Bring Collaboration to Where You Work – We’re Partnering with Visual Composer

We have exciting partnership news again this week – this time for web developers and agencies looking to streamline their workflow and improve overall project completion times.

Atarim has joined forces with Visual Composer!

This means we’re delivering to web agencies an unrivalled partnership between the leading visual collaboration platform and the ultimate visual website builder.

So exactly what does this mean? Why have we brought you this new partnership and how will it impact your workflow & efficiency? What makes it so cool we’re bursting at the seams to launch it?

Let’s take a closer look and see why this is extremely exciting news for everyone!

Atarim X Visual Composer

Visual Composer – Building Better Websites… Better!

We’ve long been fans of Visual Composer, and not just because we felt their pain facing up to the challenge of morphing from one brand to another! At Atarim, we grew and changed from WPFeedback to the brand you know today, and Visual Composer has similarly grown from its roots with WPBakery.

And like us, Visual Composer’s journey has been dramatic, and perhaps also inevitable.

Whereas WPBakery was the very foundation for early visual page building, bringing drag-and-drop functionality to WordPress, Visual Composer takes this many steps further. It provides the ability to not just build and edit the content of a single page, but to build and develop an entire website in a visual way – focussing on developing the actual content, rather than spending time on backend configuration.

This has represented a seismic shift for developers – virtually doing away with the need for constantly switching between the backend and the frontend, and allowing for a much more streamlined approach to site development and editing.

With Visual Composer it’s possible to design and develop far more than just the visual content of a page. It provides the ability to edit and create entire page templates, footers, headers, sidebars, pop ups, and every aspect of the themes used.

What we also love about Visual Composer is the focus on developing sites that are fast, efficient, and highly optimized.

Key Visual Composer Features

This is largely down to their Visual Composer Hub – a resource library of elements, templates and addons, all stored in the cloud. All you need to do is choose the ones you want to use, and add to your website only the assets you actually need or want.

This ensures lightning fast site speeds, and a massive increase in overall efficiency.

Not to mention the greater ease as far as on-going maintenance and security is concerned.

For anyone familiar with WPBakery, this is all very different indeed!

Whereas WPBakery installed libraries of addons and templates by default, and made significant use of shortcodes (which are rapidly being deprecated), Visual Composer is built from the ground up to deliver efficiency.

Written in React, and taking advantage of the very latest developments and ways of working with WordPress, this is a tool that’s helping developers and agencies significantly improve project and task timelines – which of course, in turn, is improving that rather nice number on the bottom line…

So How Does Partnering With Atarim Make A Difference?

You may have already noticed that several words we’ve used to describe the benefits of Visual Composer are also words often used to describe Atarim: visual, efficiency, speed, streamlined approach, turnaround times…

We appreciated the similarities in their intent and realized the huge advantage that could be offered to agencies and developers through a partnership.

With any other site builder it’s still necessary to switch regularly between frontend and backend. With Atarim’s visual tools allowing clients to simply ‘point and click’ on elements of their site they want updating, web agencies are able to see exactly what needs changing, and where.

Thanks to this exciting partnership you can instead work almost exclusively within the frontend of a site, seeing both the current tasks and the web page at the same time.

This allows developers to see the complete list of pending tasks on the left, each of which links directly to the page/page element on the right.

There is no need for any additional clicking, navigating to pages, or diving in and out of the backend or admin dashboard. 

Instead, each task created by Atarim appears as an item that brings up the actual page on the right, with all of the page editing tools and abilities right there, ready to be used.

Atarim & Visual Composer – The Ultimate Project Workflow!

Just imagine how this workflow can significantly improve your team’s efficiency:

  • The client points & clicks an area of their website and types a note to say what they want changed.
  • This immediately creates a task within Atarim that’s assigned to the appropriate team member, and includes all of the necessary data (such as a screenshot of how the client saw the page element, their note, the browser they used, and their screen resolution).
  • Your team opens up Visual Composer and sees a panel on the left with all of the current tasks (and all of the data collected by Atarim).
  • Clicking on any of these tasks opens up the relevant page & section on the right hand side of the same window.
  • As this is the actual page, editable directly within Visual Composer, and with all of the block tools and functions available right on the page, the developer can immediately make the necessary changes – with no clicking away, opening up additional pages, navigating through the backend or admin dashboard.

In other words… it just works.

Here at Atarim we continue to be committed to developing the most seamless, efficient, and enjoyable workflow possible for you, your clients, and your team. Partnership with incredible companies like Visual Composer helps to make this possible.

Check out the Visual Composer announcement here.

Atarim and Visual Composer – how web agencies are supposed to work.
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Today’s partnership announcement highlights the importance Atarim assigns to providing agencies with the best combination of tools possible. With a large number of integrations already possible through Atarim, such as Convesio, Visual Composer, Zapier,, Zendesk, Basecamp, Slack, and many more, you can find out more about Atarim’s integrations here.

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