Atarim and Convesio Smooth, Easy Scalability and Worry-Free Hosting

Unveiling Convesio Partnership – Scaling Infrastructure & Collaboration

There are two main challenges to having a high-performing website: hosting and maintenance.

Imagine having both solved in one go.

Imagine the legendary speed and stability of Convesio web hosting with the groundbreaking website design and management power of Atarim – the number one choice of design agencies around the world.

One button to rule them all… literally. Because for the first time ever, Convesio and Atarim have joined forces, with agencies and clients now one click away from getting everything done that’s needed to keep a website ahead of the competition.

One Click Collaboration within Convesio

Let’s look at exactly what this partnership means and what the very real advantages are to both clients and agencies.

WordPress Hosting That Combines Speed, Stability, And Affordability

Since 2018 Convesio has built quite a reputation within the world of managed WordPress hosting – offering 99.9% uptime, and a WordPress stack that’s optimized to a staggering level, achieving a level of speed and stability that most other hosting providers only dream of.

But aside from an astonishingly efficient stack, what makes Convesio such a competitive choice for WordPress hosting is the impressive range of tools and add-ons that are included at no extra cost.

Convesio has an exceptional Client Satisfaction Rating

With most WordPress hosting solutions, it’s almost always necessary to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month for the additional tools needed to run an e-commerce store, such as maintaining a product catalog, processing payments, and handling shipping. Not to mention the security features every business needs to take very seriously when handling customer data.

However, with just the standard Business Level 3 plan offered by Convesio at $300 per month, all of these are included at no extra charge:

  • Global Edge Security
  • Redis
  • Object Cache Pro
  • Application Monitoring
  • Health Assessment
  • Consultative Onboarding
  • Premium support
  • Site transfer and setup

With almost any other hosting provider, these addons alone easily add $1,000 per month to the cost of keeping an e-commerce WordPress site up and running.

With no cap on the number of PHP workers and auto-scaling as standard, Convesio represents a hosting solution that doesn’t just offer outstanding hosting – it provides peace of mind, allowing businesses to focus on their customers, and on scaling.

Agency Management That Saves Hundreds Of Hours

Almost every design agency agrees on the one thing that causes most delays when it comes to website design and maintenance: client interactions.

It’s completely understandable – websites are largely a visual product, but are usually described using technical terms that the average business owner or client is unlikely to be familiar with.

You receive an email from the client asking for the tab to be made bigger. Tab? You can’t make tabs bigger – that’s part of the browser software. You need to email back asking what they mean by ‘tab’. Is it the banner image they mean? The hero image? The H1 title area?

Inevitably the back-and-forth discussions take hours, or more usually days, the majority of which can be focussed on identifying what the client actually means and wants, rather than discussing the specific details the agency needs to get the task done.

Which is where Atarim calmly steps in and revolutionizes the world of agency design.

They achieved this by asking a very simple question: since websites are visual products, why can’t design requests be handled visually, rather than through endless, wordy, and easily misunderstood emails?

Atarim provides a solution that allows clients to virtually ‘point and press’ what they want changed. All that’s needed to request an edit is to click on the part of the web page that they wish to have changed, and type a few words in a pop up note that appears right on the page.

This immediately generates a task in the agency’s dashboard that includes a visual snapshot of the page element the client was referring to, the note the client wrote about it, along with various meta data such as the browser version and screen resolution.

Agencies that have switched to relying on Atarim have seen web design project times slashed by up to 70%, massively increasing potential revenue as more projects can be completed in less time.

A Partnership To Allow Businesses To Scale Faster

Cutting-edge WordPress hosting and industry-leading agency design tool? Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Well, hold on to your wings – because it’s now here.

For the first time, Convesio and Atarim have come together to offer an outstanding solution for businesses and agencies.

Agencies can now log in to their Atarim dashboard and view all of their clients’ sites hosted with Convesio. A one-click button allows access to all current tasks, as well as the ability to log in and directly edit the content.

For clients, the partnership now gives them the ability to point and click anywhere on their website to tell agencies what they need changing, without any technical knowledge, or endless emails trying to decipher what the other party means.

This is an exciting partnership, providing unrivaled benefits to both agencies and their business clients.

Find out more about Convesio’s hosting plans, and Atarim’s collaboration tools

Atarim has long had a reputation across the design agency industry for helping to cut project completion times by up to 80% with its groundbreaking visual collaboration tools. Test out Atarim free today with the Free Forever plan.

Today’s partnership announcement highlights the importance Atarim assigns to providing agencies with the best combination of tools possible. With a large number of integrations already possible through Atarim, such as Zapier,, ZenDesk, Basecamp, Slack and many more, you can find out more about Atarim’s integrations here.

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