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The 21 Best Podcasts for WordPress Agencies and Freelancers

Agency owners and freelancers share a similar struggle: learning how to manage their time effectively and finding new clients. The industry continues to change rapidly, making it all the more important for agency owners and freelancers to adapt to the changing demands you face. 

Podcasts offer a unique learning opportunity to both agency owners and freelancers. Instead of setting aside a dedicated amount of time to devote to this, you can just listen to a podcast anywhere. 

Whether you are in the gym, going on a walk, or driving to work, just put on a podcast, and you can learn a lot of insightful things from people all over the globe. As an agency owner or freelancer, learning from the experience of others is very important. 

Podcasts aren’t just for information. They also allow you to draw inspiration from the experiences of others. Before podcasts, you would have to network or go to business seminars, which cost money. Podcasts, however, are free and simple, yet you can learn from the best. 

But how do you know what podcasts to listen to since there are so many? To help agency owners and freelancers, we have put together a collection of some of the best podcasts that will help you improve.

1. WP Builds with Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley

WP Builds with Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley Wordpress podcast

If you design WordPress websites or work with digital clients that do, this is a fantastic podcast to listen to. WP Builds is a podcast by Nathan Wrigley and Wausmely, and they offer detailed discussions, news, and interviews with some of the leading names in the industry.

One of the reasons why WP Builds is so popular is because they have a very casual way of discussing the topics; they usually chat as if they are talking to a couple of old friends. You can also join in with live commenting, and there are special offers available too. With more than 150 episodes in the archives, this is a great podcast for people who want to learn and stay up to date about all things WordPress. 

2. Agency Trailblazer Podcast with Lee Jackson

Agency Trailblazer Podcast with Lee Jackson wordpress podcast

Lee Jackson is a fairly renowned name in the WordPress community. His Agency Trailblazer Podcast is a recommendable listen for anyone who is interested in learning about the experiences of fellow agency owners. 

Lee does solo shows as well as guest interviews, making it an outstanding resource for people who aren’t just interested in listening to the experiences of others, but also need actionable tips on how to scale their agency. 

After the break from December 2021, Lee switched to YouTube in mid-February of 2022, so newer episodes can be found there.

3. GoWP — Digital Agency Owners Podcast

GoWP digital agency podcast homepage

Since 2014 GoWP has been on a mission to help digital agencies become more profitable by increasing their revenue, cutting down unnecessary costs, and most importantly — helping agencies retain and attract new customers.

At the end of 2021, they launched a GoWP podcast where they are interviewing some of the most successful agency owners in the world and sharing best-kept secrets to success.

Even though they don’t have hundreds of episodes like others on this list, their podcast is extremely valuable and the best thing about it — you get to be a part of it from the early beginning and get the best assistance from the start!

4. Freelance to Founder by Preston Lee and Clay Mosley

Freelance to Founder by Preston Lee and Clay Mosley Wordpress podcast

Freelance to Founder by Preston Lee and Clay Mosley will help you make the biggest transition in your life: becoming an agency founder instead of working as a freelancer. Preston and Clay are two of the most confident speakers that you’ll come across, and they offer lots of tips and advice through the podcast.

The Freelance to Founder podcast will also help you become a better freelancer all around. New shows are available every Thursday, and the podcast is also available on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcasts, Overcast, Pandora, and iHeart.

5. Smart Agency Masterclass by Jason Swenk

Smart Agency Masterclass by Jason Swenk wordpress podcast

The Smart Agency Masterclass by Jason Swenk is one of the most detail-oriented podcasts that you can listen to. Jason covers every single conceivable aspect, from creating landing pages to setting up a successful lead generation strategy.

The podcast has been around since 2015, and it’s packed with impactful information that will make you excel in your work. Instead of barely scratching the surface with different topics, Jason really dives deep and offers actionable tips and advice to his listeners.

6. The Digital Agency Growth Podcast by Dan Englander

The Digital Agency Growth Podcast by Dan Englander wordpress podcast

Another household name in the WP industry, Dan Englander’s Digital Agency Growth Podcast is a must-listen for people who want to understand how to run their agency in a more efficient manner. 

Agency owners often find it difficult to identify opportunities and scale. Dan Englander offers detailed advice for doing just that, covering a broad array of topics on agency management, life, and money. Dan leads conversations with confidence and shares lots of experiences, which makes it all the more relatable for listeners. 

7. Agency Journey by Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie

Agency Journey by Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie wordpress podcast

Agency Journey by Andrew and Gray is a brilliant podcast that can help listeners understand the basics of growth and acquisition, as well as building a strong fiscal foundation — two things that most agency owners struggle with.

Andrew and Gray also bring on guests for each of the sessions, talking with experienced professionals on how they overcame challenges in their businesses. It’s an excellent podcast with lots of fascinating advice. 

8. Agency Dealmasters Podcast by Nathan Anibaba

Agency Dealmasters Podcast by Nathan Anibaba wordpress podcast

The Agency Dealmasters Podcast by Nathan Anibaba is a top choice for people who want insightful information from smart and influential thought leaders in the marketing space. Nathan regularly interviews guests from around the globe, primarily those who have influenced specific niches in one way or another. 

It’s a great listen for people who want to learn how entrepreneurs dealt with different situations, and the changes they made as their businesses continued to scale. 

9. The Josh Hall Web Design Show

The Josh Hall Web Design Show wordpress podcast

Available on virtually all major podcasting platforms, the Josh Hall Web Design Show focuses on strategies and tips on how to optimize web design. It’s not just about design, however, as Josh talks about SEO, branding, and gives tips on selling too. 

The Josh Hall Web Design Show is a superb choice for freelancers, as he gives detailed advice on getting clients from third-party platforms like UpWork and Fiverr. It’s full of interesting information that will only help you improve at your job.

By subscribing to Josh’s newsletter, you can also get access to a ton of new resources, like his ebooks, exclusive access to discounts, and a range of deals too. 

10. Landing Page School with Nicholas Scalice

Landing Page School with Nicholas Scalice wordpress podcast

Nicholas Scalice breaks down the key ingredients of successful landing pages in Landing Page School, a truly useful podcast that will help you become a much more capable designer. From using Hotjar to improve your landing pages to running tests, Nicholas makes it easy for designers to understand what works, and what to avoid.

This might not be a podcast geared towards beginners, as it requires a bit of specialist knowledge about landing page design. However, for people who want to step up further in their web design game, Landing Page School is a must-listen.

You will notice that there hasn’t been an episode since November 2021, and there’s a good reason for it — besides Landing Page School, Nicholas also runs Growth Marketing Toolbox, a podcast dedicated to exploring the best growth marketing tools and technology. 

This podcast is like a parent podcast of Landing Page School, and there you can also find a ton of super useful episodes that will help you improve your skillset.

Landing page as the topic itself isn’t that big, but the episodes you’ll hear on Landing Page School podcasts will definitely make you a landing page expert!

11. WPwatercooler – The Weekly WordPress Talk Show

WPwatercooler - The Weekly WordPress Talk Show wordpress podcast

Hosted by Jason Tucker and friends, WPwatercooler is another popular recommendation for WordPress plugins and development-related processes. It’s a geeky show that truly embodies the watercooler vibe — a place where a bunch of friends hang out to talk. 

The podcast talks about WordPress plugins, innovative solutions for WordPress, and other in-depth technical topics. WPwatercooler is entertaining and light-hearted. New episodes are aired weekly and have different formats. Some episodes are straight-up conversations on industry trends, while others take a more sophisticated Q and A approach. It’s one of the oldest WordPress podcasts on this list, with over 400 episodes over the course of 9 years. Overall, the podcast is targeted at a general audience, so anyone can pop in and listen without feeling lost.

12. Post Status by Cory Miller and David Bisset

Post Status by Cory Miller and David Bisset Wordpress podcast

With Cory and David, the Post Status podcast is concise at just 30 minutes per episode or less. The podcast covers news, WordPress updates, and interviews with other WordPress professionals. 

The Post Status podcast is also divided into three categories, Excerpts, Drafts, and Comments. Excerpts brief you on important WordPress news and topics in short episodes, while Drafts are longer with in-depth analysis and interviews. Comments are how the Post Status team communicates with its members by asking them questions about the WordPress industry.

Their website also has a transcript and blogs of each episode, which is always a plus if you want a podcast you can easily review. Although Post Status only has shy of 50 episodes as of writing this article, the hosts are experts on the subject and have keen insights. They also talk about the business side of running a WordPress website. If you’re looking for something more professional, with hosts who have years of experience behind their back, then Post Status Excerpt is a good listen.

13. The Kim Doyal Show or #FtheHustle

The Kim Doyal Show or #FtheHustle wordpress podcast

Also known as The WordPress Chick, Kim Doyal used to be a self-titled podcast that’s focused more on entrepreneurship through WordPress. Now, Kim has renamed the podcast to #FtheHustle. The podcast talks about general WordPress topics mashed together with business ideas and questions with her experienced guests. 

Other topics from the podcast include subjects like marketing, SEO, and company management.

It’s a non-technical show at heart and is a great way for female entrepreneurs and WordPress company owners to listen to a female podcast. Kim’s website has a blog, newsletter, and an online course you can buy that’s about content planning. The podcast has been out for more than three years at this point, but her uploading schedule is on a consistent basis. Still, she typically uploads two to four episodes a month. Each episode lasts for an hour at most and she has published more than 250 of these so far. 

14. Kitchen Sink WP by Adam Silver

Kitchen Sink WP by Adam Silver wordpress podcast

For those of you who don’t have the time to sit through an hour of episodes a day, Kitchen Sink WP is the perfect podcast. Each episode runs for about 10 minutes or less, typically focusing on just one topic at a time. The beauty in this is that it’s all concise, just like reading summaries of each chapter from a book.

Adam Silver also does interview other WordPress experts from time to time, but the podcast is mainly focused on his learnings as a WordPress business owner. Everything from buying your first domain name, to hosting, all the way to using plugins and themes. Adam even talks about the books he reads and what he learns from the books every so often. The Kitchen Sink podcast is definitely aimed more at beginners who are new to WordPress. With over 400 episodes on the show, each at 10 minutes or less, you can play an episode just about anywhere. 

15. WP Briefing by Josepha Haden

WP Briefing by Josepha Haden wordpress podcast

WP Briefing is a WordPress podcast that’s celebrating its first year of airing just this February 2022. With Josepha Haden as the host, WP Briefing is primarily about WordPress topics that are more focused on the industry than the technology itself. Josepha goes over subjects like the WordPress community, what being a WP Executive Director is like, and what the future updates of WordPress hold for the industry. 

Each episode runs for around 15 minutes or less, with some extended episodes that do go for as long as 30 minutes. WP Briefing only has around 26 episodes though, so it’s perfect if you want a tight-knit community you can easily get up-to-date on. Listening through the whole podcast will take only about a day or two, but sad to say WP Briefing does not publish on a consistent schedule. 

16. WordPress Plugins A to Z by John Overall

WordPress Plugins A to Z by John Overall wordpress podcast

A podcast dedicated, unsurprisingly, to WordPress plugins. WordPress Plugins A to Z by John Overall is a great resource for business owners who want to expand and improve their websites through 3rd-party plugins. 

John goes through a ton of popular plugins in this podcast and even highlights their vulnerabilities and where they fall short. It’s common for WordPress owners to install plugins that have 5 stars, activate them, and then forget about it. With WordPress Plugins A to Z, these 3rd-party services are magnified with John Overall’s close eye and expertise. He takes plugins apart, tests them, and goes through the other alternatives to find out what works best. Outside of just plugins, John also interviews other WordPress experts, professionals, and goes over important updates whenever possible.

With over 500 episodes, WordPress Plugins A to Z is a thorough collection of WordPress knowledge. Just keep in mind though that because this podcast is so long-running, older episodes may feature plugins that are already out of commission or are outdated. 

17. Women in WP

Women in WP wordpress podcast

Women in WP is a podcast that promotes exactly that. The show talks about popular women in the WordPress community who have tips, opinions, and advice for aspiring professionals. Women in WP currently have around 77 episodes as of writing, each episode lasting for about 40 minutes on average. 

The Women in WP website also has blogs, show notes, and transcripts for each episode, making it easier to browse and review their podcast. The female side of the WordPress industry is incredibly diverse and the Women in WP podcast helps highlight that with each episode. You can learn about SEO company management and customer service all the way to the technical aspects like coding and open-source WordPress solutions. Women in WP is a valuable resource for cross-referencing opinions and listening to the bigger picture.

18. How I Built It by Joe Casabona

How I Built It by Joe Casabona wordpress podcast

How I Built It is an informative podcast on business development through WordPress. Hosted by Joe Casabona, this show’s format primarily focuses on interviews with successful WordPress website business owners. Each episode is as diverse as the many industries in WordPress itself and since each episode lasts for about an hour, you can learn a lot just from one interview.

Just like the podcast name, How I Built It goes over success stories and the key learnings from those achievements. These key learnings are vital for small businesses, especially ones who are looking for inspiration and guidance in niche sectors. Whether you’re selling an online course, trying to fill in a market gap for consumer tech, or need some help with advertising, How I Built It has guests and episodes that are filled with these types of topics. 

The show has been going on for almost seven years now and has a consistent publishing schedule every week.

19. WP Tavern Jukebox formerly WordPress Weekly

WP Tavern Jukebox formerly WordPress Weekly wordpress podcast

WordPress Weekly, now rebranded into WP Tavern Jukebox, is a podcast that covers general topics around the WordPress space. From interviews and news to general editing features and WordPress plugins, WP Weekly is a popular podcast for anything WP-related. 

Considering how WP Tavern is a well-known WordPress news site in the first place, it’s no surprise that their podcast also covers these updates in-depth. With each episode between 40 to 60 minutes, WP Tavern Jukebox tackles relevant news and interviews with popular WordPress professionals. This podcast is recommended for WordPress enthusiasts who want to continually stay on top of things, especially updates on the technical aspects of the WordPress CMS.

20. Matt Report

Matt Report wordpress podcast

Matt Medeiros, the man behind Matt Report, is the director behind Podcaster Success at Castos. This podcast talks about business building and highlights creative achievements in the WordPress landscape. Each episode lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, with many of these being interviews, updates, and general website content.

The show already has more than 280 episodes, so there’s a lot to go over for first-time listeners. You can find content about marketing, actual web development, and blogging-related tips across dozens of episodes on the show list. Granted, Matt Report is more about the business side of WordPress rather than the technical, coding landscape. For those of you who are looking for another source of business ideas, inspiration, and even industry updates, Matt Medeiros does a great job at reporting them on his podcast.

21. WP-Tonic

WP-Tonic wordpress podcast

Last but not least, WP-Tonic is arguably one of the top podcasts with the largest collection of episodes on this list. With nearly 700 episodes, Jonathan Denwood and Steven Sauder cover a wide range of topics on the show. 

It’s a weekly podcast with episodes between 30 to 60 minutes that go in-depth at WordPress tech, marketing automation, and business-related subjects. Although it’s a podcast that looks at WordPress from the business side, the topics covered here get technical when talking about news and WordPress tech updates. The show also does interviews with company CEOs and WordPress experts. One of the strong points of this podcast, just like some other shows here, is in how long it’s been in the WordPress game. The hosts behind WP-Tonic have been in WordPress for years and have tons of experience that help back up their claims, advice, and tips for new WordPress businesses.

Listen to Podcasts That Resonate With You!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of podcasts available for agency founders and freelancers. However, different hosts have different ways of delivering the same message, so you need to find a podcast that works for you. 

Depending upon what stage of your business journey you are in, and what you intend to glean from it, there are different options available.

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