

Workflow & Integrations

Seamless integrations with all your favorite software.

Augment your workflow by connecting flows internally using our automation tool or externally with native 2-way integrations to project management systems and other tools within your stack.

Streamline Feedback, Amplify Productivity