Introducing Canned Responses, Improved Sharing & “Guest Mode” Enhancements

As we double-down on our focus and commitment to improving the speed of collaboration (across performance, efficiency, and overall experience) – we’re beyond excited for our 3.8 release.

There are three main updates in this release:

  1. The All-New Canned Responses Feature
  2. An Improved Sharing & Invite Flow
  3. Enhanced Guest Mode (WordPress integration)

Canned Responses – Reply Even Faster With Reusable Snippets

Atarim already makes communicating with clients easier with the added context of what they’re looking at or – if you’re using our email inbox – the site that their request relates to. Entirely eliminating the need to rely on additional tools and back-and-forth emails clarifying what exactly they mean.

Today, we’re also making it easier to reply to both tasks created in visual collaboration and emails faster than ever with Canned Responses.

Canned Responses make it possible to create reusable snippets so replying to both emails and comments on tasks is even easier if it’s a question, suggestion, or issue you’ve had before.

By creating a range of snippets from common scenarios you run into in your day-to-day – save time and effort you’d usually spend typing out the same messages over and over again.

Writing messages for recurring issues is both tedious and time-consuming.

And more importantly, spending time on them is a missed opportunity to spend more time on things that really need the attention of you & your team.

Learn more about how to create and insert canned responses here.

Note: The plan is to expand our canned responses to include a library of hand-curated canned responses from people that are interested in contributing

Improved Sharing & Collaboration Invite Flow

As a core part of improving time to collaboration, we’ve made a number of improvements to our invitation flow. These focus on three things:

  1. People who receive links don’t need to log in anymore or re-enter their name, as this can be done by the person sending over the invite.
  2. If they already have an account, once they click the link in the email they receive, the project will be added directly to their Atarim projects view.
  3. Every time you invite someone, you can copy their personal invite link – perfect for sharing with them personally separately as well to make sure they get up & running.

“Guest Mode” Enhancements (WordPress Integration)

Guest Mode was first introduced and originally designed to make collaboration during the build stage easier than ever.

When things move fast, generating an Atarim collaborate link (at can often add an extra layer to the mix that slows people that are working directly on the site down.

But guest mode was by no means perfect as a solution because it meant that Atarim’s visual collaboration toolbar had to be publicly visible (to absolutely everyone that landed on the site).

This – of course – made it unsuitable for live sites.

Today, this is changing.

For those using our WordPress plugin integration to connect sites to your Atarim dashboard, you can now invite people to collaborate directly on the site without having to make collaboration public.

You invite someone as you normally would (from your site directly when our WordPress integration is installed).

And under the hood, a unique link is generated and sent via email (not a typical Atarim collaborate link, i.e.,, etc., a link that goes straight to the site in question).

When the person you’ve invited to collaborate on a site with you clicks that link, they’re automatically staged with the details you’ve entered on the invitation and can start collaborating.

All without having to log in anywhere.

They can dive straight in and get straight to collaborating.

Note: above test was conducted in two separate browsers since using this in incognito interferes with your browser’s ability to set cookies. The second browser (Brave) was not at all logged into the WordPress site, in fact, had never visited it before, and the Atarim toolbar appears and automatically allows the user to leave comments using the unique invite link shared (without having to enable the Atarim collaboration toolbar for everyone).

Summary + Get Involved in Atarim’s Innovation

This announcement focuses on the sexiest updates and changes we can share with you in every single release. Behind the scenes, the team has been working very hard with polishing season in full force.

We’re making a big push on improving the platform experience, from seemingly small things like the way you invite people to collaborate through to performance with another exciting release planned for next week.

If you’re interested in joining the conversations surrounding what we build next – we invite you to check out our product feature request site at:

This is the place to get involved in discussions about what you’d like to see in a future Atarim release (including joining existing conversations already happening there if you see another user has requested something that you’d also like to see make it to Atarim soon).

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