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Go Backstage With 65+ Hours of Expert Training To Help You Grow Your Agency

Watch every session that you missed during the Atarim Web Agency Summit – or re-watch your faves! Get unlimited access to 65+ hours of some of the most useful content you will ever watch from agency owners, marketers and freelancers in our industry.

On top of that, get loads of extras to elevate your Agency and double your revenue in 2023! 

Here's What You Get With The Backstage Pass:

Atarim Virtual Summit All Access Pass Is The #1 Online Resource To Teach You How To Grow Your WP Agency

Throughout my journey in providing WordPress services, I’ve been honored to learn from some of the best WordPress agency owners & WP contributors. Just as they have had an incredible impact on the way I do things, they will change the way you think and act too.

These world-class WordPress experts have the best tips, tricks, and strategies to help you grow your agency. They teach you how to attract high-paying clients, mastering communication with clients to avoid delays, and delivering your projects smoothly and on time.

Each of these speakers normally charges consulting rates from $100 – $1000 an hour. I say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you.

And they are ready to help you move forward with growing your WP agency or freelance business. If you are tired of feast and famine cycles, then you need to restructure your lead generation and fulfillment of your WordPress services.

Let these experts guide you, step-by-step. They will give you the WP Agency Growth blueprint and tools you need to finally get these high-paying projects (repeatedly!) and help you stop spinning your wheels.

What If I Can’t Make It To All Expert Masterclass Sessions At Once?

We’re all busy running our businesses and pressed for time, I have been there myself.

Successful implementation of these growth strategies will need some time and effort if you truly want to achieve results.

And going through everything at once is likely not feasible for most. There’s plenty of lessons and strategy you can add to your daily business!

But with the Atarim Summit All Access Pass, it’s like having the owners of the leading WP agencies and WP service businesses guide you every step of the way.

You can scale your WP agency step-by-step, wherever you’re starting, right now.

You can watch and study these powerful and actionable world-class expert masterclass sessions more in-depth, at any time, from anywhere!

So if you’re really serious about scaling your WP agency or freelance business without drowning in projects and going through feast and famine cycles …

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to grow a sustainable WP agency or freelance business …

If you want access to $1,000s in exclusive limited-time bonuses and special deals (more on that later on this page) …

Then the Atarim Summit All Access Pass is for you.

It’s a complete no-brainer for most of our 5,000+ attendees to upgrade to the All Access Pass so they can get lifetime access to these game-changing strategies and exclusive bonuses.


We’re Talking About $7,546 In World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions And Exclusive Limited Time Bonuses When You Upgrade To The All Access Pass Today:

So Why Should It Be Your #1 Focus To Strategically Up Your Prices, Add Recurring Revenue, And Fire Bad Clients?

When I finally made scaling my WP agency my #1 focus and priority, I was able to go from struggling with feast & famine cycles to having a stable monthly revenue and working with clients I love to be around.

Having more recurring income and working on high-paid projects helped me take on less projects, so I can spend more time with my family and enjoy my hobbies… so it’s safe to say that the strategies shared in this summit deserve your time, effort, and complete focus.

Without attracting high-paying clients, adding recurring revenue, and taking on less projects, you can’t really grow your WordPress agency without drowning in work.

When You Upgrade To The
Atarim's Web Summit All Access Pass
During This Special Limited-Time Period, You’ll Get:

($6,000 Value)

50+ Video Masterclass Sessions

You get lifetime access to all videos from our 2020 summit as well as all sessions from 2022 as they go live. Learn everything you need to know to have a successful WordPress Agency from some of the top CEOs, designers, developers & marketers in the space. By buying this pass, you ensure that you always have access to these talks and you won’t miss a single word from the experts.

($199 Value)

Resources To Teach You How To Grow Your Agency

Before becoming Atarim, we had our own design agency for nearly 12 years. In this time we built up quite the system in getting projects done fast and building 6 figures in recurring revenue. To teach you how to achieve this, we’ve created 4 in depth PDFs that lay out the steps and make this a reality for your agency.

This includes:

  1. The best Agency Growth Strategy
  2. How to deal with scope creep
  3. Launching a 100k+ WordPress Product

($250 Value)

Prototyping Templates For All Major Page Builders

These templates will help you kick start a project. We’ve built one for all of the most used page builders in WordPress, and you’ll have access to all of them. These will allow you to quickly get layouts to get approved by your client and then even get the content from them in one swoop, saving a bunch of time!

($200 Value)

The Perfect Project Framework Training

Learn how every single website project should be laid out to guarantee success every time. It doesn’t matter what type of website it is, this framework applies. Once you have this in place, you’ll find completing projects to be faster than it’s ever been, while avoiding scope creep and keeping your clients happy.

($199 Value)

Resources to Scale Your Agency and Win and Delight Clients

As Hubspot is a partner of the Atarim Digital Agency Summit, in the spirit of community, they have been kind enough to include an awesome resource in the access pass!

These resources include: 5 Templates That Help You Win, Retain And Delight Dour Clients, 10 Podcasts For Scaling Your Agency & the Ultimate Guide To Faster Agency Growth.

($199 Value)

10+ Asana Templates To Manage Your Agency

Are you struggling with project management, keeping your customers updated regularly, and delivering your projects on time? These Asana templates will help you streamline your daily business. Our templates cover proposals & billing, project management, website launch checklists, customer development, landing page checklists, and much more!

($500 Value)

Learn How To Remove Major Bottlenecks

The three stages of a project are: gathering content, approving designs & providing support. Each agency struggles with at least one of these stages when building websites for their clients. Learn how to eliminate the bottleneck that occurs at each of these steps and make sure that projects never go past their deadline!

($99 Value)

Swipe Copy To Send To Clients

Do you struggle sometimes to get your clients on-board when a project starts? Or are you having trouble getting them to approve your designs? This swipe copy will give you a framework on how to communicate with your clients at every step of a project. These are tried and tested with our own clients and we’ve had great results.

TOTAL VALUE = $7,546
You save over 90% Off the full value price when you purchase today!

Get Access To Over 40+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $97

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

What Previous All Access Pass Holders Have To Say

By Far One Of The Best Resources For WP Agencies...

The speakers Jan brought together for this event is easily one of the best line-ups I’ve seen at any conference for WordPress specialists. It’s great to have lifetime access to their strategies.
MOR COHEN - FlixFrame

This summit is epic for WP agency owners and freelancers.

Super excited to dive into the content and to have the flexibility to do that at my own convenience!
ANCHEN LE ROUX - Lead Developer And Founder At Simply Digital Design

This Exclusive Material From World Class Experts Is Designed To Deliver You Results

1. Unique & Actionable Material

The unique, strategic and very actionable step-by-step advice will help you to attract high-paying clients, deliver your WP projects smoothly, and build recurring revenue so you can scale your agency without drowning in work – no matter if you’re just starting out or have been doing this for a while. That’s why the All Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.

2. Proven, World-Class Expert Mentors!

With the All Access Pass, it’ll be like having 50+ world-class expert mentors in your hand, constantly ready to help you out with their best advice. Don’t waste precious time and money on trial and error! These experts have already been where you are now and have figured out what works best right now.

3. Reduce Overwhelm

It’s a fact – most WP agencies & freelancers are struggling with overwhelm. There’s too many projects at once, too many sources of information, and how are you supposed to know who to trust?

You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and time on self-proclaimed gurus without actual real-life experience or results. That’s why I’ve gathered this hand-picked lineup of WordPress agency experts in one place, sharing clear strategies that work today. No fluff! Our expert mentors will tell you how you can implement the very same strategies they use to start seeing amazing results, quickly!

A Quick Recap

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

The Full Web Agency Summit All Access Pass

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

TOTAL VALUE = $7,546
You save over 90% Off the full value price when you purchase today!

Get Access To Over 40+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $97

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

Your Summit All Access Pass Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE everything the Atarim Summit All-Access Pass gives you, that I’m willing to offer you an outrageous 100% money-back guarantee.

Sign up for your Atarim Summit All Access Pass and test it out for the next 30 days. Watch as many of the 20+ world-class expert masterclass sessions as you’d like, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then simply reach out and we’ll give you a refund.

For more information, please hit the live chat button on this page.

Got A Question? No Problem.
Here Are Your Answers

The All Access Pass gets you all the expert video sessions as they go live, 30+ hours of content from our previous summit, resources to help you grow your agency, prototyping wireframes for all major page builders, training on how to frame the perfect project, 10+ Asana templates to manage your agency, training on how to remove bottlenecks from projects and swipe copy to send to clients for every stage of a project.

If you’re serious about scaling your WP agency or freelance business without drowning in client work, about building recurring revenue, and about attracting high-paying clients…

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to increase the revenue of your WP agency or freelance business TODAY…

If you want access to $1,000’s in exclusive limited-time bonuses and special deals…

If you want the freedom to access the world-class expert masterclass sessions over and over on YOUR schedule…

Then the All Access Pass is for you!

You get access to each talk as they finish. Last year the sessions were pre-recorded, this year though we are doing it live! So as soon as they are finished, they’ll appear for you to watch.

Yes, to participate in the summit completely free, BUT once a talk has finished if you don’t have an access pass you will not be able to watch the replays. Also you won’t get all of the bonuses either.

No, this is a super early discount. The price will rise the closer we get to the summit, which will be the 23rd of March.

With the free pass, you can only watch the speaker sessions when they are live.

However, if you upgrade to the All-Access Pass, you’ll get lifetime, on-demand access to the summit plus exclusive limited-time bonuses, inside our members area where you can go at your own pace.

Your All Access Pass comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days, guaranteed.

You’ll get lifetime access to all the value-packed, world-class expert masterclass sessions. This allows you to watch and listen on your schedule.

Learn and take massive action by applying the lessons our experts present and take full advantage of the exclusive bonuses. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund your money no questions asked (as long as you didn’t buy for just getting the downloading all the material or for getting the special deals & discounts etc).

We’ll shoot you an email with all of the details of how to get everything you purchased.

Yes, it’s 100% online. As an All Access Pass holder, you can access everything online in a private members area at your own convenience.

Yes! With the All Access Pass, you can take any of the audio sessions or written session notes, action worksheets and put them on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere. The video sessions can be streamed inside the member’s area.

Meet Your Host

Vito Peleg

Vito built his first website 20+ years ago as a teenager for his skateboarding crew from high school, he later started freelancing and grew his London based agency to a team of 12 while organising events and touring the world as the leader or a rock band.

Scratching his own itch, he went on to create (formerly WP FeedBack) as a way of systemising his own WordPress agency and as the ultimate platform for virtual events and remote team collaboration.

TOTAL VALUE = $7,546
You save over 90% Off the full value price when you purchase today!

Get Access To Over 40+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $97

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

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