The Best Collaboration Tools for Teams in 2024

Most employees use at least 13 tools per day in their workflow. 

Using the right combination of tools speeds up work, saves time, and helps you focus on the stuff that matters. More importantly, if you use collaboration tools, you can build better relationships with your team members and clients – which can increase productivity and improve clients’ and teams’ satisfaction.

In fact, many of our users were able to cut the delivery time from months to weeks just by using Atarim, our collaboration platform.

In this post, you’ll discover the best collaboration tools we use on a day-to-day basis.

Project Management

Having a proper project management system in place can lead to a 92% success rate in meeting project objectives.

We like keeping everything organized, eliminating guesswork, and monitoring progress. This allows us to minimize delay, and jump right in to help our team members when they need it.

#1: Atarim

Atarim is a project management tool designed specifically for web design and development agencies

With Atarim, your team can take control of your workflow and target the work swiftly and accurately by collaborating with clients in a unique, visual way.

Instead of back-and-forth emails full of confusion, your clients can simply point at what they’re referring to, leave a feedback, and you can resolve it. In fact, you and your clients can leave feedback on any live website.

Atarim can also help to save money by reducing the need for multiple tools, and reducing project completion time by 75%. This is because Atarim supports task management, streamlined and effective communication, time tracking, and even the ability to create discovery forms – we’ve got it all.

No need to add 10+ complicated tools into your workflow!

Making things less complicated is why we created Atarim with a very user-friendly interface – most of our users can get the hang of it in as little as a few minutes.

Atarim has a FREE forever version. Team plans start at $20/month for up to 5 users.

#2: Basecamp

Basecamp is a great platform if you’re a power user or you like to customize every aspect of your project management tool. It offers a robust platform for teams to help them:

  • Centralize team communication
  • Improve task management
  • Simplify file sharing

There’s really not much that Basecamp can’t do since it’s an advanced all-in-one platform.

This is great since you don’t need separate tools for scheduling or task management. Instead, you can keep everything in one place.

It includes a calendar feature that will allow users to:

  • Set up events
  • Create deadlines
  • Add milestones

What we found to be the most helpful is collaboration with clients. You can invite clients or external stakeholders to participate in projects, providing them with controlled access to specific discussions, files, and tasks. 

This streamlines client communication and promotes transparency in project management. 

Basecamp also provides a scheduling feature that lets you keep track of project timelines and deadlines. 

The basic plan costs $15/month for each user, or $299 annually with unlimited users. 

Team Communication

Businesses using effective internal communication tools are 3.5X more likely to have better results – with higher revenues and better client satisfaction.

#3: Slack

Slack is one of the most popular communication apps for business.

This is because it’s reliable, highly customizable, and you can connect it to almost every software solution you use – supporting 2,600+ integrations.

You can also create channels, which act as ‘groups’ in most instant messaging apps. This is helpful for connecting the right individuals together and keeping everyone on the same page – there is no limit for creating these channels.

Slack also offers robust searching capabilities, encouraging you to find what you need instantly since it scans every chat and channel for your search term. It’s a huge time saver compared to most apps where you have to conduct a search in each chat separately.

This tool also offers click-and-drag file sharing, video and audio calls, as well as “huddles” that allow for real-time, audio-based co-working.

Slack offers a FREE version, however, if you have a team, you will need to hop on their premium plans, starting at $6.75 / month.

#4: Zoom

Zoom is an excellent tool for having calls and video chats with your team.

Having a tool you can use to quickly hop on a call can be a huge competitive advantage. Instead of spending a long time messaging your team, you can simply hop on a call, explain everything 10X faster, and save time.

It will also help you make deeper connections with your team members since they can actually see your face and hear and engage with you, unlike with the messaging apps.

Plus, Zoom has recently created the Zoom AI Companion

This feature empowers you to increase productivity and improve team effectiveness. You can get help drafting emails, composing chat messages, and summarizing meetings.

You can get started with Zoom for FREE. However, to get advanced features such as the AI Companion, you’ll need one of their premium plans, which start at $14.99 per user, per month.

File Sharing

File sharing plays a critical role for every team. No matter what files you use, you have to find a way to store them online, share them with others, and collaborate on them. The system you choose has to be reliable, fast, and intuitive.

That’s precisely why we’ve used Google Workspace for the last 10+ years.

#5: Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a great content collaboration tool for any remote team.

This is because it’s simple, available both online and offline, and you can easily collaborate with your team – leaving suggestions and comments.

It also offers tons of integrations with many useful tools such as SEMRush, Figma, Asana, or even GPT for AI capabilities.

That’s right, all of the tools above (and almost every other tool) have Google Doc plugins.

It’s truly one of the most complete workspaces for content creation and collaboration.

You can use Google Workspace to the fullest for FREE. If you’re looking for additional cloud storage, you can opt-in for their paid plans, starting at $6 per user, per year.

Design Tools

You will use design tools at some point with your team.

Whether you’re creating design projects for clients, making changes to your existing website, or improving your company’s branding. The best tools are the ones that offer plenty of templates for inspiration, as well as real-time collaboration, so you can work with your team at the same time.

#6 Canva

Canva empowers you to create beautiful designs, no matter what you need.

The best thing about using Canva is that you don’t have to be a veteran designer. Instead, you can easily learn to use it even if you’ve never dealt with such a tool before.

It provides you with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

You also get tons of templates you can choose from, so you don’t start from scratch. It’s very quick and easy to edit and adjust them to your liking – it usually takes just a few minutes.

You can use Canva’s FREE version or hop on on their paid membership, starting at $11.99 a month to get more advanced features and more templates.

#7: Figma

Figma is a cloud-based design platform that lets your team collaborate in the design process which massively speeds up design creation and produces better results. 

Figma offers FigJam which acts as an online whiteboard for teams to collaborate.

We found it to be very helpful for brainstorming ideas, and getting everyone involved in the design and development of new content.

Figma offers features such as live cursor chat, and chat rooms with voice chat functionality to share and express ideas. With that, you can collaborate even faster and leave visual feedback similar to the Atarim app.

There is also a feature called “Dot voting” that helps the team make decisions by letting participants cast votes on different ideas.

The starter plan is FREE and gives you access to three Figma boards. 

The Professional plan costs $15 per editor when billed monthly, and gives you the ability to make private projects. Figma Organization and Enterprise plans cost $45 and $75 per editor per month. These plans provide additional security and collaboration features.

Password Sharing 

Having bulletproof security is a must-have to keep both your data and your clients’ data safe.

It’s essential to create strong passwords, be able to share them with your team members, and use security tools for staying out of danger.

#8: 1Password

1Password lets you create strong and almost unbreakable passwords that will keep your accounts safe. Plus, you don’t need to remember your passwords, since they will be stored in the password manager – with high-end encryption for the highest security.

We love using 1Password because it’s easy, fast, and makes collaboration effortless.

When you’re creating a new account on any website, 1Password automatically suggests a strong password and stores it inside its manager for you.

If you want to log in to any website that you added into 1Password, you just click on your account name in the dropdown menu from 1Password, and your user name and password will be filled in automatically.

Also, you can share passwords with your team members and add 2FA just as easily.

The pricing starts at $2.99 / month. However, if you’re a team you’ll need to hop on their Families or Business plans, starting at $4.99 a month, which supports more users.

Conclusion – What’s Your Favorite Team Collaboration Tool?

Team collaboration tools are an effective way to bring your team together, speed up your workflow, and finish projects faster.

To learn about additional tools you can add to your workflow, check these resources:

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  • Organize your work

One of the unique and revolutionary features of Atarim is that it has been built on the foundation of point-and-click collaboration – allowing clients to point at what they’re referring to and then immediately leave feedback, say what needs to be changed, etc. 

Agencies, developers, and project managers use Atarim to eliminate the need to rely on guesswork and endless back-and-forth email communication. 

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