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20 Additional Services That You Can Offer to Your Web Agency Clients

Web design and development is the core offering of any web agency. However, if you are looking to increase your range of services, there are several others that you can offer to augment your revenue and grow your agency.

By understanding the needs of your clients and figuring out their pain points, you can offer several additional services to generate more revenue. Many agencies already provide maintenance plans to their clients, but there’s a lot more that you can do to make more money.

However, when including more add-on services into your repertoire, it’s important that you first make sure you have the resources. Taking on too much and not being able to deliver is usually the bane of growing agencies. Of course, you can outsource several of these services, but even that requires you to maintain quality levels.

If you can offer a subscription-based service through your agency, that’s great! It’ll result in a steady stream of revenue for your business, allowing you to focus more on growing your business. Agencies that generate recurring revenue grow significantly faster than those which are constantly looking for new clients to make ends meet. 

In the following article, we shall talk about 20 additional services that you can offer to your web agency clients. For each service, we’ll also provide a recommendation about whether you can offer it as a recurring subscription, or if you can outsource it to another agency. Let’s get started!

1. Content Writing

WP add new post page

Content writing is one of the best additional services that you can offer to your agency clients. If you have a talented team of writers, you can offer both content and copywriting as a package to your clients. Given the importance of well-written content in the world of digital marketing, you should absolutely consider offering it to your clients. 

Businesses usually require a lot of written content, including website copy, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, knowledge base content, FAQs, video scripts, and a lot more. It’s one of the best additional services that you can offer to your clients. is a fantastic AI-powered writing assistant that can improve your writing on WordPress.

2. Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing offers the highest ROI as compared to all other marketing strategies. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the return is around $42. As a result, offering email marketing services to your clients is one of the best ways to increase your income.

If you have been looking to complement your core web design and development services, adding email marketing to the mix is a great idea. Apart from just writing email content, you can also design templates for them, and manage their lists. 

You could offer email automation services, including creating nurturing campaigns to help develop a relationship with clients. Many businesses won’t mind paying extra if you could help them devise an email marketing strategy. 

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an excellent option as with it you can easily handle various elements of your marketing including tracking ROI with revenue attribution reporting and helping you convert visitors into customers with landing pages, email, marketing automation, ABM, and more. Marketing Hub is a very versatile tool and allows you to have all the data, tools, and processes under one roof.

3. Analytics

line graph showing analytical data

Every business owner needs a better understanding of their audience. You could offer that as a service. If you already have experience with Google Analytics of PowerBI, you could offer analytical analysis as a service to your clients. This could be broken down into several services:

Setting up analytics: connecting accounts or forwarding data from the website into PowerBI. 

Reports: you could prepare reports on the performance of the client’s website based on the data you get. You could use data reporting solutions like PowerBI or free options like Google Data Studio to create reports and forward them to your clients. This would give them a better understanding of their website’s performance. 

Analysis: You could also offer your own analysis and give advice to the clients on how they can improve website traffic. It’s a fantastic way of helping customers gain a better understanding of how their website is performing, and what they can do to improve it. 

Setting up data storage: A little-known service that you can offer to your clients relates to setting up data storage. Essentially, you could use a no-code data pipeline solution and then move their data into a data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift or Snowflake. This is ideal if you are working with larger clients and want their data in the cloud. 

4. SEO Services

Analytics showing impressions and other website data

Offering SEO services to your clientele is an excellent way to augment and increase your income. SEO is generally an umbrella term that focuses more on a variety of different elements, including on-page optimization, keyword research, competitor research, website performance, and a lot more.

Ideally, you could offer SEO services such as keyword research using tools like Ahrefs or Google Keyword Planner, and help your clients focus on content that’s trending in their niche. You could also offer on-page optimization and give advice on how to improve meta descriptions, titles, and the content on their site.

One of the best plugins used by more than 930,000 WordPress users is Rank Math. It’s a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to optimize the content on your clients’ websites.

5. PPC

pay per click tiles

Running PPC ads (or paid ads) is a virtual necessity for eCommerce store owners or even digital agencies. In addition to organic search, many companies also run paid ads to acquire more customers. If you already have experience with running paid ads, you could offer PPC as a service.

This includes writing the ad content, linking to the appropriate landing page content, setting up UTM links, and then tracking their performance. Many of your clients are likely entrepreneurs with little to no understanding of how PPC or paid advertising works. You could offer that as a service, including managing their paid accounts on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

6. Google My Business

Google my Business homepage

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that businesses can use to manage their online presence. However, many entrepreneurs simply don’t want to bother with Google listings, despite the important role they play. 

You could offer Google My Business as a service to your clients. This could also make for a fantastic upsell. First, you need to explain the importance of GMB to your clients and tell them about the benefits of creating a Business Profile. Then, you can create and optimize their profile, and manage it for them. 

This includes responding to reviews, keeping information up to date, uploading images now and then, and making sure that all relevant information is presented correctly. 

7. Ecommerce Store Management

Macbook pro with business information

Another excellent service that you can offer to your clients is eCommerce store management. It’s hard to ignore the importance of running an eCommerce platform in today’s fast-paced climate. In fact, there’s a strong possibility that many of your clients might be interesting in setting up a store, but don’t know how to integrate an eCommerce component into their websites.

That’s where you come in. From building an eCommerce store to managing it for your clients, you could offer a comprehensive suite of services under this banner. This includes setting up payment forms, integrating a WP plugin like WooCommerce on their sites, and advising them on security. 

Simple consulting services (especially if you have prior experience) for eCommerce clients are also an excellent choice.

8. Hosting

Graphical image showing a monitor with website depiction

Every website needs good hosting, but you’d be surprised at the poor quality of hosting many of your clients might be using. Shared hosting, for instance, is still quite common, with many e-preneurs unaware of just what they are missing out on when they switch to the cloud.

If you are building their websites, why not offer them hosting as a package too? Don’t sell low quality or cheap hosting; always go for a reputable cloud host with a reputation to maintain. You could resell hosting and keep a neat profit on every package. Then, you could pair it up with website management or maintenance services (along with your care plans) to handle their server-side issues as well.

You would probably outsource hosting to a reliable hosting company, with many offering the option of creating reseller hosting accounts as well. It’s important that you choose premium hosting for your clients because in case a problem arises, they will only come to you. You’ll be staking your reputation, so this is one place where you don’t want to cheap out.  

9. Social Media Management

pinned cards with logos of social media platforms

Social media management is a fantastic additional service that you can offer. Many of your clients are probably going to be tied up in focusing on growing their online presence. As a result, they might not be able to maintain such an active presence on multiple social media accounts. 

You don’t have to hire a professional account manager to oversee each account and schedule Tweets or post Updates. This is one of the most outsourced services across the globe. You could charge a monthly fee from your clients, and outsource social media management to a freelancer or another company altogether. 

If your clients are not leveraging the power of social media to grow their brands, you need to convince them. From setting up accounts to creating graphics, responding to posts or messages, and even offering consulting services, there’s quite a lot that you can do. 

10. Running Ads

Google adwords tiles

You could also offer services for setting up Google AdWords accounts for your clients and give them advice on placement and monetization. Google AdWords, while incredibly popular, isn’t the only option available to publishers. Ezoic is another popular choice, and it’s up to you to advise your clients on the best one. 

That’s not all. You could also create and run ads for your clients on multiple platforms like Google, Instagram, and even YouTube. You could work with clients to create engaging ads and then track their performance across several platforms. 

11. Website Maintenance Services

Screen showing server management icons

If you aren’t offering website maintenance services or care plans to your clients already, you need to add this to your portfolio of services. In case a script breaks or a new update renders old plugins useless, clients will come to you for help. From monitoring uptime to scheduling regular backups, there’s a lot that you can offer in the way of website maintenance. 

The best thing to do would be to create several support tiers that your clients can choose from. Or you could offer customizable support solutions as well. While you can also outsource website maintenance services to another company, it’s important you consider the pros and cons. Ideally, you should only outsource to companies that allow you to white-label their support services. 

12. Branding Strategy

business branding items

You’ll be surprised at just how much money clients are willing to pay for branding solutions. This is easily one of the best services that you can offer if you are looking to focus more on marketing. If you have already worked on creating the client’s website, you’ll be uniquely positioned to offer branding advice to your clients.

This doesn’t just include designing logos, either. Branding permeates virtually every aspect of your client’s marketing strategy, so you can offer several services, such as:

  • Creating style guides
  • Promotional gift items
  • Banners
  • Physical and digital prints

13. Email Hosting

graphic showing how email works

Email hosting is generally included in conventional web hosting packages. But, many clients prefer renting their own email servers. You could offer email hosting solutions to clients with dedicated requirements, including online archiving, customizable mailbox storage, enhanced security, and a matching domain name, of course.

You could rent the email servers and set up email hosting for your clients while charging a fee from them for setup and management. 

14. Website Security

HTTPS protocol

You can offer an array of website security services to your clients. Website security is essential for protecting the site from malware, spam attacks, and even DDoS attacks. In case a website goes down, it could cost your client thousands in reparation costs.

Many business websites get hacked, with hackers deleting or stealing sensitive information, or simply taking down the site for fun. You could offer security solutions such as installing robust WP plugins like Sucuri (they also have a referral program) and charging a fee.

You could also partner with a security expert to advise your clients on how they can improve the security of their site.

15. Product Photography

DSLR camera

If you have local clients and a penchant for photography, you could definitely offer product photography as an add-on. After all, if you are creating a website for a local restaurant or an eCommerce store, why not take photos for them too? If you don’t know much about photography, you can always hire a freelance photographer, and keep your cut. 

16. Web Apps and Integrations 

Macbook running code

Most clients will likely have a bunch of web apps running in the background. You could offer optimization services to your clients along with automation solutions. Zapier, for instance, is one of the most popular solutions for website owners who want to automate and integrate multiple services together.

But, many non-tech clients might not want to delve into apps like Zapier as well. That’s where you come in. You could work with clients to create an automation plan, set appropriate triggers and actions, and test it to make sure that everything is working seamlessly. 

17. Growth Strategy

laptops and notes

This is a pure consulting role, but one that many clients are willing to pay top dollar for. You can take a look at several websites in your client’s niche and advise them on how to plug in the gaps. Essentially, you will be offering them recommendations on how they can improve their business.

Since you probably have enough experience working with clients who are at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey, this puts you in a unique position to offer advice to business owners looking to grow. It’s probably best to niche down if you are going to offer growth consulting advice, however.

  • Common services that you can offer include:
  • Identifying marketing opportunities
  • Creating social media campaigns 

18. Live Chat Solutions

live chat scheduling

For certain businesses, especially eCommerce stores, offering live chat solutions is a great way to improve their customer support. However, many businesses simply don’t have the resources to hire an employee that caters full-time to requests by website visitors.

That’s where you come in. You could offer live chat solutions, including setting up a chatbot or outsourcing live chat to a third party. Live chat plays an important role in establishing trust between new customers, so it’s something that your clients might be interested in.

19. Graphic Designing Services

designer working on graphical tablet

You could also offer graphic design services to your clients. Every business with an online presence needs graphic designing services in one capacity or another, and you could offer a wide range of services under this category. 

From designing website graphics to custom images to social media banners, there’s really no limit to what you can offer. You could also create custom T-shirt designs, stationary, flyers, and a lot more. Companies are willing to pay a considerable sum of money for such services.

You could start by outsourcing graphic design projects, but once you see a market for it, you could always bring on a few designers full-time to work for you. 

link building

This is an important part of overall SEO, but link building services can also be sold separately. If you already have a network of clients with high DA websites, you could always contact them for a link exchange that mutually benefits both parties.

People are generally willing to pay a decent amount of money for high-value links, especially because of how important they are in competitive niches. You could offer a package deal, or set up a recurring monthly fee for your clients based on the number of links. 

What More Can You Offer? 

Needless to say, there’s a lot more than you can offer to your clients based on the industry you operate in and the type of clients you work with. At Atarim, we have seen clients offering a number of additional services that they feel will complement their core offering. This is obviously not an exhaustive list. If you are offering something different to your clients, we’d love to know about it! 

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