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🔨 Build

Stepping up your website delivery skills. What should you focus on when building website projects for clients, where are the upcoming revenue opportunities in our industry and how to leverage them for your business.

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Marieke Van De Rakt:
CEO of Yoast

Get SEO Fit: 7 Tips To Improve The SEO Fitness Of Your Website

Websites grow and as they grow, you’ll need to do some maintenance. Otherwise, the rankings of your website in Google might deteriorate.

In this talk, Marieke will share 7 practical tips on what you can do to keep your site SEO Fit! Learn about SEO copywriting, internal linking, keyword cannibalization, Schema and much more. After this talk, you’ll know what to do to get SEO fit!

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Todd Jones:
Story Teller at Copyflight

Top Reasons For Using Storytelling in Your Content

Storytelling is one of the most overlooked aspects of writing content for your own business and your clients. 

Good story telling is what can make ANY online business a success and in this talk, we explore rock-solid reasons for using storytelling in all areas of your content & business.

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Amber Hinds:
CEO of Equalize Digital

How to Build Accessibility into Your Website Projects

In 2021, accessibility has never been more important – and it’s importance is still on the rise. This is both because of the dramatic post-COVID increase in businesses engaging with customers online and also due to more website accessibility laws worldwide.

This session will present a case study on building an accessible website powered by WordPress. We’ll discuss how accessibility was included at every phase of the project from user journey mapping to design, development, user testing, and launch, and provide a framework that agencies and developers can follow to ensure the websites they build are accessible.

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Chip Edwards:
Technologist and Teacher

What does Amazon Alexa mean for Website Design?

Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are being adopted by consumers across the world. As users ask for content, products, and services, how can you make sure that you are part of the conversation?

In this session, Chip demonstrates how companies are currently engaging clients using #VoiceFirst technology. How UI/UX is changing to VUX. And he’ll talk about why you need to protect your (and your clients) brand on Voice Assistant platforms.

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Tanya Quintieri:
Web Designer at Mrs. Divi

Designing Better Websites for Global Audiences

Tanya wants nothing more than to share her experience as marketing translator gone web designer with the community.

We all agree that it is always best to design a website with the target audience in mind. But are you allowing for scalability in terms of translation and localization? She highlights some pitfalls to look out for, what to look for in a suitable translator for your project, and share her favorite tools to get the job done.

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Kristina Romero:
Founder of WP Care Market

Remotely Managing Projects And Your Team

Website care plans are the life blood of any agency, if you want to build and expand, you need to have recurring revenue so you aren’t surviving project to project.

Kristina explains how to structure website care plans, how to sell them, and how to build a remote team that can deliver outstanding service to your customers.

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Aleksandar Savkovic:
WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways

Are your website's web vitals good, and why not?

When a person lands on a website for the first time, their attention is held for a maximum of 10 seconds before they either resonate with what’s on the page, or leave and never come back.

That’s 10 seconds WITH a website that has amazing performance, how many of those precious seconds are being wasted due to bad performance optimization on your website (or your client’s)?

Aleksander is an expert in WordPress and in his session, he’ll demonstrate that your website might not be as healthy as you think and if it isn’t, how you can make sure it’s up to scratch.

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Miriam Schwab:
Co-Founder and CEO of Strattic

A Static-First Approach To WordPress For Greater speed, Security, Scalability and Peace Of Mind

WordPress continues to be the world’s leading CMS, but in order to ensure its future we need to innovate and bring modern web development approaches to the industry.

In this talk we’ll discuss the opportunities and limitations of going static with WP, and how to plan your development process so your site is static-ready.

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Paul Goodchild:
Founder, Lead Developer of iControlWP & Shield Security

How To Maximize Your WordPress Security and That Of Your Clients

WordPress Security is a critical component in the life and work of every WordPress professional, but it’s often a confusing and difficult aspect when building a website.

Not just for you, but also for your clients. In this talk we’ll discuss strategies and tips to help you approach security within your own work, and also how to better communicate the importance of security with your clients. 

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Donata Stroink-Skillrud:
President of Termageddon

The 3 Things All Web Professionals Need To Know About Privacy

Clients trust web professionals to guide them to a website that generates leads. An unfortunate side effect of lead generation is the collection of personal information. 

Clients often look to web professionals to answer the questions “do I really need a Privacy Policy, and why?” The fact is that most web professionals should have some knowledge of why privacy is important, what kind of websites need a Privacy Policy, and should be the ones speaking to their clients about the topic.

In this talk, Donata will answer all of the above questions and empower web professionals to be true advocates for privacy and protection for their clients. 

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Patrick Gallagher:
Co-Founder and CEO GridPane

Cheat To Win: 4 Secrets to How the Fastest and Most Profitable Sites Pull It All Off

Do you find yourself always looking for that extra twist on the dial to speed your clients sites up just a bit further? Are you constantly struggling to control your hosting costs? Is your recurring model a recurring nightmare?

Then join Patrick (and a special guest) as they share insights gleaned from helping clients in over 85 countries build enterprise WordPress environments that power insanely high traffic websites. Along the way you’ll also learn how to flip the tables on the biggest players in the hosting game, while gobbling up all the margin.

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Gabriella Galea:
Content Manager at WPMayor

How To Build Authority And Traffic Using Content Curation

Building authority online is a surefire way to attract the clients you want to serve. If a potential client already considers you an expert in the service you are providing, you are already half way there to closing the deal.

To do this, content needs to be provided constantly to your audience. Gaby explains how to leverage RSS feeds for syndicating content and using it to build an authoritative presence online.


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Lee Jackson:
Founder at AgencyTrailblazer

Mastering Content Creation And The New Work Environment

Content creation has never been more important in our industry, it’s something you must get right for both your business and your client’s. It should never been an afterthought.

We dive deep into how Lee creates content for multiple podcasts, multiple blogs, and his social communities consistently. He shares his exact steps for the podcast creation, talks about productivity tips and shares his thoughts on starting podcasts.

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Beth Livingston
Director of The WP Project Manager's Academy

Mastering Project Delivery And Avoiding Scope Creep

Beth shares her process for successfully managing projects and avoiding scope creep.

We talk about discovery sessions, client onboarding routines, and more topics that are essential for rock-solid project delivery.

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Bob Dunn:
Founder at BobWP

Running a Podcast To Build Authority In Your Niche

With everyone being stuck at home what’s a better thing to use your time than start a podcast.

Bob shares his thoughts on starting a new podcast from scratch, using WordPress to host your podcast and build your brand, and important lessons he learned from starting multiple podcasts in the past 10+ years.

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Piccia Neri:
Founder at

What Makes Good UX

You have so little time to get new comers interested in staying on your website, how do you use that time as wisely as possible in your design?

Piccia and Jan go over three websites submitted by our audience and give actionable advice on improving the User Experience and User Interface on those websites, for better conversions and a more pleasant experience for the visitors.

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Alex Panagis:
Founder at Scale Math

Creating an SEO Strategy For a Customer Website

Providing SEO for clients can be overwhelming, but there are multiple solutions out there that make the job easier.

Alex goes through some user submitted websites and gives actionable advice on how to quickly form an SEO strategy for each site.

🧮 Expand

Create sustainability and increase your profits. Through completing services, improved positioning and proven systems thought by the top experts, each spent years learning and making the mistakes so that you won’t.

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David Vogelpohl:
VP of Growth at WP Engine

Monthly Recurring Revenue for Freelancers & Agencies

Are you looking for ways to exponentially grow your freelance and agency business? Are you tired of worrying about making payroll for yourself or your employees? Are you tired of living project to project?

Driving monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in your freelance or agency business can be one of the best ways to drive exponential growth and reliable streams of income that can help your business thrive. In this session, David Vogelpohl of WP Engine discusses the strategies you can use to create growth-boosting MRR in your freelance and agency business. 

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Chris Lema:
Vice President, Products & Innovation at Liquid Web & Nexcess

The Single Paradigm Shift You Need To Experience To Help You Add $100k - $300k To Your Income

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single freelancer, or running a digital agency – everyone wants more revenue. But what if the problem isn’t getting more leads?

What if the problem is how you’re thinking about your offerings? What if a single paradigm shift will enable you to drive more revenue to the bottom line?

That’s what we’ll look at in this talk – with real-world examples of agencies that drove hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line once they made the switch.

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Ovi Negrean:
CEO and Co-Founder of SocialBee

Increase Your Web Design Agency’s Recurring Revenue with These 5 Marketing Services

Find out the secrets behind successful agencies that are looking to expand the range of services that they offer – without overwhelming themselves or the team.

You’ll get actionable tips and tools on how to streamline the work, how to increase your agency’s profitability and recurring revenue.

The strategies that Ovi will share with you have helped scale SocialBee’s Concierge Services and grow their customer base substantially.

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Tom Fanelli:
CEO of Convesio

Increase Your Web Design Agency’s Recurring Revenue with These 5 Marketing Services

Creating products is one of Tom’s passions, and he shares his proven process for creating products that the market actually wants and appreciates.

We also talk about the history of Convesio and why their unique approach to hosting really sets them apart in today’s market.

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Sam Mulaim:
Founder and CEO of FixRunner

How To Sell WordPress Care Plans

Having recurring monthly/yearly revenue in your Agency is paramount for success. Waiting for that next big project to keep you a-float is a surefire way to either stop you from growing or at the worst you shutting your doors.

In this interview, Sam will provide some tips and advice on how to sell care plans and how to run this type of business remotely to ensure you always have the revenue to keep growing your Agency.

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Nicole Osborne:
Marketing coach for digital agency owners

How to get noticed by your dream clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE biggest B2B social media platform – yet many digital agencies really struggle to get any leads from this rapidly growing and evolving platform. If you’re ready to get more high-quality leads for your agency via LinkedIn (the organic way!), join Nicole’s interactive LinkedIn masterclass. You’ll learn, how to: 

  • Decide if you need a company page for your agency
  • Optimise your personal profile as agency owner
  • Come up with content ideas your dream clients will love

Yes, LinkedIn might be seen as boring, but the platform has changed so much that it’s worth taking another look! Join this masterclass to walk away with a doable plan for your LinkedIn marketing and tons of practical tips.

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Ben Pines:
Head of Web Creator Program at Elementor

Elementor Features and Hacks For Agencies

Elementor has become the leading website building platform in the last couple of years and with good reason, it provides a plethora of features to make building top quality websites a simple task.

In this talk, Ben will take you through the hidden gems and features within Elementor to not only guide you through using the platform to build better websites, but also how it can be used as a great business tool to streamline your agency workflows.

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Chris Badgett:
CEO of LifterLMS

How to Become a High Value WordPress LMS Consultant

In this session, Chris teaches us the way to become a high-value WordPress LMS consultant.

Learn about the five rapidly expanding online education niches that WordPress consultants can focus on to increase agency success.

You’ll also learn: How to maximize your WordPress LMS agency service package offering, how to choose specific high value sub niches, how to become a high value consultant in the remote learning industry…and more!

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Martin Krcho:
Senior developer at WP White Security

Website security is not a one-time fix

WordPress security goes way beyond installing a security plugin or subscribing to a firewall service. Hardening your website is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s just the start. 

As websites grow and change to meet business requirements, their security state changes as well. So you need to stay on top of the game to keep your website secure for months and years.

That’s exactly what we’ll talk about during this talk. We’ll highlight the strategies you can use to stay ahead of the game and constantly improve the security posture of your website as it grows and changes, so it is protected against the ever-evolving attack vectors.

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Alison Rothwell:
Director at WPFiddlyBits

The Path To Selling Profitable WordPress Care Plans

Alison explains how she started selling care plans and grew her agency to having multiple team members and a steady stream of income. Doing so is almost impossible without recurring revenue, it is the life blood or any agency.

We also talk about team management, client communications, and more.

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Mike Demo:
Lead Hand Shaker at Web Ventures

Invoicing and You: Getting Paid, WordPress Tools, and Making Happy Clients

Are you using your website to spearhead your freelancing business? In this session, Mike Demo shows you how to get the most out of WordPress to make clients happy. 

You will learn how to tell the difference between estimates and quotes. This includes the aspect of determining the price of your services. You’ll also learn the importance of getting an upfront deposit for your work. 

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Bridget Willard:
Marketing Consultant

B2B Marketing on Twitter Explained

Bridget breaks down her proven B2B Marketing strategy on Twitter, walking us through each aspect of her approach and explaining actionable ways to implement her strategy straight away.

B2B marketing is usually left for partnerships and cold reach-out, Bridget shows why using social media platforms like Twitter is a good idea and should be used by ALL businesses!

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Thibaud Guerin:
Web Marketing Manager

Multilingual Websites: How To Generate Additional Revenue For Your Agency

Diversifying the services that your agency offers means you can attract various different types of clients. One of the most overlooked service is multilingual websites.

Why is this? It can be tricky creating a website that supports multiple different languages, especially if it’s a ecommerce store or large website with huge amounts of info.

In this talk, Thibaud will demonstrate how you can integrate this service into your business model, how to charge for this type of service and how to create a “Multilingual website development package”.


🚀 Scale

As you scale, every small spark can become a wildfire. Learn how to keep track of your profitability, keeping clients in check, productise where you can and create repeatable processes within your growing business.

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Marcus Ohanesian:
Founder & Designer at Perfect Evolution

Proactive Project Management

In this session, you’ll learn how to approach your projects with a value-driven mindset while improving the client relationship.

We’ll approach Project Management from the lens of UI/UX Design, Development, and Feature road mapping. Join us to create your own pro-active project management strategy.

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Melissa Rachel Love:
Founder of The Design Space & The Marketing Fix

Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Machine

Struggling to generate leads, book new clients and grow your web design business? Agency-owner turned WordPress theme designer, Melissa Love, will walk you through the exact steps she took to grow her own web design business to 6 figures and how she transitioned to a recurring income model.

As a marketing expert, she will help you put together your own actionable marketing plan and give you an action list to help you put your new strategy in motion.

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Vito Peleg:
Founder of Atarim

The 3 Main Bottlenecks of Every Website Project & How To Avoid Them

Nearly every single project follows the same framework from start to finish (with the odd exception). These are gathering content, design approval & providing support.

There are bottlenecks at each of these stages and almost 99% of agencies suffer from at least one. This delays your client projects finishing on time, hurting your profitability and your sanity. In this session Vito go throughs each bottleneck and what you can do to completely eliminate them.

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Chase Buckner:
Director Of Content & Education for HighLevel

Why Smart Agencies Are Pivoting To A SaaS + Services Model

When you build your clients websites, are you tying their forms to a CRM for them? Are you setting up webchat? Installing and configuring call tracking? Setting up a system to build and manage positive reviews?

If not, you should be. And if you are, it’s time YOUR AGENCY became the provider of those services instead of the big players in the space. 

In this talk we’ll show your agency can compete directly with Podium, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, CallRail, etc. without actually having to build or maintain software.

All Access Pass 30
Mike Demo:
Lead Hand Shaker at Web Ventures

How Web Ventures helps WP Businesses Scale

Mike explains the process WP companies need to go through in order to acquire funding from Venture Capitalists.

He also shares a rare look behind the scenes at Web Ventures and reveals plans for the companies Web Ventures has acquired.

All Access Pass 16
Beth L Livingston:
Director of The WP Project Manager's Academy

The Magic of the Change Budget

Experts all agree that a successful project is one that is completed on time, within budget, with an end-product whose features meet the client’s business requirements, without sacrificing profit. They also agree that the major enemies to project success are always scope creep and project delays.

In this session, Beth will discuss how using a change budget along with a solid change control procedure can ensure that each and every project meets the criteria for success – on time, within budget, while retaining your project profit margin. It’s MAGIC!

All Access Pass 39
Davinder Singh Kainth:
Website Creator & Coach

Make Yourself Stand Out in the WordPress Space

The WordPress ecosystem is huge, and getting the right attention from the right people to your product or service can be an overwhelming process for a lot of creators.

In Davinder’s session, you’ll find a practical roadmap for visibility in the ecosystem, which is engaging, productive, and profitable for your Agency.

All Access Pass 40
Ronald Gijsel:
Business & Partnership Manager at YITH

4.5 Ways To Scale Your E-commerce Business

Scaling an e-commerce business is a difficult task to partake in. Not only do you need to consider the business side of things, but also how you are going to handle this on the website side.

Ronald demonstrates 4.5 ways you can take your e-commerce business to the next level without it putting your business at risk.

All Access Pass 41
Natasha Golinsky:
Founder of On Purpose Project

How To End Scope Creep Forever

Most website projects do not make a lot of money (or even lose money) because the scope of work was not clearly outlined before the project begins leading to confusion, conflicting expectations and scope creep.

Learn how to make your website projects more profitable starting today by learning how to COMPLETELY eliminate profit-killing scope creep!

All Access Pass 42
Adrian Tobey:
Creator of Groundhogg

How to design, build, and deploy CRM & Marketing Automation projects faster than ever before!

Do your client projects turn into never-ending technical nightmares when implementing a CRM + marketing automation? Adrian has worked with 100s of clients using SaaS-based CRM software, and it was never as easy and straightforward as it was promised to be.

That’s why he developed a new way for Agencies to quickly deploy CRM and marketing automation right on WordPress.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Why using a self-hosted CRM and marketing automation suite saves $1,000s per year.
  2. What tools are now at your disposal to deploy a client CRM project in hours, not months.
  3. How you can productize your strategies and resell them to your clients at scale.
All Access Pass 43
Matthew Rodela:
Co Founder of Key Press Media

Why Every Agency Needs A WaaS

With the rise of cheap and free website builder platforms like Squarespace and Wix, websites are being seen as a commodity and something that should be cheap and easy to produce.

Instead of fighting this trend, why not embrace it? One way you can do this is by building your own WaaS (websites as a service) platform. In this talk you’ll learn how to offer your own version of a WaaS to your customers in order to get them in the door where you can then continue to sell them the more valuable services you offer. 

All Access Pass 44
Bowe Frankema:
Co Founder of Get Dollie

How Automation Makes The Lives Of WP Professionals Easier

Automation is key when making repeatable processes when growing your business. Without it, you need to hire more people to get the small jobs done or pull your hair out by doing it all yourself. This makes your scaling efforts harder…

Bowe walks us through his Dollie platform. He explains how agencies and freelancers can leverage Dollie to resell hosting, build WaaS businesses, and benefit from the automation features inside Dollie.

🎢 Thrive

Agency – Check, Team – Check, Brand – Check. Now, let’s iron out the kinks. Whether you’re on track to creating a big agency or paving your path to an exit. Perfect your systems and operations to reduce future unknowns.

All Access Pass 45
Adam W. Warner:
Global Field Marketing Sr. Manager for GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro – Listen, Learn, Deliver

Have you wondered why brands get involved with the WordPress project and the community and events surrounding it? It may seem obvious, but it’s not for the all the reasons you might think.

In this session, Adam Warner will share his experience representing various brands in his WordPress and web designer and developer advocacy career, the reasoning behind why they get involved with open-source software and communities, and the outcomes that community support and participation provide for both end users and the companies themselves.

All Access Pass 46
Kristina Romero:
Founder of WP Care Market

Measuring the Value of Your Web Agency

Every business has value, and it’s understanding its value that provides you with the knowledge to either scale or sell.
In this session, we’ll review ways to measure three areas of value –

  1. The value you bring to your clients
  2. The value your clients offer you
  3. The how others (buyers) would value your business.

The key focus of this session will be around website care plans and other types of recurring revenue that act as a strong foundation for determining value.

So…what’s your agency worth?

All Access Pass 47
Jimmy Rosén:
CEO at Angry Creative

What I Would & Wouldn't Do Again When Building a 50+ Employee Agency

Are you thinking of growing your agency? Are you worried about hiring your first employee or your 10th?

In this session, Jimmy outlines exactly what actions he would take and ones he would completely avoid if he had to build his 50+ agency again.

He will outline the success factors and the largest failures and how they led him to his current 60 employee agency.

All Access Pass 48
Colleen Gratzer:
CEO at Gratzer Graphics

How Ignoring Accessibility Costs You and Your Clients

Many web developers and agencies think accessibility doesn’t apply to them. But even if accessibility is not a legal requirement for your clients, ignoring it can still cost your clients not only financially but reputation as well.

Developers and agencies do their clients a disservice by not creating accessible websites and may be putting themselves at risk too. Learn how to consider accessibility and avoid these costs!

All Access Pass 49
Topher DeRosia:
Senior WordPress Strategist at Camber Creative

5 Tips To Make Your Employees Raving Fans

In his career, Topher has seen a number of agencies with policies that made him think “Wow, that would be so nice!”.

Some of them he has worked for, some of them he didn’t, but he was still a raving fan. In this talk he’ll talk about 5 of the things that will make employees happy and proud to work for your agency.

All Access Pass 50
Barbara Saul:
Designer and Co-Lead for WordCamp London

A Conversation About Mental Health

We have a vulnerable conversation about mental health and staying positive as a WordPress professional.

In this session, we talk about how WP professionals can get help and what warning signs can indicate that things are not going as well as they should. Thriving is not about moving forward all the time, it’s also about knowing your current position and where to go from there.

All Access Pass 51
Marcel Petitpas:
CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto

How to Run a More Profitable Agency

In this talk you’ll learn the 4 step framework to baking profitability into the DNA of your agency. Empowering your team to make your agency more efficient all on their own, using the data your agency creates every day.

These are the same principles we’ve used with consulting clients to help them triple their profit margins in as little as 60 days and maintain world-class profitability.

All Access Pass 52
Michelle Frechette:
Head of Customer Success at GiveWP

Building Community to Build Your Brand

What if Michelle told you that your customers are your best sales reps? That by encouraging sharing and self-promotion by your customers, you can grow your brand. It’s true. (And you don’t even have to pay “influencers” if you don’t want to.)

You can build your brand (and boost sales, referrals, and loyalty) by building a community around your products, services, and agency. In this talk Michelle will share some of the best practices in building community. 

All Access Pass 53
Paul Lacey:
Founder at The Dickiebirds Studio

Lessons Learned From Scaling - A Anti-Scale Conversation

This session is emotional!

Paul shares his heart-warming story of how scaling his agency went wrong and how a seemingly random project for a charity in Africa gave him new hope to pursue the path of Anti-Scaling.

All Access Pass 54
Rajendra Zore:
CEO of

A Self-Made Man Sharing His Story

Raj shares his incredibly inspiring story from growing up in the slums of Mumbai to running a multi-million dollar SaaS company.

He dives deep into challenges he had to overcome and shares important lessons he learned along the way so that you see what it takes to thrive in our industry, and no that you are not alone!

The Biggest Experts Value for web agencies and freelancers EVER compiled.

Read the list of sessions carefully. Each can transform your business dramatically. Don’t let the fact it’s free to distract you from the amazing resource you have here for your web agency or freelancing business.
All Access Pass 55

Atarim Virtual Summit All Access Pass Is The #1 Online Resource To Teach You How To Grow Your WP Agency

Throughout my journey in providing WordPress services, I’ve been honored to learn from some of the best WordPress agency owners & WP contributors. Just as they have had an incredible impact on the way I do things, they will change the way you think and act too.

These world-class WordPress experts have the best tips, tricks, and strategies to help you grow your agency. They teach you how to attract high-paying clients, mastering communication with clients to avoid delays, and delivering your projects smoothly and on time.

Each of these speakers normally charges consulting rates from $100 – $1000 an hour. I say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you.

And they are ready to help you move forward with growing your WP agency or freelance business. If you are tired of feast and famine cycles, then you need to restructure your lead generation and fulfillment of your WordPress services.

Let these experts guide you, step-by-step. They will give you the WP Agency Growth blueprint and tools you need to finally get these high-paying projects (repeatedly!) and help you stop spinning your wheels.

What If I Can’t Make It To All Expert Masterclass Sessions At Once?

We’re all busy running our businesses and pressed for time, I have been there myself.

Successful implementation of these growth strategies will need some time and effort if you truly want to achieve results.

And going through everything at once is likely not feasible for most. There’s plenty of lessons and strategy you can add to your daily business!

But with the Atarim Summit All Access Pass, it’s like having the owners of the leading WP agencies and WP service businesses guide you every step of the way.

You can scale your WP agency step-by-step, wherever you’re starting, right now.

You can watch and study these powerful and actionable world-class expert masterclass sessions more in-depth, at any time, from anywhere!

So if you’re really serious about scaling your WP agency or freelance business without drowning in projects and going through feast and famine cycles …

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to grow a sustainable WP agency or freelance business …

If you want access to $1,000s in exclusive limited-time bonuses and special deals (more on that later on this page) …

Then the Atarim Summit All Access Pass is for you.

It’s a complete no-brainer for most of our 5,000+ attendees to upgrade to the All Access Pass so they can get lifetime access to these game-changing strategies and exclusive bonuses.


We’re Talking About $7,546 In World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions And Exclusive Limited Time Bonuses When You Upgrade To The All Access Pass Today:

So Why Should It Be Your #1 Focus To Strategically Up Your Prices, Add Recurring Revenue, And Fire Bad Clients?

When I finally made scaling my WP agency my #1 focus and priority, I was able to go from struggling with feast & famine cycles to having a stable monthly revenue and working with clients I love to be around.

Having more recurring income and working on high-paid projects helped me take on less projects, so I can spend more time with my family and enjoy my hobbies… so it’s safe to say that the strategies shared in this summit deserve your time, effort, and complete focus.

Without attracting high-paying clients, adding recurring revenue, and taking on less projects, you can’t really grow your WordPress agency without drowning in work.

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When You Upgrade To The
Atarim's Web Summit All Access Pass
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All Access Pass 2
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50+ Video Masterclass Sessions

You get lifetime access to all videos from our 2020 summit as well as all sessions from 2021 as they go live. Learn everything you need to know to have a successful WordPress Agency from some of the top CEOs, designers, developers & marketers in the space. By buying this pass, you ensure that you always have access to these talks and you won’t miss a single word from the experts.

($99 Value)

Learn How To Create The Perfect Care Plan

Kristina Romero from WP Care Market is one of the best in the space when it comes to Care plans. When you buy this all access pass, you also get access to one of the best courses in building care plans. Learn how to build recurring revenue from your clients instead of the money stopping when the project finishes, to ensure you up your profitability in 2021!

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($199 Value)

Resources To Teach You How To Grow Your Agency

Before becoming Atarim, we had our own design agency for nearly 12 years. In this time we built up quite the system in getting projects done fast and building 6 figures in recurring revenue. To teach you how to achieve this, we’ve created 4 in depth PDFs that lay out the steps and make this a reality for your agency.

This includes:

  1. The best Agency Growth Strategy
  2. How to deal with scope creep
  3. Launching a 100k+ WordPress Product

($250 Value)

Prototyping Templates For All Major Page Builders

These templates will help you kick start a project. We’ve built one for all of the most used page builders in WordPress, and you’ll have access to all of them. These will allow you to quickly get layouts to get approved by your client and then even get the content from them in one swoop, saving a bunch of time!

All Access Pass 61
All Access Pass 62

($200 Value)

The Perfect Project Framework Training

Learn how every single website project should be laid out to guarantee success every time. It doesn’t matter what type of website it is, this framework applies. Once you have this in place, you’ll find completing projects to be faster than it’s ever been, while avoiding scope creep and keeping your clients happy.

($199 Value)

10+ Asana Templates To Manage Your Agency

Are you struggling with project management, keeping your customers updated regularly, and delivering your projects on time? These Asana templates will help you streamline your daily business. Our templates cover proposals & billing, project management, website launch checklists, customer development, landing page checklists, and much more!

All Access Pass 63
All Access Pass 64

($500 Value)

Learn How To Remove Major Bottlenecks

The three stages of a project are: gathering content, approving designs & providing support. Each agency struggles with at least one of these stages when building websites for their clients. Learn how to eliminate the bottleneck that occurs at each of these steps and make sure that projects never go past their deadline!

($99 Value)

Swipe Copy To Send To Clients

Do you struggle sometimes to get your clients on-board when a project starts? Or are you having trouble getting them to approve your designs? This swipe copy will give you a framework on how to communicate with your clients at every step of a project. These are tried and tested with our own clients and we’ve had great results.

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Get Access To Over 40+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $497

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

What Previous All Access Pass Holders Have To Say

All Access Pass 66

By Far One Of The Best Resources For WP Agencies...

The speakers Jan brought together for this event is easily one of the best line-ups I’ve seen at any conference for WordPress specialists. It’s great to have lifetime access to their strategies.
MOR COHEN - FlixFrame

All Access Pass 67

This summit is epic for WP agency owners and freelancers.

Super excited to dive into the content and to have the flexibility to do that at my own convenience!
ANCHEN LE ROUX - Lead Developer And Founder At Simply Digital Design

This Exclusive Material From World Class Experts Is Designed To Deliver You Results

All Access Pass 68

1. Unique & Actionable Material

The unique, strategic and very actionable step-by-step advice will help you to attract high-paying clients, deliver your WP projects smoothly, and build recurring revenue so you can scale your agency without drowning in work – no matter if you’re just starting out or have been doing this for a while. That’s why the All Access Pass is a no-brainer for most of our attendees.

2. Proven, World-Class Expert Mentors!

With the All Access Pass, it’ll be like having 50+ world-class expert mentors in your hand, constantly ready to help you out with their best advice. Don’t waste precious time and money on trial and error! These experts have already been where you are now and have figured out what works best right now.

All Access Pass 69
All Access Pass 70

3. Reduce Overwhelm

It’s a fact – most WP agencies & freelancers are struggling with overwhelm. There’s too many projects at once, too many sources of information, and how are you supposed to know who to trust?

You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and time on self-proclaimed gurus without actual real-life experience or results. That’s why I’ve gathered this hand-picked lineup of WordPress agency experts in one place, sharing clear strategies that work today. No fluff! Our expert mentors will tell you how you can implement the very same strategies they use to start seeing amazing results, quickly!


Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

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When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

Get Access To Over 40+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $497

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

Your Summit All Access Pass Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE everything the Atarim Summit All-Access Pass gives you, that I’m willing to offer you an outrageous 100% money-back guarantee.

Sign up for your Atarim Summit All Access Pass and test it out for the next 30 days. Watch as many of the 20+ world-class expert masterclass sessions as you’d like, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then simply reach out and we’ll give you a refund.

For more information, please hit the live chat button on this page/

All Access Pass 72

Got A Question? No Problem.
Here Are Your Answers

The All Access Pass gets you all the expert video sessions as they go live, 30+ hours of content from our previous summit, a course on how to craft the perfect care plan from Kristina Romero, resources to help you grow your agency, prototyping wireframes for all major page builders, training on how to frame the perfect project, 10+ Asana templates to manage your agency, training on how to remove bottlenecks from projects and swipe copy to send to clients for every stage of a project.

If you’re serious about scaling your WP agency or freelance business without drowning in client work, about building recurring revenue, and about attracting high-paying clients…

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to increase the revenue of your WP agency or freelance business TODAY…

If you want access to $1,000’s in exclusive limited-time bonuses and special deals…

If you want the freedom to access the world-class expert masterclass sessions over and over on YOUR schedule…

Then the All Access Pass is for you!

You get access to each talk as they finish. Last year the sessions were pre-recorded, this year though we are doing it live! So as soon as they are finished, they’ll appear for you to watch.

Yes, to participate in the summit completely free, BUT once a talk has finished if you don’t have an access pass you will not be able to watch the replays. Also you won’t get all of the bonuses either.

No, this is a super early discount. The price will rise the closer we get to the summit, which will be the 23rd of March.

With the free pass, you can only watch the speaker sessions fwhen they are live.

However, if you upgrade to the All-Access Pass, you’ll get lifetime, on-demand access to the summit plus exclusive limited-time bonuses, inside our members area where you can go at your own pace.

Your All Access Pass comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days, guaranteed.

You’ll get lifetime access to all the value-packed, world-class expert masterclass sessions. This allows you to watch and listen on your schedule.

Learn and take massive action by applying the lessons our experts present and take full advantage of the exclusive bonuses. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund your money no questions asked (as long as you didn’t buy for just getting the downloading all the material or for getting the special deals & discounts etc).

We’ll shoot you an email with all of the details of how to get everything you purchased.

Yes, it’s 100% online. As an All Access Pass holder, you can access everything online in a private members area at your own convenience.

Yes! With the All Access Pass, you can take any of the audio sessions or written session notes, action worksheets and put them on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere. The video sessions can be streamed inside the member’s area.

All Access Pass 73

Meet Your Host

Vito Peleg

Vito built his first website 20+ years ago as a teenager for his skateboarding crew from high school, he later started freelancing and grew his London based agency to a team of 12 while organising events and touring the world as the leader or a rock band.

Scratching his own itch, he went on to create (formerly WP FeedBack) as a way of systemising his own WordPress agency and as the ultimate platform for virtual events and remote team collaboration.

Get Access To Over 50+ World-Class Expert Masterclass Sessions Plus $7,546 in Exclusive Bonuses For only $497

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

The Web Agency Summit 2021 is Supported by

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From one intuitive dashboard, the GoDaddy Pro Hub brings your sites, products and projects together into a seamless user experience to save you time. 1 of 1
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The #1 White-Label Marketing Platform For Consultants & Agencies 1 of 1
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The best CRM and Marketing Automation suite for WordPress 1 of 1
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Your Personal WordPress Support Team

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Managed Cloud Hosting Platform 1 of 1
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Shield helps you keep your WordPress secured against hackers with easy-to-use malware scanning, bot detection, login hardening, spam blocking, and much more. 1 of 1
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The World’s Leading WordPress Website Builder 1 of 1
All Access Pass 87
WP Activity Log is the #1 user-rated activity log plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers the most extensive and comprehensive coverage of WordPress, and has out of the box support for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and other widely used WordPress plugins. 1 of 1
All Access Pass 88

Yoast helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through our widely used SEO software or our online SEO courses: we’re here to help.

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Whatever you can do at a physical space you can do with Waahi – From Virtual Offices & Community Management to Massive Online Events and more.

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