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5 Unique Things You Can Only Do With Atarim

Atarim (previously WP Feedback) started off as a simple visual feedback tool for web designers. However, since its inception in 2019, it has undergone many changes to become what it is today.

From its humble beginnings as a basic WordPress plugin, Atarim quickly grew into a wildly popular solution for web development agencies looking to transform the way they work.

As the plugin became more and more popular, the company began to introduce an array of new features to meet user demand and requests. After 18 months as a plugin, we eventually pivoted to a full-scale SaaS model and continue to build upon the only solution dedicated to web design agency project management & communication.

From Frustration to Innovation – How Atarim Was Created

When we launched, I was running a web design agency of my own & decided to build Atarim after years of stressing out to maintain multiple communication channels with clients, such as Facebook, emails, texts, Skype, LinkedIn, and the most notorious one of all – voice messages. 😒

By streamlining the way web design and development agencies manage client communication, Atarim grew rapidly in a short period of time to satisfy the demands of more than 5,000 agencies and freelancers.

Screenshot showing Atarim's dashboard

The most revolutionary part of Atarim is its centralized hub, allowing you to easily manage your clients without having to log in to each website. This is known as the Agency Dashboard, and looks like this:

Over the next year and a half, the team added more than 150 features to Atarim. And all that’s required is a plugin installed on each client website. This makes it easy for clients to provide content, check and approve designs, and request additional support.

The plugin also allows for seamless communication, automated screenshots, and passing on relevant information such as browser and screen size to the agency or freelancer via the agency dashboard.

Atarim is primarily designed for freelance web developers and agencies working with multiple clients. Here are some unique Atarim features that you should know about.

1. Manage All Your Websites From A Single, Central Dashboard

Screenshot showing Atarim's dashboard

Whenever you log into your dashboard, you will see a comprehensive overview of projects, clients, and tasks. You can also assign projects and tasks into different teams, all through a simple, centralized hub. This way, you get all the information you need at a glance right away, allowing you to prioritize tasks and make important decisions on what needs to be done.

2. Get A Deeper Understanding of Your Clients’ Requirements


The task center is an excellent feature in Atarim that shows client requests for each website. Whenever a request gets created, Atarim will also attach an automated screenshot, showing you exactly what your client is referring to.

At a glance, you can view comments and check any updates posted on each task. As soon as the plugin is installed, it creates a task center in your Agency Dashboard. You can operate from the dashboard, and the client will see changes on their task center in real-time. This ensures that you and your client both remain on the same page and removes the need for painful back-and-forths where your client is trying to explain which button they want to change.

3. Track Tasks That Are Actually Associated With Websites

screenshot showing atarim's kanban boards

Kanban boards aren’t unique, but Atarim simplifies client communication by providing real-time updates with email notifications as each board is updated. Clients can also create their own to-do lists for your team through their website, making communication seamless.

This, combined with the Team Activity feed, makes it easy for you to track work done by team members. There are several additional features that make project management extremely simple in Atarim.

Activity Updates

You can view the path taken by each task, including assignees and responsible parties, so you know which member of the team is working on what.

Time Estimates

Managers can create time estimates based on their own experience or understanding of how long a task is supposed to take.

Discrete Task Management

Communications and tasks are separated based on clients, so the lines never get blurry from one client to another. It’s also highly scalable.

4. Collect Feedback & Communicate Visually

Designing mockups and logos is an essential part of running an agency. Usually, there’s a lot of back and forth involved in getting approvals from a client about what works and what needs to be removed. The Visual Feedback Tool in Atarim allows clients to write specific comments overlaid on images, so you know exactly what your client wants.

The visual feedback feature is also installed within the client’s interface plugin, so they never have to leave their website. After a revision is requested, you can upload a new version from your own dashboard and review any further comments.

5. Seamless Two-Way Communication Right On Your Clients’ Websites

Screenshot showing comment exchange between clients
No other tool makes communication with clients as easy as Atarim does.

Instead of having to sift through extensive email chains, Atarim makes things simple. Clients can define the urgency of a task and communicate through a centralized platform. They can even create tasks on the client-side plugin, so you know exactly what you have to do, or who to assign it to.

This also presents a unique opportunity: you can guide your clients about how to make adjustments or changes to their WordPress website. Instead of having to create long tutorial videos, you can simply leave notes that your client can see.

These tiny visual cues can go a long way in preventing those emergency situations where a client does something wrong and rushes to you for help.

Bonus Hidden Atarim Use Cases Our Users Love

People use Atarim in different ways based on their own needs. Here are 5 creative ways in which agencies and freelancers use Atarim.

Create color-coded stickers on a website to easily direct clients

adding color coded comments to atarim

Want to divert your user’s attention to a specific area on your website? You can create engaging, attention-grabbing stickers to point your users to a particular area on your website. Colors can represent urgency or progress, whichever one best suits your needs.

Use compact mode + {display:none} to support logged in users within your website/shop/LMS, like an interactive FAQ

Interactive FAQs and support can help you boost sales by a considerable margin. By using the compact mode, you’re better able to support your users. In case they have a question, you can easily provide an answer, nudging them closer to conversion.

Create stickers in query string specific locations to train clients

You can use this CSS to stop comments for the sticker and give clients detailed guidance about different features on their website.

Use guest mode +: before for instructions + {display:none} to collect questions and leads from visitors

Adding this class makes it easy to hide elements without having to recreate or delete them. You can use this to get relevant questions from visitors and provide more value in the future.

Add ?wpf_login=1 to any screen to load a login popup

You can also add the Atarim login parameter to any URL on your website to automatically load a login prompt popup – as shown above.

Summary – People are enjoying Atarim & You Can Too

We’re pleased that you made it to the end of this post & hope you’ve found it useful in objectively evaluating what sets Atarim apart from generic project management software for web design and development businesses.

If you haven’t already taken it for a spin on one of your sites, now’s never been a better time to get started. We’ve really only just begun to scratch the surface – there really is a lot more to love about Atarim. But you don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what our users are saying:

atarim testimonials from clients

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